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Cool Trippy Music Videos to Watch While on Shrooms

Trippy Music Videos

The best time to take shrooms is during days off. Many people can spend quality time at home while watching trippy music videos while eating magic mushrooms. It is also an important thing to establish comfortable surroundings while ingesting magic mushrooms. Listening and watching videos can give us more convenience while we’re on shrooms.

Trippy Music Videos

What are magic mushrooms?

Since the different health benefits of psychedelic drugs have been debated for a long time, many states, such as California and Oregon, are creating efforts in order to legalize the use of the magic mushrooms. They also considered the magic mushroom as “one of the safest drugs” in the world. At this moment, many scientists are not only researching about many medicinal benefits of magic mushroom, but they are also searching how to improved the shrooms as everyday use.

10 Trippy Music Videos to Watch

We provide some cool trippy music videos you can choose to watch while enjoying shrooms.

1. So High –Doja Cat

Doja Cat is a popular artist from California that has been active in the music industry since 2013. The song “So High” was her first big step forward in her career that is featured in her debut EP. The meaning of the song is about her love for weed that gives high in any type of drugs. You can see Doja Cat in a fairy tale fantasy world like a weed princess that sits on an elegant throne with this music video.

2. All I Need –Clams Casino

Even this music video is not the official music video of the song; you may notice that the images and the editing skills are excellent. You can see different images in the video that have a layer of purple and diffusing a dreamy state. The one who creates this trippy music video is unknown. On the other hand, Clams Casino, who is the one who sang it, is an Italian-American record producer who worked with FKA Twigs, Joji, and Mac Miller.

3. Kids Turned Out Fine –A$AP Rocky

A$ap Rocky is an American rapper known for his affection for psychedelic rock. You may usually notice psychoactive elements in his music video, and this song is the ideal example of it. The music video is about the visual montage of the everyday life of American teenagers. The concept of drug usage, love, crime is conferred about while Rocky sings about the different abuses in American society. It also discussed why young teens are being misunderstood by other people.

4. Pelao –La Chiva Gantiva

Pelao means little kid. The music video of this song is about the dangerous adventure of an immigrant in Belgian. The song is composed of Spanish and French language that tell stories about the harsh life of an immigrant. The lead singer of La Chiva Gantiva is Rafael Espinel described the name La Chiva Gantiva as the new kid on the block. The visuals of the video are enjoyed to watch, but you can see a deeper definition behind it.

5. Someday –Weval

The music video of “Someday” features the filmmaker’s signature fusion of different geometric shapes that can be seen in historical places, farmland irrigation systems, and in skyscraper elevations. The hardly edited music video exhibits the immediate passing of frames that changing in time blended with the music. It also shows smooth visual shifting that depends on the move on the melodic elements of the song.

The shifting design from architecture into a masterpiece is definitely a masterpiece. Weval is a duo of Dutch friends that have known each other in the film industry. As they figure out that they have a lot of usual in the music industry, they decided to blend their styles and create music together.

6. L$D (LOVE x SEX x DREAMS) –A$AP Rocky

Another song from A$AP Rocky that you may also consider watching is this “L$D”. It promptly got enthusiastic responses due to its great visuals. The singer also produces direct videos, providing the importance power of having a strong music video. The music video was taken on an LSD trip in Tokyo used as a video backdrop. You may notice the lights, transitions, and colors are mesmerizing makes many react like it brings anyone into shrooms.

7. Eigen Wereld –Opgezwolle

The idea of the music video “Eigen Wereld” is not that very composite to consider. However, the execution of the video is simply brilliant to watch. While watching the video, you can feel the different references of the artists, the Dutch City of Zwolle, and how the lyrics are played.

The singer of the song is rappers. They have made a mark in the Dutch scene for a long time as it provides a basis for future generations.

8. Even Though –Giraffage and XXYYXX

The music video of this song has already had quite a psychedelic character as a sonic track. The clip strengthens by another 100% character effect. This trippy music video is based on the cover of the albumDo Magic Mushrooms Have Roots? – 1000 words. Tame Impala. You can experience the landscape of beautiful nature and colors while watching the video. The singer of the song is an American producer who is known for creating many electronic kinds of music.

9. PH Theme –Le Peupl de l’Herbe

While watching the best trippy music videos of the “PH Team”, you may notice all types of crazy ideas happen. Even it is not clear how they happen, but still, a nice video to watch, especially while you are tripping on shrooms. Le Peuple de l’Herbe is a French electric music band that has hip-hop music, dub, rock and drum, and acid jazz music.

10. Cirrus –Bonobo

“Cirrus is a 2013 instrumental song that written, produced, and performed by a Los Angeles based British musician Bonobo. Cirrus is the first single from the studio album of DJ Bonobo. You can see a surrealist collage of an American cult film in the video. If you look closely at the video, you can see some funny reference to Escher. Cyriak makes admirable videos that dominate American pop culture.


Now you know the cool trippy music videos to watch while on shrooms. By listening to these music videos, you have a more enjoyable shroom high experience with the beat of cool music. It’s a great activity for your shroom session, alone or with friends.

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Cheap Magic Truffles: Where to Find Them

cheap magic truffles

When you hear the word Magic Truffles, you’d think that this one might be different from Magic Mushrooms. Well, the truth is that this doesn’t seem to be different at all in terms of effects and content. They differ much on their appearance and how they are grown.

Since the cannabis industry is booming, it has, in many ways, have affected the industry involving magic truffles. Many have now become interested in where to find cheap magic truffles. There are now many online shops and dispensaries that sell affordable Magic Truffles.

What are Magic Truffles?

Magic truffles are also called as psilocybin truffles because it contains psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. Magic Truffles are not magic mushrooms, but in any way, they are related because of their effects. Magic Truffles are dormant fungus which known as sclerotia. Sclerotia store food reserves in the hardened mass until it is suitable for the growth of the mushroom. Magic truffles have strong psychedelic effects.

Not all magic truffles have psychedelic effects. Among the hundred species, there is a handful that is non-psychedelic. These types of mushrooms are used as ingredients in cooking as culinary delicacies.

Magic Truffles are easy to grow, and they can grow in the wild, or they can be cultivated in artificial environments.

Where to Buy Cheap Magic Truffles?

Since the popularity of magic truffles is slowly increasing, many are very curious on where to but or purchase one. Where to buy cheap magic truffles, are they good quality, and are they sold in a dispensary, or is it possible to buy them online?

Yes, just like magic mushrooms, magic truffles can also be bought online. There are many online stores where you can buy magic mushrooms. These are quality variety and make it easy for consumers to purchase them. Magic mushrooms in most regions can be purchased online and can be received through the mail.

Online Stores

Technology is making everything easy and accessible. Cannabis online stores are everywhere, and there are specific stores that sell magic truffles. Newbies may be unfamiliar with magic truffles and may find it hard to find, but with the help of the world wide web, you can actually find many stores that sell top-quality magic truffles with a wide variety to choose from.

In selecting the store online, make sure to have a little background check. A trusted store must have feedbacks from other customers as well as good customer support that can help you with your query and transactions. Note that in buying magic truffles online, your order will not be processed if payment has not been made. So make sure that you are buying from a trusted online store.

These are just a few of the many online stores that sell cheap magic truffles. Now you may wonder why magic truffles are sold online while magic mushrooms are not? The main reason is that magic truffles can be legally sold online is that they are officially considered as a by-product of magic mushrooms; hence they do not contain any hazardous substances that might have dangerous effects on the body.

Physical Store

magic truffles may not be as popular as cannabis or magic mushrooms, but there are local stores that sell magic truffles products. These stores have great packaging for magic truffles ad there is a wide array of variety available. Most local stores have knowledgeable staff where you can ask information about the product that
you want to purchase.

Magic truffles are considered less dangerous being a by-product of magic mushrooms; they can also be bought in physical stores in areas where magic mushrooms are also sold.

cheap magic truffles

What are the Effects of Magic Truffles?

Magic Truffles can bring about a happy and energetic trip. The effects depend on the dosage that you take. For a smaller dosage, it will allow you to experience slightly creative social high with a mild visual soft trip. A higher dosage will lead to an intense trip, hallucinations, and psychedelic experience.

How to Consume Magic Truffles?

There are two standards ways to consume magic truffles:

Chew – this is the basic or the most common way on how to consume or ingest magic truffles. In chewing magic truffles, you have to chew it very well. Chew is as much as possible until the enzymes on your mouth extract the psilocybin, which will help your body in digesting it faster.

Drinks – if you are not comfortable with chewing magic truffles, you can infuse it in a drink like tea, for example. All you have to do is cut your preferred amount of magic truffles into tiny pieces and put them into water. Place the mixture into a small pan. Heat it, but do not let it boil. Just make sure that the magic truffle is being cooked with the water. Overheating, it may remove the psilocybin. Heat it low temperature for about 10-15 minutes and then filter the mixture into a cup. Add your preferred tea flavor. That is the process of consuming magic truffles by infusing them into drinks.

As the cannabis industry is booming, there is no doubt that the psychedelic world is also being affected by the overwhelming acceptance that the cannabis community is gaining day by day. Being psychedelic by nature, magic truffles have the same impact as most cannabis, especially in terms of bringing about psychedelic high. It is a good thing that cheap magic truffles are being sold in local dispensaries and many online stores. Its legality has made it accessible for many users.

Magic Truffles are still new to the psychedelic world, but it is getting positive feedbacks as a legal and safe way of experiencing psychedelics. Magic truffles are now getting popularity, thanks to the scientific and medical breakthroughs that subjected the benefits that we can find from it.

Cheap magic truffles are available online and in a few physical stores. For now, there are limited stores where you can find it, but since magic truffles are gaining popularity, expect that the demand will increase, and it will be available in many stores in the future.

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Mouthwatering Shroom Cookies: Baking Guide

shroom cookies

Drool Worthy Shroom Cookie DIY Recipe


The cannabis legalization over the last century so about has shown a giant revolution in the world of pot cooking. A term once characterized by gritty and addiction brownies, which would render you to rise off your sofa, has now become something more respectable, more practical, and tastier. Skilled cooks are also turning their attention to high-quality cannabis food, with individuals specialized towards strain-specific marijuana cooking for medicinal application as much as pleasure.

In this article, we are going to talk about shroom cookies and how to make them. The notion of psilocybin cooking is a fascinating concept as the legalization and regulation of psilocybin as well as other psychoactive drugs is perhaps a factor at minimum a point of conversation in most of increasing the US as well as across Europe.

And besides, why else are we either strangling grams of dried psychedelics or drinking an objectionable tea — when we should put our culinary expertise to the bar and make anything a lot better attractive? Of course, while considering food, there are many items to remember, including shrooms, including psilocybin. That one is medicating, as normal.

shroom cookies
Freshly baked shroom cookies.

The Right Amount of Shroom Cookies

If you actually do have shroom knowledge, you’ll come to your household with a basic understanding of what dose is good for you. For example, there are still different factors; when we finally began cultivating our own stuff, we became caught off balance by how many more effective they would’ve been than the fungi we received from sellers.

This will eventually spend another holiday season stuck in a bedroom with a thousand miniature musical equipment and some incredibly psychedelic fabric. Nonetheless, unlike certain much-younger versions, we ‘re going to presume you understand your specific sensitivity but have rather than a touch of practice in dosing yourself.

Cooking with Shroom Cookies

When it gets to experimenting around, shrooms, developers want to adhere to the very same law as towards any form of intake of psilocybin: tiny dose. There can still take one, but if you eat a psilocybin toasted sandwich that contains three periods as many as the normal dosage, you’re into it throughout that longer-term — or worst, you’re going to get the hallucinations of waking milk.

When you take a small dosage, you can potentially provide your beloved something with a four-course dosed dinner so you can return to your dens to spend the remainder of the night while you’re healthy and whole. No one needs to throw up with shrooms even though they have become selfish with double-dose.

Even if you’re applying psilocybin concentrate to an elegantly prepared meal or tossing those ground-up chestnuts into a cake and coating the entire thing with honey, the distinction among that and usual eating is how you’re placing not only chestnuts with your belly but several products as well.

If they fly, a large number of people recover from diarrhea, so it’s worthwhile talking about as you put around each other your meal. We consider that freshly grated ginger improves avoid the inevitable sick symptoms, and nearly every one of our popular dosed recipes includes ginger. When you’re susceptible to diarrhea but want to stop it, mint with lemon will help too.

Easy to Make Shroom Cookies Recipe

The quickest and straightest way of making chocolate flavored with psychedelic mushrooms is just as described.

Things You Need

  • Magic mushrooms extensively dried
  • Chocolate shop bars purchased (just what users enjoy)
  • A big enough saucepan
  • A glass container
  • A knife
  • Chocolate molding (users can even use another baking parchment sheet if you might not have molding)


  1. The first step to do was to ensure those magic mushrooms become dried completely.
  2. Split those magic mushrooms through little pieces, use your handy knife.
  3. Take candy to bits then place this in the glass dish.
  4. Then position your plastic container on the highest part of that to make a Homemade bain-marie with enough water throughout the saucepan.
  5. Put the casserole on a heating line and keep the liquid to both the boil. When the water heats, the cocoa around it would heat up, allowing it to dissolve. Alternative: When you fail to get everything to function, you should always put your candy bowl down inside a microwave. Although this should work, though, you do have to maintain a close watch on the chocolate because it burns quickly once microwaved.
  6. Now that the chocolate has cooled, set aside to cool for a second.
  7. When the chocolate had already cooled off a bit, but stays hot, incorporate mushrooms throughout your thinly sliced.
  8. Stir the combination of chocolates such that the fungus is spread uniformly in.
  9. Load it gently through your molding and then place this in the refrigerator for cooling and preparation.
  10. When set, celebrate it!

Many of the most contentious debates around preparing using mushrooms, including psilocybin, was its question of heat treatment and the possible oxidation of effective ingredients inside.

Heating or Cooking with Psilocybin Shrooms

A century ago, no topic was much more probable then this to trigger another mushroom-forum debate, so pundits will start tossing about science-sounding words meant to indicate a better comprehension of their topic matter.

It’s possible that the concept was created from keep referring mushrooms of various ages, and sometimes different types, and discovering that certain were more effective than many others; a dry mushroom two years old would have distinctly different effectiveness than another with the very same kind that was only newly picked as well as dried.


Now that we have more information about cooking and baking shroom cookies, it is safe to say that, especially even you are not some of the most pukey in all of us, consuming magic mushroom edibles and treats could affect you very similarly than consuming shrooms. Of all, at the very same moment, as it interacts with both the psilocybin, every abdomen is not able to handle other things. Within this purpose, we suggest beginning by sticking to simpler foods; do not go into this with endogenous cannabinoids-dose potato salad as well as a chip steak. For a real medical treat, you can always add CBD oil.

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How to Bake Magic Mushroom Cake

magic mushroom cake

Terrific Magic Mushroom Cake Recipe


Despite being less powerful than LSD, magic mushrooms are still known to cause an altered perception of both time and space. This experience creates a tear in reality and is commonly called hallucinations and visual and auditory distortions. Some might even experience some mystical and spiritual effects when using magic mushrooms.

This is the reason why many people are slowly recognizing the recreational effects of magic mushrooms hence they incorporate it as an ingredient to making a magic mushroom cake. Unlike marijuana, magic mushrooms still need more research. It is currently being studied by a couple of groups, unlike marijuana where it has gained support and has undergone the legalization process.

Effects of Magic Mushroom Use

Magic mushrooms have a very subjective effect. It all depends on the way it is prepared and the tolerance of the individual. It is very difficult to gauge the exact potency hence the reason why it is currently being regulated. Small doses of this could have an extended period of effect which may or may not be safe for the user.

Magic mushroom has a very similar effect to many other hallucinogens. These effects affect or alter the way we perceive mood, change our sensory perception, affect our sleep, induce hunger, and change our sexual behavior. Other documented effects include increased blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature and has been known to cause paranoia and psychosis.

Many people also tend to use magic mushrooms in combination with substances like drugs, alcohol, and marijuana which can often lead to a more exacerbated response and effects. For this reason, there are other ways to enjoy magic mushrooms without having to combine them with any other substances that have psychoactive effects.

One can enjoy the effects of magic mushrooms without having to drink alcohol. Instead, we can use them as ingredients in many recipes that you can try at home. It is much safer and savory to try this one out rather than ingesting it and suffer from its bitter taste. One such way to enjoy magic mushrooms is to use it as part of an ensemble of ingredients for a cake.

How To Make Magic Mushroom Cake

If there is one thing that is commonly argued today is the way magic mushrooms tend to break down or degrade easily when exposed to intense heat. This could pose a problem especially if you want to bake a cake using magic mushrooms. However, such a claim is still up for debate.

For those who want to avoid exposing their shrooms at a higher temperature, you can go for the no-bake chocolate cake. You can gather all your ingredients first including the following:

  1. Butter
  2. Heavy cream
  3. Salt
  4. Chocolate
  5. Magic mushrooms
  6. Nuts or pecans

First, you would want to put your dried magic mushrooms in the grinder or food processor to produce a magic mushroom powder. This will come in handy later on. Set aside the powder as you prepare to make your no-bake cake. Lightly spread the butter on a saucepan and apply low heat. Melt the chocolate over the low heat and put the heavy cream over. Gently stir until the mixture is warm. Remove from the heat and add salt while continuously stirring the mixture.

As soon as it begins to cool down, stir in your mushroom powder until it begins to come together. You can tell that the mixture is ready when everything is smooth and there are no lumps as a result of the powder. Pour the mixture into a pan or tray and cover it with plastic. Refrigerate it overnight or until it is chilled and then serve. Delicious magic mushroom cake ready to devour!

Another option that you can do is to fully adapt the standard way of baking a chocolate cake. Here are the ingredients that you need to prepare.

  1. Flour
  2. Sugar
  3. Cocoa powder or unsweetened chocolate
  4. Salt
  5. Baking Soda
  6. Eggs
  7. Vegetable oil
  8. Vanilla
  9. Buttermilk – optional
  10. Magic mushroom powder

First, preheat your oven up to 148 degrees Celsius. Gather and mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Slowly add the eggs, oil, and buttermilk as you continue to whisk the mixture. Add vanilla and water into the mixture and continue whisking until there are no more lumps.

This is the tricky part. You can either add the magic mushroom powder into the mixture before baking it or you can add it later. If you need to add the mushroom powder, make sure that there are no lumps and that it is mixed well together with the other ingredients before baking it for 30 minutes in the oven. Remove the cake and let it sit and cool for around 10 minutes.

Once you transfer the cake into a plate, you can then sprinkle cocoa powder together with the magic mushroom powder on top of the cake. Another way to incorporate magic mushroom into your cake is to add them in the frosting instead of putting them in the cake mixture. You can even make a chocolate ganache with the magic mushroom powder by heating a heavy whipping cream until it begins to boil. Add some chocolate chip cookies and whisk it until smooth. Once it cools down, add your magic mushroom powder and drizzle the ganache all over your cake.


With regards to consuming magic mushrooms especially when it is used as a recipe for food, proper dosage is advised. There is still limited study with the potency of the shrooms as it depends on the tolerance of the individual. Since it is highly likely that the effects are delayed, people tend to consume more when it is infused in food. This can cause overdose and you might experience the adverse effects of magic mushrooms.

In dealing with baking magic mushroom cake, you need to add the lowest dose possible first and see if it will give you the best possible effects. If not, you can add more if you want. This is why magic mushroom powder is highly advised when using it as an ingredient for your cake. That is the beauty of using shrooms is that you can experiment on your dose and create more delectable magic mushroom edibles and treats!

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What Can You Make With Magic Mushroom Powder

magic mushroom powder

Magic mushrooms are well-known hallucinogens that make life a bit more fun. Consuming these magic mushrooms come in different ways. Others tend to simply eat them while others incorporate them in food. Some also use magic mushroom powder to make it more accessible to users as an ingredient to their dishes. There are lots of ways to use magic mushrooms and it only needs your imagination and creativity to do so.

But first, we need to understand what are magic mushrooms and the implications of consuming such types of hallucinogens to the body. Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin which is the hallucinogenic properties. They usually look like dried mushrooms that have slender dirty-white stems. These mushrooms have a long history and were used for spiritual experiences back in the ancient days. Many have believed that this was a way for them to commune with the spirits.

Today, these mushrooms are now used for recreational purposes. It brings out a peaceful high and reduce stress and increase relaxation. The common side effects of ingesting these mushrooms include a drowsy experience, euphoria, hallucinations, and introspective experiences. However, overconsumption of these mushrooms can lead to panic attacks, paranoia, and even psychosis. Careful consideration of the dose should always be followed.

How To Make Magic Mushroom Powder

Now that we understand the implications of ingesting magic mushroom, it is time to know how to make magic mushroom powder. One of the main advantages of using magic mushroom powder is convenience. Through its powder form, you can incorporate this into many dishes that you can serve for yourself or your friends when you want to get high on mushrooms. To make your mushroom powder, gather your dried magic mushrooms and chuck them into your food processor.

Once inside the food processor, break up the pieces by turning the food processor on and off in pulsating fashion for about 20 seconds. Maintain the constant pulse for the next minute. It should grind the mushrooms within the food processor. Make sure to let the dust settle first before opening the food processor to check. If you can still find large chunks of the mushrooms inside, continue to pulse until you only get small chunks.

Once you have thoroughly blended and ground the magic mushrooms, strain them using a strain and pour the mixture into the bowl. It will separate the small pieces or clumps from your powder. Put the small chunks back to the food processor and grind them again until they become powder and repeat the straining process.

The best way to extend the shelf life of the powder is to store it properly. Use an airtight glass container instead of a plastic container or a ziplock. Store the jar in a cool dry place until you are ready to use them as ingredients.

Magic Mushroom Recipes

Speaking of ingredients, there are a lot of food recipes that you can prepare together with magic mushroom powder to make your food more interesting. Here are some of them:

1. Chocolate Magic Mushroom Balls

If you like to serve some desserts to your friends or simply have a supply of magic mushrooms on your shelf, make some chocolate magic mushroom balls for you to enjoy.

Gather chocolate and grind them into smaller pieces. Chop some dried fruits and nuts. You can also add marshmallows for more texture. Heat some water into the saucepan and put a heat-safe bowl into the pan. Pour coconut oil into the bowl that has simmering water underneath. Make sure to avoid letting the water come to a boil. Lower the heat if this happens. Add the chocolate into the coconut oil and mix until it is completely melted or the texture is smooth.

Remove the bowl from the simmering heat and let it cool down. Keep on stirring until it slowly cools down and becomes sticky. When the mixture starts to solidify, add your fruits and nuts as well as the magic mushroom powder. Form them into small balls and place them on a tray that has non-stick baking paper. Then, sprinkle your magic mushroom powder and add a touch of chocolate powder as well. Place it in a fridge for several hours before serving.

2. Magic Mushroom Capsules

Another fun way to consume magic mushroom powder if you are not fond of incorporating them in food is to simply make them into a capsule. This will allow you to control the way you consume magic mushrooms. Use empty capsules and a capsule machine and add the magic mushroom powder to make your magic mushroom capsules.

These capsules can be taken throughout the day without anyone noticing. This is best for those who want to have that extra kick for the day at any given time. Since it takes a while to take effect due to its capsule form, make sure to plan and dose properly.

3. Lemon Tek

While magic mushroom capsules take a lot of time for you to fully experience the effects, drinking lemon tek is the total opposite. Lemon Tek is very easy to make and requires only a few ingredients for you to enjoy it. People often drink this beverage as the acidic nature of the lemon allows for the faster breakdown of the hallucinogenic properties thus the body can readily absorb it. To make lemon tek, simply squeeze some fresh lemons and add your magic mushroom powder. Stir it properly and let it sit for some time. Add water and drink it all in one go.

You can also use lime juice or orange juice as a substitute for the lemon. Drinking lemon tek is a fast and convenient way to experience the effects of magic mushrooms plus the citrus flavor also takes away the bland taste of the mushrooms.


There are a lot of ways to enjoy magic mushrooms. The best way to enjoy them is to make sure that you are safe and aware of both your setting and dosage. It is important to note these factors so that you can avoid taking a trip to the hospital. This is the reason why the use of magic mushroom powder is highly advantageous. It lets you measure the amount of magic mushroom you use for each recipe.

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Yummy Magic Mushroom Brownies Recipe

magic mushroom brownies

Magic mushrooms are cultivated mushrooms that have a natural psychoactive and hallucinogenic property known as psilocybin. Psilocybin is one of the more popular psychedelics across the globe and is currently classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States. While many enjoy consuming it directly, there are certainly other ways for you to enjoy them such as making your magic mushroom brownies.

These magic mushrooms have hallucinogenic properties that can cause you to see and hear different things that may or may not be real. The effects vary from one person to another and are thought to be highly influenced by external factors such as environmental stimulus. The effects usually take place around 20 to 40 minutes and this should be a piece of essential information if you want to use the magic mushroom as an ingredient to your brownies.

How To Make Magic Mushroom Brownies

While consuming magic mushroom is an enjoyable experience all in itself, why not amp up the experience by incorporating it into your favorite dessert. The best way to end your dinner is to have the best time possible with a powerful hallucinogen like magic mushrooms.

In making magic mushroom brownies, you will need to gather a few ingredients first. All the measurements of the ingredients will vary depending on how many you would want to make. Gather sweetened condensed milk, unsweetened chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, chopped walnuts, and your magic mushrooms.

First, heat the sweetened condensed milk together with the unsweetened chocolate in a saucepan. Always remember to never add the mushrooms while heating. The heat will degrade the quality of the mushrooms Once the chocolate mixture has melted and thickened, remove it from the heat. Spray a nonstick cooking spray over a baking dish. Stir the graham cracker crumbs along with half of the walnuts that you have into the baking dish. Mix it thoroughly and make sure to fold in the ingredients properly.

As soon as the mixture starts to get cold, mix in your magic mushrooms. Mix the entire batter thoroughly and let it settle. Once it has settled, sprinkle the remaining walnuts at the top and then chill in the refrigerator. You may also put it in the freezer if you want to have it as soon as possible. After 2 to 3 hours, cut the magic mushroom brownies and serve.

You can also add chopped hazelnuts or mix in Nutella into the chocolate mixture to add a bit more flavor. You can even add white chocolate as well or use pistachios for that extra crunch and make your brownie more delectable and aesthetically pleasing.

Important Reminders When Cooking With Magic Mushrooms

Proper Dosage

As with any other hallucinogenic or psychoactive substance, make sure to dose properly. The rule of thumb when it comes to magic mushrooms is to dose low. You can always have the time to make more if you feel that the dose is too low for your liking. If you do dose low, you can still adjust it and start with as minimal hallucinogenic experience as possible. It is also a great way to introduce your friend to the world of magic mushrooms. Hence, it is always best to start low and move up toward a more tolerable dosage. No one likes to have a bad first impression with these shrooms.

Click here to find magic mushrooms with a tolerable dosage.

Consider The Side Effects

Knowing the side effects of magic mushrooms will help deliver a more responsible and enjoyable experience for the user. Consuming these mushrooms can cause a wide array of side effects ranging from getting drowsy or relaxed to a more horrifying experience such as delusions, psychosis, and panic. Expect the common side effects such as headaches, dilated pupils, increase heart rate and blood pressure, as well as nausea when using these shrooms.

One of the most common side effects of consuming magic mushrooms that may deter a favorable experience is nausea and vomiting. As you are putting different food into your stomach alongside the mushrooms, you are bound to suffer from nausea when you trip. It is always best to try to separate the time you want to consume the mushrooms from the time you are to serve lunch or dinner.

If you have already experienced this side effect, drinking fresh ginger tea should help relieve you from the nauseating experience. Mint and lemon would also be good to help you from nausea and the sensations of vomiting. Stick to the lower doses first if you experience slight nausea from eating magic mushroom brownies.

Understanding How Heat Affects Potency

The goal of consuming magic mushrooms is to experience its highly enjoyable hallucinogenic properties. However, as said before, different factors affect the potency of these mushrooms and one major factor is heat. Heat easily breaks down the psychoactive components of the mushrooms thus they may not be as effective as the ones that are still fresh.

However, potency is still a subjective aspect of consuming magic mushrooms. What could be potent for you may not be potent for another even if they were prepared in the same dose and procedure? The loss of potency through heat has widely been discussed within the community. While it is still an ongoing discussion whether to incorporate heat when making great food together with mushrooms, it is still best to err at the side of caution and follow the standard approach to cooking with this type of ingredient.


When it comes down to making magic mushroom brownies, the best way to proceed with this is to make sure that you know the basics of hallucinogenic properties. Knowing the side effects can help prevent untoward incidents especially if you are dealing with someone new and simply trying out these substances. Understanding how it works and interacts when it is being mixed with other ingredients is key to a successful and enjoyable experience on magic mushroom treats and edibles. Now that you have all you need, it is time to bring out your best cooking skills and enjoy your magic mushroom brownies.

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Top Recipes for Magic Mushroom Edibles

magic mushroom edibles

Magic Mushrooms, ever since its peak of popularity, gained several blended ingredients that undoubtedly piqued the interest of its users. According to consumers, it’s agreeable that eating a magic mushroom in a raw way is not that tasty. Because of that, experienced users are finding out things on how to spice up their magic mushroom experiences by experimenting with several food mixtures and releasing it to the mushroom community. By then, words spread out, and ingredients are already enhancing into rare processes. This article will discuss the top recipes for magic mushroom edibles and the brief procedures that you will need to follow to obtain your preferred outcome.

What are Magic Mushroom Edibles?

As the name suggests, Magic Mushroom Edibles are consumables that you can consume directly or mix with any food you wish to eat. It holds no difference from other ways of magic mushroom consumption because it will not boost the impact, whether you prefer to experience medical and recreational sensations. What sets it apart from others are its various recipes that will take you by surprise by how it will sound, look, and taste normal. If you’re a newbie in this field, you should read these top recipes for magic mushroom edibles and prepare for your own, or prepare for someone else.

The Top Recipes for Magic Mushroom Edibles

The following procedures might be a bit different from how you do it. In that case, you are free to alter the methods and do what you like the most. Meanwhile, the reason why these are the top recipes is due to its popularity around mushroom users. Should you have additional ingredients, you opt to contribute to making it tastier, and you are free to do it. But if you are severely new to such things, you should follow the basics instead.

Fruit Smoothie with Magic Mushroom

Like any ingredients needed for a smoothie, you will also need it for this recipe. What you will need is a frozen fruit (whatever fruit you desire to have and eat), apple juice, pulpy orange, yogurt, and your very own magic mushrooms. For the ingredients, place all the mentioned ingredients above in a blender. (Tip: If you have no frozen fruit on hand, you can add ice to your fresh fruit.) But, if you own a dried mushroom, you should grind it first through a coffee maker before you add it to the blender together with the fruits.

Mush-gurt (Mushroom Yogurt)

This procedure holds no hassle because you will only need lots of magic mushrooms and yogurt. To prepare for your mush-gurt, dice up your mushrooms before you add it to your highly preferred yogurt. Fruit-flavored yogurt is extremely recommendable. Aside from that, it will depend on you if you like it cold or at an average temperature. It will not matter at all, except the pieces of mushrooms that you will slice and add to your yogurt.

Sesame Balls with Mushroom

The ingredients for this recipe are sesame seeds, honey, salt, and your favorite magic mushroom. Before we dive into the methods, do not forget to dry the magic mushroom first before you crush it into a powdery form. Now moving on to the procedures. First, have your stove set at a medium temperature. Second, toast and stir your sesame seeds in a frying pan until it starts to pop out.

Third, pour the sesame seeds in a bowl and let it cool. When it’s cold enough, set some seeds aside and put the rest into a blender until it’s all grounded, but not entirely. Fourth, place the mushrooms, blend, and pour the mixture into a bowl. To obtain the clay-like appearance, add salt and honey. Fifth, roll the mix in the sesame seeds you set aside earlier. In the end, you will need a tight-sealed container for your sesame balls while you let it cool. You can re-heat it again if you think it’s time to eat it.

Magic Mushroom Jello

Who would’ve thought that a magic mushroom fits well with jello? Well, if you’re a fan, you would know that jello is one tasty edible to have. For the ingredients, you will need a magic mushroom, one pack of jello and water. It’s as simple as that. Now for the method, you will need to heat 2 cups of water and make sure it won’t boil. Please remove it from the store before you let your mushrooms to steep for a few minutes. Stir it frequently, and when done, strain the mushrooms, and use water to mix it with your jello. Let it cool in a refrigerator for later consumption. To achieve potency, you can stir the jello-mushroom mixture after half an hour in a fridge, pour another diced mushrooms, and put it back.

Magic Mushroom-made Honey

The only ingredients you will need with this one are your magic mushroom and honey. Chop your mushrooms, whether if it’s dried or fresh since it won’t be affecting the overall outcome. Pack it in a jar and pour honey with an intent to fill up the whole space available in the pot. Set it aside in a cold and dark place, and leave it in the storage for a month or two. By then, it should already be up for consumption. (Pro tip: You can add mushrooms into the honey-filled jar consequently after eating to top it up and for it to remain full for your use.)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

If you categorize yourself as a party-goer, this recipe will fit you dearly. You will only need a magic mushroom, ¼ cup of peanut butter, 1 to 2 tbsp. of sugar and some chocolate chips. Expect a substantial effect from this one. To do so, seize and measure the right dosage based on your expertise level. Grind the mushroom in a blender or coffee maker. Pour sugar to your peanut butter, mix it with the mushroom, and make sure it’s stiff enough to look like a dough. Roll it into balls. Then, melt the chocolate chips and put the rolled balls in it. Please place them in a cup wrapper before storing it in a refrigerator. Serve when it’s up for consumption.

The recipes listed above are only half of what magic mushroom can do. There are more of them, and you can find it by simply searching it up. If you think you’re a master in cooking, you should experiment in creating more magic mushroom edibles and treats!

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How to Prepare Your Own Magic Mushroom Burger?

magic mushroom burger

With the magic mushroom’s fame expanding over time, new ways of consumption made noise in the magic mushroom circle. Some procedures are too complex to execute, and there are significant proportions that seemed to be only advisable for highly experienced users. Either way, the only thing users at all levels, can agree on, is its versatility that you can mix it with other consumables and still get to remain heady. One way to consume is through making your own Magic Mushroom Burger. From the sound of it, it will probably let you taste the luxurious zest of a burger all while giving you potent impacts. Beginner or not, a Magic Mushroom burger is something you should be aware of, and know-how to make. Because of that, we gathered credible sources that will offer you definitions that you will need to know, along with ingredients you will need with its precise measurements and the step-by-step preparations.

What is Magic Mushroom Burger?

Like any other mixtures and blends that associates with Magic Mushroom, the burger version will bear identical effects, whether in terms of recreational or beneficial. Perhaps the only difference is the taste of the outcome. Still, expect the same as what another blended mixture gives. But, with the rising level of magic mushroom users, questions and queries fill their mind if they can acquire medical benefits from consuming it. According to a clinical trial made by medical officials, especially authorities belonging in the addictive substance-related operations, the compound of Magic Mushroom, specifically, the Psilocybin is quite advantageous towards individuals. Based on the findings, a precise portion, equipped with moderate use, may trigger hallucinations that are only enough to heighten the senses of its users. Aside from that, it also increases productivity, creativity, and reduces emotional issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. Therefore, not only will you experience a different experience when it comes to Magic Mushroom Burger, but you will also acquire ease and assistance.

However, the question here is whether a user can keep themselves from depending on Magic Mushrooms? Because if not, the ratio, according to scientific findings, from those who get half yet helpful aid from mushroom and heavy users are low to none. Meaning, the more you consume, the less likely to encounter the positive results. Nonetheless, as a newbie user, you should be more knowledgeable about different magic mushroom mixtures so you can have a taste of different flavors but with the same potency. To give you something to follow, here are the ways on how to prepare your magic mushroom burger.

How to Prepare Your Own Magic Mushroom Burger?

Surely, all will still depend on your preference and desires, but you shouldn’t let popularity kill what you would like to try. Magic Mushroom Burger, compared to other recipes, is not that known yet, probably due to a misleading conception that a mere burger can boost your high. The truth is, no ingredient can increase the impact of a magic mushroom when instilling with other food types. The only difference you will notice is the taste. So, that means consuming a magic mushroom burger will require research and several queries. With such an impression, there is no guarantee that you can achieve the perfect and fitting taste of a mushroom in a burger. Sure, there is no typical taste, but that doesn’t mean you can expect less. Besides, you can always search for things that are already visible on the internet like the materials, ingredients, procedures, and what not to do.

In conclusion, when using a different Magic Mushroom approach, you should not place your hopes high that it will leave you stoned like what Marijuana strains can give. Instead, heighten your expectation on what you can do now that your preference is highly essential.

Note that, there will always be substitutes when you wish to grow your magic mushroom burger, but the listed below are the most common and prominent that circulates mushroom users. Before you delve into the specific target, which are the guidelines for methods, here are the necessary materials you should have, or you should look in your kitchen to ensure that everything will fall right into place.

Materials Needed for Preparing a Magic Mushroom Burger

For the contents, you will only need your kitchen materials. In this case, you should know the elements that could go under alternatives, mainly when you don’t invest much of your time in your kitchen. The basics are chopping boards, any types of pans, grills, stoves, stirring materials, and everything you see fits. Also, don’t exaggerate things, not until you reach the end part where you can manipulate your burger’s overall appearance. But, in the meantime, you will need to follow the correct order strictly.

Ingredients Needed for Preparing a Magic Mushroom Burger

1. Ground Beef 1 pound
2. Seasoning (Based on your preference) 1 pack
3. Freshly chopped parsley leaves 1 tablespoon
4. Minced green onions 2 pcs
5. Oil Depends on your preference
6. Clean Mushroom 1 pint
7. Chicken Stock ½ cup
8. Hamburger buns 1 package
9. Brie Cheese Depends on your preference
10. Pepper Slaw
11. Sweet Potato


The table above contains all the ingredients you will need to prepare for your magic mushroom burger. It shows that the elements you encounter in making an ordinary burger also follows. There will be quantities and sizes that will vary.

The Step-by-step Procedure in Making a Magic Mushroom Burger

Firstly, pour the seasoning onto your ground beef with any seasoning brand you wish to have. Add parsley and the green onions as well before you mix it all. If the seasoning already fully covers the ground beef, mold it like what patties looked like. Cook the beef patties in a pan and remove it if they are brown enough.

Second, in a separate pan, heat the olive oil as you add mushrooms gradually. Make sure that you get to stir it now and then. Put the chicken stock, pepper, and salt, and let it stay for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, grill any amount of buns you wish to use, face down, and wait until it begins to brown.

Lastly, place the buns on another place, put the patties and wrap it up with a slice of brie cheese, and one spoon of sautéed mushrooms. Finally, serve your magic mushroom burger. Again, you can always modify it in the way you’d like it to be.

In conclusion, making your magic mushroom burger is like making an ordinary burger, except the presence of magic mushroom’s extract is there. If you’re a newbie in this type of field, the easy steps given above should serve as a guide to you. Most of the time, profoundly experienced users like to have their style of consumption, so if you’re one of those, you might not find this amusing enough. Regardless, you can always spice up your magic mushroom burger and create one of a kind magic mushrooms edibles and treats!

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Magic Mushroom Popcorn Step by Step Guide

magic mushroom popcorn

Aside from addictive substances that you always see on the internet such as marijuana, alcohol, etc., magic mushrooms belong to the same category as well. The common denominator a magic mushroom has with cannabis is every grower, and aspiring cultivators can have it, especially those who are users as well. Also, like how cannabis plant owner’s techniques in different applications go the same with magic mushroom. There are several ways to consume magic mushroom, and one of the easiest is the magic mushroom popcorn that will serve conveniently-found materials, making it less-hassling to do. Here is the step by step guides that will let you make your magic mushroom popcorn.

What is Magic Mushroom Popcorn?

Before defining what magic mushroom popcorn is, we have to know what magic mushrooms are, what does it do, and what benefits can it give to its users. Magic Mushroom is a wild cultivated mushroom naturally psychoactive and hallucinogenic. The two contents of the said substance are due to its Psilocybin, which is dubbed as the most prominent psychedelic based on the findings provided by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations. Psilocybin is a Schedule I drug, responsible for most common cases of abuse and misuse. According to medical professionals, no individuals should consume due to the hallucinogenic properties it possesses. Besides, it doesn’t hold medical accreditation, so it doesn’t serve patients with illnesses. Still, people often find themselves in the comfort of magic mushrooms to help them momentarily forget about life’s stressful events and take their attention away from never-ending issues.

In terms of consumption, there are innumerable ways of allowing magic mushrooms in your system. You could eat it upon picking, without any additional ingredients. But, most of the time, drying and food, and drink-mixing is the best option for users, especially those with a higher tolerance. One of the most popular ways of consuming magic mushroom is through growing a magic mushroom popcorn. Magic Mushroom Popcorn is hybrid corn, and as what the name suggests, its content has mixtures of magic mushroom. Is it going to give you impacts as to what magic mushroom does? Yes, definitely. Is it going to provide health benefits? If you consider having a full and satisfied stomach as a health benefit, then it might be. Is it better than all methods used to ingest magic mushroom? If we’re going to talk about the procedures, yes it’s much better because it delivers inconvenience, not complexities. However, it will depend on your preference if you wish to talk about the effects and taste. Still, it has to be something you should try if you’re into magic mushrooms.

If you’re new to such a thing, you should inquire about the information you can act on, along with other hacks and guides that could help boost your capabilities. So, to serve as a guideline, here are the step by step procedure on how to make a magic mushroom popcorn, as used by experts and intermediate consumers.

How to Make Magic Mushroom Popcorns on Your Own?

In the following procedures and techniques, the most common essentials are being precise with your measurements and what products should you choose. After all, the outcome will solely rely on your materials rather than your methods. For instance, you were able to find the best approaches there is on the internet, but you failed to buy specific products, and you didn’t get the chance to seek for alternatives. In the end, the taste will produce different sensations because you missed the point, and you cannot blame it on the procedures you found because you only followed it. Regardless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should pay no mind to what you’re doing, given that all the proposed materials are given because there are chances that you will fail too. For the basics, here are the elements that you should be aware of, starting from the ones present in your kitchen and those that you will need to find in supermarkets and magic mushroom stores.

Materials and Ingredients

1. Magic Mushroom Extract 2 teaspoons
2. Dried Parsley 2 tablespoons
3. Parmesan Cheese ¼ cup and grated
4. Popcorn 1 pack
5. Sea Salt Depending on the taste

The listed materials above are only for the entire procedure. Before you get to make your magic mushroom popcorn, you will first need to acquire magic mushroom extracts.

1. Syringe 10 cc
2. Desk Fan Small size
3. Dust Pollen Mask  
4. Bottles Depends
5. Funnel 1 medium-sized funnel
6. Drinking Glass Depends
7. Ethyl Alcohol 200 Proof

To extract the compounds of Magic Mushrooms, the Psilocybin, you will need to take note of the materials and ingredients listed above. A reminder that there will be uncertain quantity and size to undergo precise measurement because it will depend on how you taste me.

Step by Step Guides in making Magic Mushroom Popcorn

For the Magic Mushroom Extract

To extract Psilocybin from Magic Mushroom, you will have to harvest the said psychedelic crop while the veins remain open. First, dry your harvested magic mushroom. Any method is suitable as long as you can follow accuracy in steps. Ensure that it’s dry enough. Second, Grind the magic mushroom and turn into pulverized ones, and after wrapping it up, place it in tightly-closed storage so it won’t leak. Third, add 200-proof ethyl alcohol.

The next step is activating the Psilocybin by shaking the storage bottle every few hours in a day. Using a dust pollen mask to filter out the alcohol and store the extracted and filtered juice in a different flask. Next, you will need to soak the magic mushroom and re-do the same process with the alcohol. Afterward, combine all the extracts in one container. Through a small desk fan, allow air to enter the glass and wait until the liquid is producing movements, an indication of the evaporation process speeding up. Remain to do the said procedure and proceed to store it in a small vial the moment you already got a one cc solution.

For the Magic Mushroom Popcorn

For the first step, you will have to blend the parmesan, magic mushroom extract, and parsley into one container. Stir it thoroughly before leaping onto the new levels. Next, you will have to cook all the popcorn (the more, the better, but it will depend on how you like it) using a microwave, and make sure to follow everything the packet of popcorn will say. The instruction will go as follows; firstly, you should select a microwaveable popcorn where you won’t be needing to put it out of its packet. Follow the right side of placement when you put it in the microwave and do not leave the process unattended while the popcorn is popping. If you successfully followed the instructions, you can now proceed to the next method.

When done, mix the cooked popcorn with the mushroom mixture done earlier. You can add a bit of salt to enhance the taste. Since the procedure is a matter of preference, make sure you get to add what every spicing up materials you can add. Take note: You cannot make a magic mushroom popcorn without the mushroom extract to ensure that you’re done with the steps for extraction.

The procedures stated above are only guidelines that will lead you to make magic mushroom edibles and treats out of popcorn. There are instances where shroomers are using popcorn to grow a magic mushroom, which is a bit – hassling, yet conceives good return. Should you want to know the latter, you can find several step-by-steps everywhere, and if you’re not experienced enough, the ways above is a great start-up process before you do the difficult part.

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How to Make Magic Mushroom Pizza

magic mushroom pizza

It’s so nice to learn how to make magic mushroom pizza as a delicious psychedelic snack treat. Magic Mushroom Pizza has two ways to make it perfect. Making a magic mushroom pizza is like making an ordinary pizza, whether you want Hawaiian, Pepperoni, or Ham and Cheese.

In this article, we are going to tackle both of them, “The Gas Grill Method” and “The Charcoal Grill Method”.

Gas Grill: Steps on How to Make Magic Mushroom Pizza

Here’s how to make delicious magic mushroom pizza using the gas grill method:

  • You have to preheat your grill by putting up or setting all your burners into high heat. After you do that, you have to close the lid, and then you have to leave in for at least 10 minutes on high. After so, you then reduce it to medium heat.
  • While waiting, you have to sprinkle your work surface with polenta or grits to avoid sticking of the dough. After this, you now place the dough in the middle of the work surface where you sprinkled your polenta or your grits. In doing the dough of your pizza, its either you roll it with a rolling pin, or you press it out in the center that contracts with your work surface to form pizza dough, or you can stretch it out using your bare hands. Ideally, it’s up to you to make your own measurements of your dough, but usually, a dough measures 12 inches in a dough round shape as well as in a rectangular shape and square shape doughs. In terms of the thickness of the dough, it is usually ⅛ to ¼ inches.
  • After measuring your dough, you need to drizzle the sides of your dough or brush the sides of your dough with oil generously to avoid burnt sides.
  • Pick two corners of your dough, but make sure that the corners you pick are the closest to you, and only in one motion, you have to lay your dough in a flat down manner on your cooking grate. After that, you have to close the lid, and you have to grill it for 3 minutes. You have to make sure not to open and close it within those 3 minutes; it might affect the cooking stage of your dough. You also need to check the crust if it’s ready and crispy after that 3 minutes, and if not, then continue grilling it for a couple more minutes until you meet your desired result.
  • Use tongs to transfer your pizza crust from your grill to a rimless baking sheet or to a peel baking sheet, and then you need to close your grill after that. You have to flip the crust to the side of the grilled side of your dough. You now have to follow specific recipes and directions for adding your toppings, cheese, and sauce.
  • You now switch the grill to indirect heat. Set your pizza back on the great with again indirect heat, and you should grill it with its lid down and with until the bottom of your pizza is brown enough, and you can notice your cheese is already melted and grill it for at least 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Now you have to remove your pizza in the grill. Garnish and season it and afterward slice and serve it while it’s hot.

Charcoal Grill: Steps on How to Make Magic Mushroom Pizza

Here’s how to make magic mushroom pizza using the charcoal grill method

  • First, you have to ignite a fire using charcoals in a mound located in the bottom grate of the grill that you have or in your chimney. Once that you notice that the charcoal turned into ash grey, you now move them all on the one side of your grill.
  • While waiting, you have to sprinkle your work surface with polenta or grits to avoid sticking of the dough. After this, you now place your dough in the middle of the work surface where you sprinkled your polenta or your grits. In doing the dough of your pizza, its either you roll it with a rolling pin, or you press it out in the center that contracts with your work surface to form pizza dough, or you can stretch it out using your bare hands. Ideally, it’s up to you to make your own measurements of your dough, but usually, a dough measures 12 inches in a dough round shape as well as in a rectangular shape and square shape doughs. In terms of the thickness of the dough, it is usually ⅛ to ¼ inches.
  • After measuring your dough, you need to drizzle the sides of your dough or brush the sides of your dough with oil generously to avoid burnt sides. After all this, you have to pick two corners of your dough but make sure that the corners you pick are the closest to you, and only in one motion, you have to lay your dough in a flat down manner on your cooking grate. After that, you have to close the lid, and you have to grill it for 3 minutes. You have to make sure not to open and close it within those 3 minutes; it might affect the cooking stage of your dough. You also need to check the crust if it’s ready and crispy after that 3 minutes, and if not, then continue grilling it for a couple more minutes until you meet your desired result.
  • After all those works, you have to use tongs to transfer your pizza crust from your grill to a rimless baking sheet or to a peel baking sheet, and then you need to close your grill after that. You have to flip the crust to the side of the grilled side of your dough. You now have to follow specific recipes and directions for adding your toppings, cheese, and sauce.
  • You now switch the grill to indirect heat. Set your pizza back on the great with again indirect heat, and you should grill it with its lid down and with until the bottom of your pizza is brown enough, and you can notice your cheese is already melted and grill it for at least 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Now you have to remove your pizza in the grill.

Finishing Touches for Your Magic Mushroom Pizza

  • You have to shave very fresh black truffles all over the top of your pizza for finishing touches.
  • Scatter your dried magic mushroom as your pizza topping.
  • Ingredients for the toppings:
  • Unsalted butter (2 tbs.)
  • Olive oil (4tbs) should be divided
  • One leek cut into ¼ inch thick
  • Cognac (3 oz.)
  • Roasted garlic (½ cup)
  • Camembert cheese (6 oz.)
  • Fresh thyme (4 springs)
  • Freshly ground black pepper


There are two ways on how to make magic mushroom pizza. One is the gas grill method, and the other is the charcoal grill method. The earthy aroma of your pizza using the charcoal grill method gives more delicate tastes to consumers. Whatever method you choose, you can simply add the dried shrooms as pizza toppings, and you’re ready to serve one of the best magic mushroom edibles and treats with your Shroom buddies!