You have to know that the legality of selling, buying, possessing, and growing of magic mushroom greatly depends on one’s area or location. If you are in the US then magic mushrooms are considered to be schedule I drug. This law is under the Controlled Substances Act which is being referred to as the Psychotropic Substances Act. This simply means that this one is considered to have no medical use. This is also considered to have a high chance of potential abuse among its users. Even for individuals who are under doctor’s supervision, these substances are still not considered to be safe. This means magic mushrooms are illegal in the US. This is due to the fact that they are psychotropic substances, which gives it users psychedelic effects. There are some people who are able to get their hands on spores since they do not contain any psilocybin. This is one of the loopholes of the law that some people are exploring.

The state law is the one that governs different buts related to magic mushrooms. The state laws are also the one that bans the possession of magic mushrooms. If you are looking at fresh wild mushrooms then you can find an exception when you are in Florida. It is this place wherein you are able to pick wild mushrooms since they grow in the wild. This allows anyone to pick them up anytime and anywhere. You will be able to have possession of wild magic mushrooms in Florida without getting any prosecution.

Other areas like California, Idaho, and Georgia prohibits any form of possession of magic mushrooms. You cannot have any form including its spores when you are in these areas.  There are also some states that prohibit anything related to magic mushroom including its tools in growing as well as any paraphernalia related to it. Any intent to sell is also prohibited.

Since the year 2003, any possessions of kits has been considered illegal in the US.  Before that though, many growers tend to buy spores from other countries but since the ban, these actions have been stopped. Not only in the US but also in other parts of the world that possession – selling of dried and fresh mushrooms are illegal.  The huge wave of ban started in Europe in the year 2000. In Great Britain, it was considered to be legal selling fresh mushrooms until 2005 arrived. Spore possession is also considered to be illegal in the country. There has also been a ban on selling dried shrooms in the Netherlands in the year 2001. The selling of fresh magic mushrooms has been made illegal in the year 2008.

You can still find some countries that may not mind if you possess magic mushrooms just as long as you will not sell them.  There are still some countries that make exceptions when it comes to the use of magic mushrooms. In Mexico for example, magic mushrooms can still be used just as long as it is for religious ceremonies and is done by the indigenous population.

What are your options?

Other options

You can also choose to buy or consume the magic mushrooms cousin which is the magic truffles. This subterranean fungi also has the same effects of the magic mushroom on the brain and is also considered to be a psychedelic. Buying magic truffles in the Netherlands is very easy and you should encounter no problem with the law. There is no need to undergo cryptocurrency and online transactions since you can readily get them in stores. A trip to any stores that sell magic truffles will open a world of psychedelics. You can find a variety of different brands and great deals when choosing to have magic truffles. There are many different strains of magic truffles that you can choose as well. You can either choose Utopia, Pandora, and Atlantis. These are just some of the strains that you can have. There is also no limit to how much you are able to buy. You can choose from the pocket-sized packaging that these psychedelics have or you can also opt to buy as much as 2 kilograms in one go. Be safe when using magic mushrooms and make sure that you always check the law of the area or the place.

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