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Need to Know Things About Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, psilocybin, are consumed for their hallucinogenic property These mushrooms are famed for their psychedelic effect, people who ingest them imagine seeing, hearing or feeling things that are non-existent.

Aside from the magical prowess, there are potential health benefits derived from this natural wonder. Do not waste the powers of these fungi by ignoring it. It will be worth your while to take a closer look at some interesting facts that you may not know about these wonderful mushrooms.

About Magic Mushrooms

They are also called shrooms, mushies, blue meanies, golden tops, pizza toppings, liberty caps, buttons, and mushroom delight. There are over 50 species and look the same as the poisonous fungi, in case of doubt do not consume it.

It is sold as dried whole mushroom or powder. Whole mushrooms can be eaten raw, cooked and mixed with other ingredients to remove bitterness. Soak the shroom in hot water for tea or as fixing in fruit juices. The dry form is smoked, mixed with marijuana or tobacco.

Effects appear within 30 minutes when eaten, 10 minutes when mixed, and will last for 6 hours. There may be delayed headaches after consumption, it usually does not last longer than a day. Different strokes for different folks, the effect varies from one person to another depending on…

  • Age, size, and health
  • A regular user or not
  • It was taken with other drugs simultaneously
  • The quantity taken
  • The potency depends on the species

Excessive use of magic mushrooms rarely results in a life-threatening situation.

A regular consumer who wants to quit is unlikely to experience difficulty in stopping the habit.

Beware of malefactors, psilocybin can be produced in illegal labs as powder, tablets, and capsules looking the same as the legit ones.

Benefits of Magic Mushroom

Marijuana gained credibility, legality, and acceptance for its medicinal and recreational values, magic mushrooms may not be far behind. Leading researchers reveal psychedelic properties that prove to be effective, some are:

People who suffer from depression and anxiety breaks out from their pattern and can see, feel and perform things in a new way. They feel more stable and restored after ingesting psilocybin. The effects are long-lasting if done with therapeutic assistance.

Intake of magic mushrooms can break bad habits like smoking and alcoholism. They understand what is important having an insight on what is healthy and what is not their choice is an option that will have an enduring effect.

Emotions and senses are enhanced, they felt more open, happy, and creative. Openness prods a person to embrace new challenges which cause a lasting personality change.

Cancer patients with severe anxiety realized that their insecurities were nothing to worry about which is part of the healing process.

Similar to low doses of marijuana it can lead to a feeling of relaxation. Magic mushroom affects the part of the brain that regulates abstract thinking which plays a key role in mood and perception.

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Everything You Need to Know about Magic Mushrooms

More and more people are seeing the benefits of magic mushrooms, and it is for a very good reason. Shrooms are among the best psychedelics you can find out there today, and if you haven’t tried them yet, go over these pointers first before eating one!

They go way back

Researchers and archaeologists have found some evidence indicating that people from ancient civilizations have been using hallucinogenic mushrooms as early as 7000 years ago. According to some reports, there are some prehistoric art pieces depicting these people’s use of mushrooms.

The psychedelic component is called psilocybin

Psilocybin mushrooms are called such not because that it is their name but because it is the name of the psychedelic compound that makes them “magic.” Psilocybin is converted by the human body to its metabolite, psilocin. This is what is directly related to the mind-altering effects of shrooms.

Here are the typical dosages

Many users say that you may not feel the effects of magic mushrooms until you have consumed at least 0.2 to 0.5 gram. To many users, the “moderate” dose is in the range of 1 to 2.5 grams. However, ultimately, it depends on how often you consume magic mushrooms. Needless to say, your tolerance goes up the longer and the more frequently you consume shrooms.

How are magic mushrooms consumed?

Shrooms can be eaten in their entirety, and they taste awful. You can either endure their raw taste or cook them with pleasant-tasting food to make it a little more bearable. Some users choose to brew their magic mushrooms with their tea to mask the taste.

Wait! Is it even legal in Canada?

Canada classifies psilocybin mushrooms as a Schedule III drug. That means you can buy grow kits, and that’s about it.

These are some things to expect

The effects of magic mushrooms mainly depend on the person. A habitual user may have a different experience compared with an occasional or first-time user. The specific mushroom can also have an effect. No two psilocybin mushrooms are exactly alike. One may have higher or lower levels of psilocybin, for example, and that will affect the kind of trip you are bound to experience.

In general, though, these are some effects or changes you can expect to notice after consuming magic mushrooms.

  • Dream-like state – Many scientists have looked at MRI and fMRI scans of brains of individuals who consumed shrooms. According to them, the brain patterns they saw resembled those exhibited by sober individuals during dreaming.
  • Synesthesia – One popular effect of consuming magic mushrooms is called synesthesia. This is where people claim to be able to taste smells, see sounds, and the like. According to some scientific studies, this is because psilocin interacts with brain receptors in brain areas responsible for your sensory experience.
  • Visual phenomena – You will see bizarre things. For example, you may see soft-edged geometric patterns, lights encircling objects like halos, and more. These patterns are reportedly predominantly “earthy” in color. They are not as bright as those you see after taking LSD.
  • Unusual openness – A lot of shroom users report becoming open even to individuals they would not normally spend a lot of time with when not on magic mushrooms. This is accompanied by a general feeling of calm, wonder, peace, and connectedness with everyone and everything around you.
  • Others – These are just some of the most common effects you are bound to experience. There are a lot more, so feel free to try some mush out to see for yourself.

What are bad trips?

There is always some possibility of experiencing what users call a “bad trip.” This is characterized by paranoia, recklessness, and dysphoric hallucinations most of the time. While there is no sure way of preventing bad trips, you can always find ways of managing the experience and minimizing the risks.

You can cultivate your own shrooms

You can grow your own magic mushrooms right in the comfort and security of your own home. The equipment needed are widely available and relatively inexpensive. The most important things you need are knowledge, technique, quickness, and emphasis on caution (so as to avoid contamination).

Be careful gathering them in the wild!

Real psychedelic mushrooms resemble numerous poisonous species, and many people have made the mistake of misidentifying magic mushrooms. Consuming the wrong species can result in poisoning and/or death, so be careful if you have to get mushrooms from the wild. If possible, just find a trustworthy dealer.

Shrooms may have therapeutic effects

A growing number of people is claiming that mush may have some therapeutic benefits too. Nowadays, psilocybin mushrooms are being used to treat anxiety, depression, headaches, addiction, and mood problems, just to name a few.

Do magic mushrooms have any lasting impact?

According to certain studies, mush may have some lasting changes to their personalities resulting from their consumption of magic mushrooms. These include openness, appreciation for nature and art, and improved attitudes.

Psilocybin may be detected in your drug test

Whether psilocybin can be detected or not in a drug test depends on the kind of drug test you are undergoing. If it is a standard test, psilocybin should not be seen. However, many extended drug screens are designed to detect psilocybin and their metabolites (psilocin).


Here are just some of the basic information you need to know if you are planning to experience a psychedelic high using magic mushrooms. Remember to always source your shrooms from a reliable supplier or dealer and exercise prudence before consumption.

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