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Make Your Own Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Make Your Own Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

When developing a mushroom box, its size that fits all spaces is a very important consideration. Amid winter months, you can only have the mushroom refined indoors or inside your home. At times, mushrooms are nurtured on the container, so growers need to check the temperature on the case itself for proper development.

Maybe one grow kit’s fascinating quality is developing magic mushrooms within weeks. They can accumulate 250 to 350 bits of shrooms or magic mushroom. It is important to consider the soil’s pH level with the goal that mushroom (fungi) will develop freely on boxes. In some way or another, the packaging of the gro box makes a huge impact to turn more mushrooms on the grow box.

Important Tips for Cultivators

Grow boxes can likewise be put in the cooler so that the moist of the dirt will support its viability and the mushrooms can be refined productively. Mushroom grow boxes aren’t just for little spaces, but also for vast regions too.

On the other hand, the crate ought to be made and secured conveniently to keep away from the spread of other not very great organisms that will influence its development. The grow boxes for mushrooms are made simple and very self-evident.

Self-Made Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

There are manufacturers and companies that are selling good quality “magic mushroom grow kits” or even “mycelium boxes.” These are readily available in the market for the growers to be able to cultivate magic mushrooms even in limited spaces. Making magic mushroom kits on your own is not that difficult as it seems. Screwing few tricks and tips can help growers to create their magic mushroom kits and also yield productively.

Making own magic mushroom kits is an investment of time and effort, ending the most accessible way to plant mushrooms. To save time and energy, people can buy growing kits. If you don’t have time,  you can buy grow kits from the stores or online.  Grow kits that are available in the market are filtered boxes with cubensis spores/spawn, and also hold filter bags to yield the mushroom in. These kits are expensive and yield about 400 to 500 grams of mushrooms.

How to Make Your Own Mushroom Grow Kit

When all the essential requirements are readily available, you can make your own grow kit.

Things Required:

  • Pressure Cooker- Large to hold all filter boxes
  • Filter Bags
  • Filter Boxes (recommend in rectangular shaped as faster in colonizing with a good productivity)
  • Brown Rice Flour (Organic)
  • Dry Vermiculite
  • Water (as needed)
  • Spore Syringe


  • Put dry vermiculite in a bowl and pour water into it until it gets saturated.
  • The next step is to add organic Brown Rice Flour and mix it well.
  • Now, fill up the filter boxed in a free manner beneath the edge of the box (1 or 2 cm) with the composed mixture.
  • Make four holes in each of the corners of the filter box. These poke holes are used for injecting and inoculating.
  • Put all filter boxes in the pressure cooker. But before that, set a few centimeters of water in the bottom of the cooker then place all filter boxes in it. You don’t have to cover the cooker lid entirely as this will cause boxes to deform.

Note: Keep the lid open in ¼ and cover the filter boxed with aluminum foil to avoid entering of bottom water. It should be cooked like this for about two hours

  • After this, take all the filter boxes out from the pressure cooker and let them cool.
  • Take the lids off from the filter boxes and take spore syringe and pour some spore solution into the filter box and cover it back with a duck tape. Repeat this process for all other filter boxes.
  • After inoculation, you need to wait. Keep all the filter boxes at a high temperature for them to colonize swiftly. In fact, they will colonize with enough speed if they’re held in lower temperatures. The average temperature for a perfect subjugate is 26 degrees Celsius, and 23 degrees Celsius is recommended in the fruiting phase.

Note: Double water tub filling with an aquarium heater is a subtle way to regulate the perfect temperature. Colonizing of fruits at the 19 degrees Celsius or lower can take a bit longer but it is good as it removes the risk of drying.

  • The final step is, birth all of them if are colonized wholly and correctly. But before moving ahead fill the cakes with water as while colonizing fungus used all of the available water for its growth.
  • After filling it with water once again close the lid and wait for about 12 to 24 hours to rehydrate the cake and suck up the whole water amount. If water left then pour out the extra water and take the lid as well. Put all the filter box in the filter bag and fold it from the edge and fix it with the help of paper clips.

Note: While placing the box inside the bag, use ducktape to tight-up the sides of the box to avoid penetration of light in it. If this will not be done then, shrooms will also help grom from the sides of the box.

  • Colonizing bag in the bag is the right way and put the bag in a clean and dark place.
  • After each harvest of shrooms, hydrate the cake with the right amount of water. These boxes and filter bags can be reused many time bit each time need to be sterilized in the pressure cooker.

Dried shrooms are low-calorie and more often than not eaten crude or cooked to give topping to a dinner. Crude crisp mushrooms are that as it may, are a decent wellspring of B vitamins, for example, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic corrosive, and the essential minerals of, selenium, copper, and potassium, work in your body to significantly back off the maturing procedure.

Final Verdict

Some mushrooms develop in a little space that our naked eyes can’t see. While others are produced in a log or even in boxes to culture various types of mushroom. Likewise, some trust that fungus is developed in a container which is refined effectively and beneficially for the grower.  More often than not, shrooms or magic mushrooms are planted on these containers since they seem more improbable a little as compared to different kinds. Mushroom boxes have specific sizes that are fit for various types.

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Growing Magic Mushrooms with Grow Kits

If you are planning to grow your very own magic mushroom then it is advisable that you find the best grow kits out there. Cultivating magic mushrooms with grow kits is easy. You don’t need any additional materials as most of the kits do contain everything you need to grow your very own magic mushroom. What you need to have though are water and patience. Once you will have all these factors together then expect to have a high yielding magic mushroom right at your very home.

Always remember that when handling magic mushroom growing kits, you always have to wash your hands first. Always bear in mind that mushrooms are very sensitive to contamination. And for this reason, you will need to keep your hands sterile at all times. It is also important that when you open the bag, never breathe into it. This one will also increase the possibility of contamination so better avoid it. Aluminum foils also increase the risk of contaminating your mushroom so better avoid it as well. Magic mushroom grow kits include a grow bag, a grow kit with everything your mushroom needs to grow, as well as paper clips. When planning to grow your very own magic mushroom, you need to see to it that you have a warm area for them away from any direct sunlight. Always have plenty of clean tap water as well.

Steps in growing your magic mushroom

Step 1 – Get the grow bag out and remove the lid carefully. Gently fill it with cold tap water. Always make sure that you have the mycelium submerged very well. You will sometimes find it hard to fully submerge the kit so you have to pull on the sides of the container to create a gap. You now need to place the lid back in the plastic container and leave it for 12 hours. Its time period will allow the water to soak in. Make sure that you will place the grow kit in a safe place so that it will not spill over.

Step 2 – Once the 12 hours have lapsed then you can now take off the lid of the container and remove any excess water that it has. You now will have a kit that is ready to grow. See to it that you will clean the lid and store it for later use. Place the grow kit in the supplied grow bag. You need to see to it that the bag is upright with the opening on top.

Step 3 – Once everything is placed in the bag then you need to close it and fold it in half twice. You can secure it using the paper clips that have been supplied with your kit.

Step 4 – What you need to do know is to place the bag with the kit in a well-lit area that has a consistent temperature of around 20-25 degrees Celsius. Always remember that the kit should not be placed under a direct sunlight. Mushrooms do require a natural warm temperature for it to grow and thrive. You can also utilize a grow kit heating mat to support the growth process. But remember that if the room temperature is too low then the heating mat might not be enough.

Step 5 – Once all of these things are done then you have completed the set. This one is ready for its first flush. Always make sure that you will be monitoring the growth process that your mushrooms have. The first pins will show up around 14 days depending also the growth circumstances. A mushroom in a grow kit can mature about 7 days. There’s no need to spray or open the bags.  Leave the bags alone and just let your mushrooms grow.

Step 6 – You now can have the opportunity to harvest your mushrooms. Make sure that you will harvest all of them regardless of the size that they have. See to it that you will do is before the veils under the caps break. Once you have completely harvested the kit, soak it again and put the lid back on/. Let your kit sit for 12 hours again. After the 12th hour then you can set up your kit again and just follow the steps that you have done, you need to know that once done right, you can have around 5 harvest sessions with one grow kit

What is fruiting?

The head that your mushrooms have can take 1-3 weeks before it will appear. Always make sure that you will practice patience when growing mushrooms. Once again, you don’t need to open the bags every now and then to check on them. Frequent opening of the bags will also remove any warmth and moisture that have accumulated inside the bag which is crucial for your mushrooms growth. This one will also make your mushroom prone to contamination. Always remember that even if you will not be checking on them, your mushroom’s heads will still appear. With just another week of waiting, you will then be ready for your first harvest.

When to harvest your magic mushroom?

Always remember that the best time to harvest your magic mushroom is just before the veil under the caps starts to tear. You need to see to it that you pay close attention to your mushroom as it grows. When one of the heads starts to tear then others are not that far behind and it is the best time to harvest them right away. When harvesting mushrooms, gently grab them by the base using two fingers. You now need to twist them gently using a soft upward motion. Always see to it that you are able to harvest the whole kit all at once. This will help you soak the kit again for another cycle. See to it as you remove whatever magic mushrooms that did not reach their maturity once you start harvesting. The goal here is to make sure that you will have a clear cake before starting the process of soaking all over again.

Feeling impatient to wait for your shrooms to be harvest ready? Try ordering the finest dried shrooms and other mushroom products here at ShroomsDirect!

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Are Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Legal

Psilocybin is a marvel of the regular world. It’s a ground-breaking, psychoactive medication that can be found in several types of organisms – referred to here and there as “enchantment mushrooms”. At present, a portion of these mushrooms could be developing in your back garden.

The big question is, “Are magic mushroom grow kits legal?”. The short answer is, it depends. If you are living in an area that doesn’t forbid magic mushrooms then you are free to use magic mushroom grow kits. Of course, a big dilemma comes in when your local government says otherwise.

Brief History: When and Where It All Started

The purposes for the restriction of psilocybin-containing plants go back to the medication war of the 1970s. Like LSD, psilocybin was  viewed as a psychedelic medication that was fueling the counterculture development of the time or, more probable, as a potential substitute that could be utilized to hold the administration’s control over hostile to war and liberal gatherings.

The Vienna Convention of 1971 was an endeavor of the UN, initiated by the US, to counter the developing fame of psychotropic medications, for example, LSD, MDMA, DMT, and psilocybin. It proposed a booking framework for all concurring nations to hold fast to, grouping drugs into classes of damage. Around 183 countries have now consented to this tradition, and it straightforwardly prompted the making of such draconian laws as the US Psychotropic Substances Act and the UK’s Misuse of Drugs Act.

What is Psilocybin

Psilocybin falls into a fascinating hazy area here – the Vienna Convention was intended to focus on the assembling of engineered psychotropics like LSD and MDMA. Be that as it may, psilocybin is an ordinarily happening substance. Thus to the legitimate status of the traditional hallucinogenic ayahuasca, the lawful status of psilocybin can be surrendered over to translation in numerous nations, even those that are gathering to the Vienna Convention.

Notwithstanding this, most nations have chosen to regard psilocybin as a calendar I tranquilizer, forcing the harshest conceivable disciplines for its ownership and deal. There is no science or explanation for the preclusion of psilocybin – right up until today, there is no proof of damage from the intermittent sensible utilization of the substance, either here and now or long haul. A developing group of confirmation recommends that psilocybin and different hallucinogens could be utilized to regard conditions, for example, gloom and nervousness viably.

Pros of using Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Utilization of mushrooms is extremely basic in the present days. There are many strains of this item from the mushroom family that can change it up of flavors and surface to several distinct formulas that any common kitchen can assemble. In the meantime, mushrooms are storage facilities of unadulterated supplements that are equipped for giving sustenance to the human framework from multiple points of view than one. Magic mushroom grow kits are great for beginners to get past the hard sterilization needed for innoculation.

Other than framing a piece of what we know as the sound eating regimen, certain strains of mushrooms that are perceived for their stimulating properties known as mushroom, are additionally increasing unfaltering prevalence with individuals on the loose.

Following interest, accessibility of mushrooms has additionally been made simple. However, growers can get pretty much any assortment of mushrooms by requesting through sites of capable suppliers of the same. This is whenever a superior alternative than experiencing the neighborhood market or, backwoods or, anything that will be that can bolster the development of mushrooms on the loose.

Individuals who are entirely into utilizing mushrooms profit the choice of developing the stuff without anyone else’s input with the assistance of specific kits that contain all the fundamental essentials that guide all the while.

Magic mushroom grow kits are required necessities which are used in multiple ways. From being a pastime to beating the trouble to over and again submitting on the web requests or looking through the nearby markets, these kits can be exceptionally helpful in getting simple mushrooms whenever and anyplace.

Despite this, individuals can likewise develop mushroom with the assistance of mushroom growing kits. This notwithstanding is in no way like developing weed inside. These units are legitimate and pose least or, no danger to the clients.

Cons of Using Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Utilizing these kits is likewise exceptionally basic. Suppliers usually offer clear and exhaustive guidelines that assist in the fruitful development of mushrooms. In the meantime, what comes as an additional advantage is a way that mushroom (fungus) grow kits are moderate and reusable.

This implies, if utilized legitimately, these units can give an unending supply of dried shrooms at no cost by any stretch of the imagination. We can say that the masters of mushroom units are many, which are all exceptionally unusual and persuading.

But then again, there are a couple of things that must be considered before getting one of these units to one’s living arrangement. Regardless, the kind of mushrooms looked over home developing is imperative. There is off chance that it is a strain of mushroom (fungus) that can deliver stimulating impacts, at that point, it may not be a smart thought to get it into a house that has kids and pets as individuals.

While developing mushroom is in no way like developing weed inside, it can surely add up to unfavorable well being impacts if devoured by the individuals who can’t deal with what occurs straightaway.

Responsibility is essential to the extent of developing magic mushroom in the house is concerned. In the meantime, there is nothing that can ensure accomplishment with mushroom kits. The issue to consider is, it might or, may not develop. Notwithstanding, profiting the kits from presumed purchasers has an incredible effect as for progress.

Final Verdict

Psilocybin mushrooms have a long history of customary utilize, starting with gatherings of native Australians a considerable number of years prior, and proceeding to Mesoamerican societies whose relatives still use psilocybin right up until today. It’s weird then that these natural plants have been considered unlawful in numerous nations. This guide expects to educate you about the lawful status of psilocybin and the plants that contain it, in different countries around the world.