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What Do You Need to Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Is it Illegal to Grow Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

Growing your own psychedelic mushrooms can be very fun and rewarding. It offers multitudes of benefits that you will surely appreciate as a magic mushroom or psychedelic mushroom enthusiasts. One of the best things about growing your own psychedelic mushrooms is that it eliminates the risk of eating poisonous mushrooms. The truth is, psychedelic mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms look similar. Finding mushrooms in the wild can be very dangerous, especially if you are not familiar with the different species of mushrooms.

Instead of risking your health and even your life searching for mushrooms in the wild, why not grow them. Numerous individuals are rummaging the Internet searching for tips and tricks on how to grow their own psychedelic mushrooms. The good news is, this article can give you accurate and helpful guidelines on what you need to grow psychedelic mushrooms. Follow these guidelines and growing your very own psychedelic mushrooms becomes a lot easier and less complicated.

You might think that growing your own psychedelic mushrooms can be intimidating, but the truth is, it is not. Yes, cultivating psychedelic mushrooms is indeed a walk in the park so long as you do your research and that you need what you need. Remember that you need to create an idea environment condition in order for these psychedelic mushrooms to grow. They usually grow in tropical areas or damp forests. You can also see psychedelic mushrooms popping out from cow or buffalo dung. It is essential that you know how to set up the environment and that you prepare all the materials that you need before you start growing these shrooms.

What Do I Need When Growing Psychedelic Mushrooms?

First of all, you need to make sure that you gather all of your materials before you start. Being organized can make your work more efficient and you will be able to cultivate psychedelic mushrooms in no time. Take note of these supplies:

  1. Spore syringe – you can easily find them online or in your local stores. You need to make sure that they contain the species that you want to grow.
  2. Vermiculite – in order for your substrate to retain its moisture, you need to have this medium. You can also easily find them in local home improvement stores near you. Buying perlite is also essential in order to provide sufficient air to your s psychedelic mushrooms,
  3. Pressure cooker – you can order online or you can just go to your local store. Be sure that you buy this one since pressure cooker is the one that you will use in sterilizing your substrate.
  4. Canning jars or containers – choose those jars that have wide lids
  5. Aluminum foil – you can buy these anywhere
  6. Brown rice flour – for this setup, we will choose brown rice flour as our substrate
  7. Large Tupperware – this will serve as your humidity chamber
  8. Alcohol lamp  – when growing or cultivating psychedelic mushrooms, it is important that we sterilize the needles and materials

Things You Need to Do

  1. First of all, it is essential that you mix the psychedelic mushrooms substrate first. Be sure that you know the right measurement or ratio when mixing substrate. The substrate is that one the will provide nutrition to your psychedelic mushrooms. Aside from using brown rice, you can also use ground coffee or even cow dung. Add the brown rice, vermiculite, and water.
  2. After mixing the substrate, the next thing that you need to do is to fill the canning jars with a substrate. Work cleanly and neatly. Remember not to pack the substrate too tightly in the jar. Make sure that the jars or the containers are loosely-filed. And make sure that you leave half an inch of space between the jar and the substrate that you have mixed earlier. The remaining space is for the vermiculite.
  3. It’s time for you to get the pressure cooker and start the sterilization process. When growing or cultivating psychedelic mushrooms, it is critical that you get to remove all the contaminants from the jars. Your goal is to make sure that no molds or bacteria will go inside the container. Protect your psychedelic mushrooms at all cost. Place the containing jar in the pressure cooker and then heat it up. Let the jars sterilize inside the pressure cooker for at least an hour.
  4. Then turn off the heat and remove the jar from the pressure cooker.
  5. Time to heat the syringe and push the plunger that contains the spore prints or solution into the substrate
  6. Repeat steps until you place all the spore prints into all your jars. Remember to replace the foil.
  7. You will then incubate the inoculated substrates and keep it in a warm and dark environment. You should be able to see psychedelic mushrooms pop in around 3-4 days. And by 3-5 weeks, you should be able to see the psychedelic mushrooms completely colonizing the substrate.

Now that you’ve mastered how to grow psychedelic mushrooms, it’s time to learn how to prepare your own dried shrooms and other magic mushroom products!

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Magic Mushroom’s Growing Cycle Explained

Magic Mushroom’s Growing Cycle Explained

Out of the thousands of mushroom species in the world, perhaps the most controversial are magic mushrooms. They arouse the curiosity or ordinary people and medical scientists alike because of their effects and benefits. Among the laymen, its psychedelic properties are worthy of interest, while in the medical field, the potential uses of magic mushrooms for treating and alleviating psychological disorders are a focus of many studies.

Many of us are aware of the effects and benefits of consuming dried shrooms but have very little knowledge on how they grow.

The Growing Cycle

Magic mushrooms and all other species of mushrooms for that matter start their life as spores. These spores are produced in the hymenium, a tissue in mature mushrooms that develop on the surface of structures that can be found under the cap, such as the gills, teeth, or pores. Mature mushrooms create millions and millions of very tiny spores each day. They can be the size of pollen, or far smaller that they can only be detected with the help of a microscope.  They are ejected out of the mushroom and into the surroundings or natural carriers such as the wind and animals redistribute the spores to the environment. When they end up in a fertile substance, they start to germinate.

In the germination stage, the spores produce a structure that appears hair-like when observed under the microscope, called the hyphae. When compared to plants, the spores are likened to the seed while the hyphae are comparable to the roots that develop when the seed is planted.

However, unlike roots, the hypha needs another compatible hypha in order to flourish. These hyphae combine to form a single unit and originate the formation of the mycelium. The mycelium is a thread-like structure that contains all the genetic information needed to grow, given the right conditions, and turn into mushrooms. The mycelium develops through the substrate and branch into all directions in search for nourishment. When the mycelial tips come across organic matter, they excrete enzymes that can convert these matters into food.

As the mycelium continuously gets nurtured and grows at a rapid pace, it develops into a network and eventually forms tight and circular colonies. These colonies arise from the mycelium and become the mushroom primordium. The process from the mycelium to the primordium usually takes a few days to 2 weeks, depending on the kind of mushroom.

The fruiting body of the mushroom grows from the primordia and begins developing its parts. If the mushroom is a basidiomycete, as is the case with magic mushrooms, the basidia develop inside the cap, along the gills. These basidia will become full-grown spores waiting to be released into nature.

Cultivating Magic Mushrooms Indoors

The number of magic mushrooms cultivators these days is steadily increasing.Growing magic mushroom indoors is made even more possible by the availability of spore syringes and mushroom growing kits through dealers and vendors in the web.  There is a vast variety of magic mushroom species to select from at very competitive price ranges.

Mushroom growing kits are ideal for people who are just starting to delve into mushroom cultivation. Creating a substrate that is conducive for mushroom growth can be tricky; mushroom growing kits already come with a suitable substrate injected with a developing mycelium, so all that there is to be done, basically, is subject the mycelium to conditions that encourage its growth.

The more experienced cultivators employ the famous PK-Tek to create their own substrates where the spores are injected. Though the PK-Tek is more laborious than simply purchasing growing kits, the method is not too complicated and newbies can definitely follow.

The Effects and Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Even during the olden times, magic mushrooms have already benefited our ancestors. Ancient cultures have utilized the psychedelic fungi for therapeutic and religious purposes. Our ancestors believed that ingesting shrooms brought about healing while the fungi’s ability to trigger vivid out-of-body experiences allowed them to communicate with their deities.

In the medical field, plenty of researches found out that magic mushrooms are beneficial to mental health. They can help alleviate mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and several others. These positive findings encourage further studies on its possible uses in treating psychological problems.

A lot of magic users testify to the wonderful experiences they went through while under the influence of magic mushrooms. The psychedelic effects of the consumption of these fungi include elation and happiness, almost similar to those of another psychedelic substance, the LSD.

While the psilocybin contained in magic mushrooms can indeed trigger positive reactions, like any chemical compounds, its effects are not always predictable. There are times when the body may respond negatively to the ingestion of magic mushrooms, that’s why caution must always be exercised when taking them.

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How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

all about psilocybin and its related components

As people continue to search for more ways to experience fun psychedelic trips, the popularity of magic mushrooms, or simply “shrooms,” is also rapidly increasing. It is no surprise that more and more people are now looking into growing their own magic mushrooms right from the comfort and security of their own homes.

The main benefits of DIY cultivation are that you have a steady, reliable supply, you reduce the risk of erroneously identifying a species in the wild, and you get to occupy yourself with such a fun hobby. There are two ways you can go about growing your own shrooms.

Option 1: Get yourself a grow kit.

The first method is the easy way. You can openly buy grow kits in Canada. These kits already contain the living organism from which your magic mushroom will grow. You just need to keep that just at the right level of humidity.

Option 2: Do it yourself.

The second technique involves starting from scratch. Going this route means you have more control over your shrooms, you can be as careful as you want to prevent contamination, and you learn more.


  • 1 spore syringe or spore print from a magic mushroom (Psilocybe cubensis is generally recommended for beginners, Copelandia cyanescens and the like for experienced growers.)
  • 1 Bunsen burner
  • 1 gas bottle
  • 1 pack of Petri dishes with pre-prepared agar-agar (normally sold in packs with 5 to 10)
  • 3 or 4 big jars
  • 1 knitting needle or any big and wide needle
  • Few liters of vermiculite
  • Around 10 kg rice flour
  • 1 cooking pot (preferably totally sealed pressure cooker)
  • 2 to 3 sturdy boxes, which will serve as your shrooms’ home (Styrofoam and planks are okay. Just make sure that they can be opened and closed. Line the inside of your boxes airtight with foil for security and for retaining humidity.)
  • Organic Rye
  • 1 scalpel or a sharp knife
  • Cover for your hair, gloves, and surgical mask (optional)

Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: This is mostly preparation. Choose an area that will be your grow room. Make sure that it is clean and not prone to molds. Put the Bunsen burner together on a perfectly level surface. On a table, place the closed Petri dishes, needle, and spore print.

Step 2: This step has to be done very quickly, and the Petri dish cannot be open for longer than around 3 seconds. With the spore print on the table, put the front tip of your needle on the Bunsen burner flame until it becomes noticeably red. Let it cool, then put it back into the flame for around 5 seconds at most. Let the needle cool again, but this time only until its temperature is not too much over room temperature.

Press the heated needle front against the spore print. Open a Petri dish, touch the agar-agar with the needle tip, and then close the Petri dish again. Do this for all Petri dishes, and remember not to open a dish for too long.

Step 3: This step generally takes 4 to 10 days. Place the Petri dishes in a dark room. Wait for 4 to 10 days, during which the magic mushroom should colonize.

Step 4: Do this once you see that the spores have colonized the entire Petri dishes. Mix 3 parts organic rye, 1 part vermiculite, and 1 part rice flour. Distribute this mix evenly among the preserving jars. Then, pour in 2 small cups of water into each preserving jar just before you close each lid.

Step 5: This is the sterilization step. Put the jars in the pressure cooker, which you should then seal and switch to low heat. Leave everything as is for an hour when the cooker is on full heat. The jars should be sterile at this point, and you need to let them cool to room temperature without opening their lids.

Step 6: Sterilize your scalpel over the burner, similar to what you did to the needle tip earlier. After it is cooled, use it to slice the colonized agar-agar in the Petri dishes into squares (From 3 Petri dishes, you should have about 5 to 10 little squares.).

Step 7: Put the tiny squares into the jars. To avoid contamination, it is best that you wear sterile gloves and use sterile forceps or any similar apparatus in this step. Close the jar lids when done, and place the jars in the same area where you kept the Petri dishes. In the next several days, the magic mushroom should colonize the media inside the jars.

Step 8: Repeat Step 4, except that you need to put the mixture not in a jar but in the pressure cooker directly. Take everything out 15 minutes after the cooker gets to full heat, and spread the medium evenly on the bottom of the grow boxes you made.

Step 9: Carefully transfer the contents of each jar (the colonized material) into the boxes. Mix well, but do so as quickly as possible so each box is not left open for too long.

Step 10: Keep the box in the right temperature (depends on species), and maintain humidity by soaking the media in water. Add distilled water through spraying if needed.

Step 11: The shrooms should further colonize the boxes in the next several days. When the hats of around half of the flush look like they are going to open soon, it is time to harvest.

Step 12: This is the harvesting step. Do not pull violently. Instead, gently twist upward the shrooms that are just above the ground. After harvesting, spray the media again. There will be another flush in the next 2 days or so, and that can be harvested within a week. Do this same process for a maximum of 4 flushes.

What to Expect

Typically, 3 Petri dishes (2 to 3 boxes) should yield more or less 1 kg of magic mushrooms (100 g dry weight) weekly. Happy growing!

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Fastest Way To Grow Magic Mushrooms

An Introduction to Magic Mushrooms

have been credited in the olden times for out-of-body-experiences. Yes, our ancestors have been using these “shrooms” for religious and therapeutic endeavors. Nowadays, many people who have used and experienced the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms testify that the fungi have given them one of the most vivid and significant spiritual experiences of their life.

The chemicals psilocybin and psilocin render magic mushrooms their ability for mind-altering experiences. The same chemicals are found in LSD and another psychedelic recreational drug. Magic Mushrooms, however, have several traits that set them apart from chemical substances: They are natural. They are affordable. They are non-addictive. These characteristics, together with the continuously increasing number of magic mushroom users are enough reasons for the climbing demand for the fungi.

Common Reasons for Growing Magic Mushrooms

Although magic mushrooms grow in most states in the U.S and Canada, there are times when the supply cannot sustain the demand, especially because there are certain conditions that have to be met in order for these mushrooms to grow.  Sure, there is the option of ordering them from suppliers in other parts of the world, but the long wait can take its toll on the giddy user. Due to this, many users have taken to growing magic mushrooms on their own.

The Fastest Methods of Cultivating Magic Mushrooms

People, who aspire to cultivate magic mushrooms on their own, search for the fastest way to grow the fungi. Magic mushrooms prosper in a fertile and moist environment and those who wish to grow them have to replicate these two primary conditions in order to succeed.

1. Magic mushroom growing kits

For beginners, the best and fastest way to grow shrooms is by using magic mushroom growing kits. These kits are perfect for those who are not yet accustomed to growing the fungi from scratch. The growing kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and skips all the grueling steps in creating favorable conditions for mushroom growth. Compared to the months of waiting time needed before harvest, most growing kits promise a psychedelic trip within a week!

Interested growers can order them online from Dark Web market dealers. There are communities in the Dark Web market who are more than willing to help the people looking for reliable sources of magic mushrooms and growing kits.

These ready-to-grow kits generally include a grow box with a substrate that already contains a living mycelium, a grow bag with an air filter, and some paperclips. The substrate is a mix of rye, vermiculite, and perlite. The initial development of the spore has already been performed in a laboratory.  Basically, the only thing that needs to be done is to place the grow bag somewhere warm and humid for the shrooms to bloom. Also, make sure that the ideal conditions for growing magic mushrooms are met.

The grow kits can be utilized more than once. They can still produce more mushrooms after the first flush until the nutrients they contain deplete. However, the succeeding growths are comparatively lower than the initial. Growing kits typically yield around 300 to 400 grams of fresh magic mushrooms before they completely run out. Not bad!

2. The PF-Tek

The name PF-Tek stands for, Psylocybe Fanaticus Technique. It is the brain-child of, Robert “Psylocybe Fanaticus” McPherson, who revolutionized magic mushroom cultivation by developing a substrate conducive to growing psilocybin mushrooms. Instead of the traditional method of using a grain-based substrate, McPherson introduced the addition of vermiculite to give the mycelium more space to grow while mimicking the natural condition of fungi growth.

The first thing to think about and decide on is the species and strain of the psilocybin mushroom that to cultivate. There are plenty of choices offered by suppliers, but “Cubes,” “B+,” and “Golden Teacher” are the usual suggestions for beginners since they are more adaptable to changing conditions.

The PF-Tek uses spore syringes. These contain the spores that need to be sowed into the substrate.  It is paramount to have a reputable and trusted supplier, as there have been reports of substandard spores circulating in the market. Many people who already had the experience of growing their own mushrooms opt to fill their own spore syringes instead of buying them.

There are plenty of methodologies involved in the PF-Tek method, summed up as follows:

  • Purchasing the spore syringes
  • Gathering the supplies needed
  • Making/mixing the substrate
  • Filling the jars with the magic mushroom substrate
  • Preparing the jars for sterilization
  • Sterilizing the substrate
  • Inoculating and incubating the substrates
  • Creating a fruiting chamber for the magic mushrooms
  • Popping or birthing the “cakes”
  • Waiting for the flush to grow
  • Harvesting the magic mushrooms

The steps within the abovementioned processes are simple enough to understand, but they should be followed very carefully in order to come up with the desired end product.

This technique is relatively longer than using growing kits, but many growers vouch that it is the fastest effective method in cultivating magic mushrooms.

3. Using coffee grounds for substrate

This is a recent development in the cultivation of magic mushrooms. It has been suggested that coffee grounds are ideal for use as a substrate because it eliminates the process of substrate sterilization, which is a long but vital step when growing mushrooms through the PK-Tek Method. The reason for this is the fact that coffee grounds already went through a pasteurization process when they were brewed, so sterilizing them is no longer necessary.

Coffee grounds are also cost-efficient as they are readily available in most kitchens. Convenience aside, coffee grounds provide plenty of the elements and nutrients needed to foster fungi growth.

Plenty of growers who also advocate of the environment support using coffee grounds for the substrate. In their point of view, reusing them instead of throwing them out this will help the environment minimize urban generated waste. In the same regard, growing-kit manufacturing companies have also started using coffee grounds as a substrate.

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