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How Long Does It Take to Grow Magic Mushrooms

It is a known fact that mushrooms are not like other plants, they are not easy to grow or to find. First and foremost, mushrooms are not plants, they are fungi. Mushrooms, like magic mushrooms, would need the right conditions to thrive and grow. This is the reason why mushrooms are hard to find. This is the same reason why it makes sense to just grow them in your backyard.

Growth Cycle and Types of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, like any other mushrooms, have a faster growth cycle as compared to other fruits and vegetables.  Since mushrooms are types of fungi, they have different characteristics, growth cycles as well as life forms when compared to plants.  From that premise, it is understood then that there’s a big difference in growing mushrooms and plants.

You also have to consider the varieties of magic mushrooms, and that each type has different characteristics. It only means that each type of mushroom has their own unique growth cycles. So the usual timeframe of a mushroom’s growth significantly differs. There are specific types of mushrooms that can be prepared for harvesting in just three weeks, while there are other mushrooms that may take you as long as three months before you can harvest.

The oyster mushroom is one of the types of mushrooms that grows the fastest. It would only take an average of three to four weeks, and you can already harvest them. This is the reason why oyster mushroom is famous for new mushroom growers.

The Chanterelle mushroom, morels mushroom, and Portobello mushroom normally can grow in just one to three months before you can start harvesting. There is not an exact time or number of weeks or days where mushrooms grow, their growth depends on the environmental factors like the climate, soil type, sunlight exposure, and the type of mushroom.

Growing mushrooms in your own home is a very rewarding task, and it should be done by every gardener because mushrooms will give you a healthy addition to any type of diet. They are low in calories and fat but high in fiber and contain a high level of potassium and selenium. Mushrooms can be grown indoors where there are manageable temperature and light conditions.

Here are Some Tips to Speed Up the Growth of Mushrooms

1. You should know the species of magic mushroom you are growing

To start growing your mushrooms, you need to know the type of mushroom first. This will give you a better idea of how long will you wait before you can harvest.

The three mushrooms types that grow faster are the oysters mushroom, shiitake mushroom, and white button mushrooms. These mushrooms types do not require a strict and specific living condition. The mushroom grows the quickest way possible in a damp and moist environment.

Generally, it takes about three to four weeks to grow these types of mushrooms. Placing them close to a composted manure or close to a sawdust helps to speed up the growth of your mushroom. It would only take as fast as two weeks only.

2. Using the magic mushroom spores effectively

Using mushrooms spores is another way of speeding up the growth process and the best thing to do in mushroom growing. With mushroom spores, they can easily reproduce. There are many mushroom spores that are readily available in the market today.

The mushroom spores are really designed to accelerate the mushrooms’ growth process. With this, it even doubles or triples the rate of the mushroom’s growth. The mushroom spores are combined with sawdust and this also acts make sure it remains intact even it gets moist because of certain weather conditions.

It is important to know and understand the efficient and correct usage of the mushroom spores. You need to heat up the mushroom spores in a frying pan and make sure that it reaches 21 degrees Centigrade. This is the ideal and the optimal temperature to grow mushroom. Sprinkle and pour them on a damp soil that has a shade to avoid exposing them from the direct heat of the sun.

3. Maintain and manage the proper living conditions for magic mushrooms

Mushrooms survive in damp, chilly, as well as dark living conditions. Areas with soil that is under a tree or even in your basement are some examples of ideal places where you can start growing your mushrooms in the fastest way possible.

You have to make sure that your mushroom gets the proper moisture plus oxygenation, as well as a little bit of sunlight every now and then. You can also put your mushrooms in a pot of soil and put them inside a cabinet to make sure that the temperatures are maintained at room temperature.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Magic Mushrooms in a Grow Kit

It can take up to a total of 14 days before the first magic mushroom pins to show up when growing in a kit, depending on the environmental conditions and growing circumstances. Magic mushrooms usually mature in 7 days. You don’t have to spray and open the bag when you’re growing magic mushrooms with grow kits.

Growing Magic Mushrooms Timeline

Generally, it normally takes about three to four weeks for your mushrooms to grow. There are also different types of mushrooms that would take almost a year before growing into a mature stage enough for harvest.

For those growers who are new to mushroom growing, experts would recommend that you start growing either oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushroom or white button mushrooms because these types are not very particular with environmental needs. But just like other mushrooms, just make sure that the growing environment you create for your mushrooms will give them proper and enough nutrients and moisture to grow faster. Another thing to take note is the area to place or to grow them must be near a shade or under a cover to aid in the quickest way to grow.

Final Thoughts

To summarize it all, growing magic mushrooms is not really a hard thing to do. All you need to know is how the growth process works, as well as learns some of the handy tips you can use when growing mushroom at home. It is also essential to know the type of mushroom you are growing or you want to grow because the type of mushroom will dictate the duration of the growth process.  Start reading and learning the different techniques in mushroom growing in order to succeed in this business.

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Growing Magic Mushroom at Home Guide

When you are planning to grow your very own magic mushroom at home then it is vital that you consider some crucial factors. What you need to have is the right knowledge, skills, and patience. A lot of individuals today grow their own magic mushroom since it is a fun and rewarding hobby. The great thing about growing your own magic mushroom at home is that they are also very easy and cheap to do.

If it is your first time growing your very own magic mushroom then opting for a growth kit is the easiest way. For those people who want to build their very own growing and fruiting kits, then you need to make sure that you will be following some steps. Fortunately, in this article, we will be talking about the important things you need to do for you to grow your own magic mushrooms at home.

There are a number of different things that one needs to have when considering to grow their own magic mushrooms at home. These supplies usually include:

  •    Rubber or latex gloves
  •    Nail
  •    Hammer
  •    Rubbing alcohol (for sterilization)
  •    Heating Mat
  •    Psilocybin Cubensis spore syringes
  •    Sterilized substrate jars from a grow kit
  •    DIY fruiting chamber
  •    Accurate timer outlet. You can buy them from your local grocery or hardware store
  •    Hygrometer or thermometer. Again, they can be easily bought from hardware stores.
  •    Mushroom drying kit

Making your very own substrate jars

First of all, you need to combine a ⅔ cup of vermiculite and ¼ cup water in a mixing bowl. This is needed for each jar that you will be making. You need to drain the excess water using a disinfected strainer. You also need to add ¼ cup brown rice flour to the mixing bowl with the moist vermiculite. Once you have the mixture ready then you can then place them inside the jars, see to it that you will not be packing them too tightly. You can fill the jars around a one-half inch from the rim. Then make sure that you sterilize the remaining half inch with rubbing alcohol.  Now, top the jars off with a layer of dry vermiculite. This will help in insulating the substrate away from any contaminants.

Fruiting requirements

1. Correct lighting

Artificial or natural light is required when growing magic mushrooms. If you will choose to use natural light then you need to rotate the chamber regularly. The frequent rotation needs to be done so that there is equal growth in all sides of the chamber that you have. When you choose to use artificial light, be sure to use a timer. It is necessary that you simulate the natural lighting patterns of the day. You have to make sure as well that you have a 12 hour in and a 12 hour off cycle.

2. The right temperature

The right temperature is necessary when growing magic mushroom. See to it that you have a constant temperature of 75-85°F (24-30°C). You can monitor the temperature that the chamber has once you place a thermometer on it. If the temperature is too low then you can use a heating pad to achieve the right levels.

3. Exact humidity level

You also have to make sure that you will maintain a humidity that is around 95 percent. For your magic mushrooms to grow, it needs to have high humidity levels. Misting your fruit chamber with water occasionally should be done by you to achieve proper humidity. You can also monitor the humidity levels by checking them every once in a while using a hygrometer.

Steps on growing your magic mushrooms

  1. The first thing that you need to do so to poke holes on the lid of your substrate jars. You have to make sure that they are evenly spaced around the lid. See to it that you will be using a sterilized nail and hammer when creating these holes.
  2. The next thing that you need to do is to sterilize the syringe. This is done before you inject the spores into the sterilized substrates. It is also important to divide the liquid into four quarters which means that there should be one in each hole in the lid.
  3. Once you are done then you have to let the jars incubate for 3-4 weeks. You will see a substrate that will turn fully white by the end.
  4. What you need to next is to remove the lids from the jars. See to it that you will wear gloves while doing this one. Flip the substrate to your hands then place it into your fruiting chamber. You can now allow the fruiting stage it begins.
  5. The next step is to wait for your mushrooms to grow. You need to make sure that your mushrooms will be 4 times larger their initial size before you can actually pick them.
  6. When harvesting arrives then o have to place your shrooms in your drying kit. You need to make sure that you will be drying it for 36 hours. Once your mushrooms are all dried up then they are now ready to be eaten.

Additional reminders

Psychedelics should not be used as a substitute for alcohol or cannabis nor do you want to mix them. Different people have a different experience when it comes to using magic mushrooms. There are some that will have a positive experience but there are also others that will have the exact opposite. Be careful with dosing shrooms and make sure that you do some research before you consume a certain amount or dosage. Bad trips and nightmarish visions can happen if you are not careful with taking or consuming shrooms.

When planning to grow your very own magic mushroom then be sure that you will secure them in a safe place. Make sure that the children will not have access to it. Children have totally different metabolisms from adults so they might have different reactions when ingesting accidentally these magic mushrooms. Enjoy growing your own magic mushroom!

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Common Problems in Growing Magic Mushrooms

Growing magic mushrooms takes special skills and the eye for some of the most common problems. Here are some of the top growing problems that even experts find difficult to handle.

Problems with the spore syringe

One of the most common problems encountered during the early stages of growing shrooms is using a spore syringe. A spore syringe is the spore container that growers use to sow the spores to the substrate. The most common problems users have are contamination, misidentified strains, and suppliers that sell syringes containing only water!

The only way to avoid this problem is to rely only on a reputable supplier. You will be able to find a good supplier when you check out recommendations from fellow magic mushroom growers, from reliable online sources and from people who have grown a particular type of magic mushroom you want to cultivate.

Once you have successfully grown your first batch of magic mushrooms, start filling your own syringes and keep these so you won’t have to buy any more.

Contamination of the mushroom crops (bacteria and mold contamination)

Crop contamination problems can be due to bacteria contamination or mold contamination. When your crops have been completely run over by bacteria or mold, your mushrooms will be rendered useless. If you don’t act fast, a small speck of mold could turn into a web of disaster and will waste all your time and efforts. A few tips to maintain cleanliness inside your growing area.

  • Before you even start growing your shrooms, clean your growing area completely. Use surface disinfectant, rubbing alcohol and sanitizers to clean surfaces and equipment that y you use to come in contact with your shrooms.
  • Have a butane or propane torch lighter to use on your tools Torching or heating the tip of tweezers and other handy equipment is a quick but effective way to sterilize these. You must also have extra cans of butane or propane ready so you can refuel your torch lighter when needed.
  • You must use an air sanitizer to clean the air from humid and unpleasant smells. An air sanitizer is different from an air freshener because the later simply changes the scent of the room without removing any hazardous microorganisms. Shop for the best one online.
  • You must also keep a box or sterile gloves and surgical masks to prevent contamination using your hands. Some molds and bacteria are carried by touch and using this safety equipment can help control the spread of microorganisms.
  • Take extra precaution. Before you go inside your growing area, spray air sanitizer, disinfect your equipment and surfaces. Take a shower, brush your teeth and put on clean clothes.
  • Once you spot a positive bacterial or mold contamination in your crops, deal with it immediately. Remove the contaminated containers, culture discs and any other contaminated tools from the growing area. Clean and sanitize the area with surface disinfectant and sanitizing equipment before you start to grow a new culture.

Pest control problems

A number of pests can wreak havoc to your mushroom crop and the best way to prevent these is to be vigilant. One such persistent type of pest is the fungus gnat. This is a winged insect that is very attracted to mushrooms. It feeds on the mushroom body by tunneling and eating the tissues of the mushroom. It can take only a few hours for an infestation to happen and soon all your hard work will be to no avail.

There are a few ways to treat gnat infestation. One, clean the environment where your mushrooms are growing. Gnats often live in the ground and settle in the trash. Remove any trash or refuse near the area. Sanitize the area well. Use yellow sticky paper to attract gnats and reduce infestation. Prevention is still the best treatment so make sure to clean your growing area regularly.

Harvesting problems

Growing mushrooms could be a challenge but you may end up spoiling all the time and effort you rendered on your mushroom garden if you don’t know when to harvest your shrooms. Your mushrooms or fruits will look like white bumps before becoming pins. After just five to twelve days, these will be ready for harvest.

When these fruits are ready for picking, cut the mushrooms close to the cake to remove it. Do not wait very long or until these reach the end of their growth phase because mushrooms usually lose their potency as they mature.

Storage problems

Another common problem is using the right storage container. Psilocybin mushrooms can go bad in just a few weeks inside the refrigerator. If you want to use a batch you’ve just grown for microdosing then you must think about where to store them.
The most effective way to store mushrooms for a long period of time is drying. Drying magic mushrooms will keep them potent for about two to three years. This is for as long as the dried shrooms are kept in a cool, dry and dark place. When dried mushrooms are kept inside the freezer, you will be able to store these for an indefinite amount of time.

Problems with deciding on a mushroom species and strain

Some mushrooms are best for first-time growers or beginners while some are only for experienced growers. Understanding the different strains of mushrooms and the different growing conditions of each will help you care for your crops and eliminate any problems.

Just some of the best strains and species for novice growers include the Psilocybe cubensis, B+ and Golden Teacher strains. Some are also forgiving strains and can grow even in suboptimal and changing climates and conditions. Choose well before you decide on what species you want to grow.

Growing mushrooms at home will give you a yearlong supply of magic mushrooms. You also reduce the risk of misidentifying mushroom species. Identifying these growing problems and understanding how to treat and prevent these will help you become a smart and successful magic mushroom grower.