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How to Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms Without Pressure Cooker

You can find a lot of individuals today who are truly interested in growing their own psychedelic mushrooms. This is because growing your own psychedelic mushroom is much easier than going to the wild and hunting for the right species of mushrooms. Also, growing your own psychedelic mushrooms mean that it is much safer. You are eliminating the risk of consuming poisonous mushrooms because you know that the strain that you have cultivated is indeed a 100% psychedelic mushroom or magic mushroom.

There are materials or supplies that you need in order to grow your own psychedelic mushrooms. One of the most commonly used materials when the growing psychedelic mushroom is a pressure cooker. However, using a pressure cooker can be very expensive. Also, it is harder to find a pressure cooker in some areas of the country. Is it still possible to grow psychedelic mushrooms without a pressure cooker? Well, the answer to that is yes.

This article should be able to provide you with tips and instructions on how to grow psychedelic mushroom without a pressure cooker. It is our aim to make the instructions very easy to follow. Also, we will give you information about all the things that you need in order for you to start growing magic mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms.

Sterilization is very important when growing magic mushrooms. Keep in mind that molds and bacteria can easily multiply in a moist environment. This is why one of your objectives should be able to plant psychedelic mushrooms without the presence of molds and bacteria. Take note that molds and bacteria can harm the quality and potency of your psychedelic mushrooms. A pressure cooker is used in order to sterilize your substrate. But then again, this article will discuss how to grow your own psychedelic mushrooms without the use of a pressure cooker.

Supplies that You Need

  • Drinking or canning jars
  • Vermiculite
  • Water
  • Brown rice
  • Spore print syringe
  • Aluminum foil
  • Big pot with a lid

Before you start the process of growing your very own psychedelic mushroom, it is critical that you maintain cleanliness at all times. It is important that you wash your hands first before touching your supplies. Use an antibacterial soap and warm water when washing your hands. Then you need to rub it with alcohol (isopropyl). Make sure that all the materials and the supplies that you need are within your reach. Aside from making sure that everything is clean, it is also important that you keep things organized. Organizing your supplies is necessary in order for you to work efficiently.

Steps in Growing Psychedelic Mushroom

  1. You need to prepare your substrate first. Use your jar and place the brown rice flour and vermiculite. There are also other psychedelic mushroom growers out there who are using cow dung or coffee ground instead of brown rice flour. In every 150 mil vermiculite, make sure that you add 50 ml of brown rice flour. Then add water. You need to make sure that you do not put in too much water. Stir the mixture well and make sure that you drained the excess water.
  2. You will then get an aluminum foil and put it in the middle of the jar. Make sure that you poke 4 holes into the very edge of each lid. Use hammer and nail when poking for holes. You will then fold the edges of the aluminum foil and make sure that you press them together.
  3. Time to sterilize your substrate. Since we will not be using a pressure cooker, what you need is a big pot with a lid. Using this method is as effective as using a pressure cooker, except that you boil the jars that contain your substrate into the big pot. Make sure that you cover the pot and turn the heat on up to an hour and a half. Bear in mind that evaporation can happen and so you need to add some water from time to time. Let it cool for 6 hours but it is recommended that you let it cool overnight.
  4. After the pot has cooled down, you are now ready to sterilize your spore syringe. Use an alcohol lamp and then make sure that you shake the spore syringe to avoid any spore clumps. Pierce the foil using the needle and then push the plunger and inject the spores. Repeat the steps to all jars.
  5. Then it is time for you to incubate the substrate. Make sure that you keep your substrate in an area where there is less moisture. It should be dark and warm. Be observant and check your jars or containers from time to time. Check if there are any shrooms popping out after 3 to 5 days. When the hats have fully opened, then it is time for you to harvest the psychedelic mushrooms.

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How Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Grow

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psychedelic Mushrooms are a kind of mushrooms known for their psychedelic or psychoactive characteristics. This puts psychedelic mushrooms, or “magic mushrooms” as they are more commonly called, in the same league as LSD and other mind-bending recreational drugs. However, the advantage using of magic mushrooms is that they are naturally produced and non-addictive.

Psychedelic Mushrooms in History

The history of the use of magic mushrooms can be traced back to ancient times. Many tribes, cultures, and civilization around the world have experienced and used the psychoactive capacities of these mushrooms during worship and ceremonial rites for healing and religious purposes. Psychedelic mushrooms were popular in the olden days and even in recent year for inducing religious experiences.

Psychedelic Mushrooms as Recreational Drug

There is a reason why magic mushrooms preserved their popularity as a recreational drug. First, they are more affordable than chemical-based substances. Second, they are can be found in nature. And third, they are fairly easy to grow and cultivate if desired.

Psychedelic Mushrooms and Their Growing Conditions

Many magic mushroom fans throughout the ages are curious where these fungi grow. Under the right conditions, these fungi just sprout and grow. They can be found developing in soil areas rich in humus and plant remains.

Psychedelic Mushrooms and Cow Manure

A lot of people have observed magic mushrooms flourishing in cow manure. This is because cow manures are highly fertile and moist – two conditions that encourage the growth of “shrooms”.

Cow manure is a popular fertilizer among farmers. They have been used to keep the ground fertile for a very long time. Magic mushrooms don’t directly sprout from cow manure. They grow from the soil that became rich and fertilized because of the manure.

Psychedelic Mushrooms Around the World

There are over 200 species of magic mushrooms, and they are present in most continents. They thrive in subtropical forests due to the humidity. Many species of psychedelic mushrooms are discovered in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It is said that magic mushrooms grow all-year-round in Florida. In other places, they are seasonal.  However, the vast difference in temperature and climate in the American continent ensure that there is a steady supply of magic mushrooms throughout the year.

Psychedelic Mushrooms and Their Different Varieties

The most popular species of magic mushroom is the Psilocybe Cubensis. It’s most identifiable characteristic is its hat-shaped head. Some have nipples in the middle part of the hat while others don’t. A type of Psilocybe Cubensis known as “cubes” have bruised stems.

Another species is the Psilocybe Semilanceata or the “Liberty Cap.” It is a small mushroom with a pointy hat, colored brown or yellow.

Psilocybe Baeocystis is characterized by its brown and yellow or all-brown stem.

Out of the three most common species of psychedelic mushrooms, the “cubes” are considered to be the most potent. Therefore, caution, especially in the dosage, must be taken when consuming them.

Psychedelic Mushroom Picking

Some people have made it a hobby to look for and pick these fungi after a rainy season because they are most likely to bloom at this time of the year. Psychedelic mushrooms take about a week to fully mature and become fit for picking and consumption.

The essentials of mushroom picking only include a bag and a scissor. However, a flashlight is necessary when going at night. Never pick mushrooms alone. Several species of mushroom are poisonous. It is advised to bring someone knowledgeable to avoid picking toxic ones. Consuming poisonous mushrooms differ in effects. Some pose a serious hazard to health.

When picking a “shroom”, it is important to note that they should not be pulled out from the ground. Instead, use scissors and cut the stem half an inch above the surface. Make sure that the “shrooms” are clean before putting them inside the bag. Most species of magic mushrooms are allowed in most states as long as they are fresh and not dried, but the possession of “cubes” is illegal and punishable by law. Go for the other varieties of psychedelic mushrooms and avoid picking “cubes.”

Psychedelic Mushroom and Storing Them

After picking magic mushrooms, the next important process is storing them properly so they can still be utilized in the weeks and even months to come. Psychedelic mushrooms go bad after a few weeks when stored in the fridge.

An effective way to store these mushrooms long-term is by drying. Drying involves removing all the moisture inside the “shroom” so they don’t get rotten. This is best done with the help of a dehydrator because simply leaving them out to dry or fan-drying them cannot ensure that all the liquid is taken out. If a dehydrator is not available, using a desiccant is an ideal alternative.

After the mushrooms are bone-dry, keep them in a cool, dark, and dry place. When dried properly and consumed responsibly, dried shrooms can last for years.