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Interesting Facts About Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have the power to take you to a place of pleasure and relaxation in a matter of minutes! For this reason alone, they are indeed magical! These psilocybin-containing fungi are famous psychedelics, and a favorite in the world of recreational drugs because of their affordable price range and ease of access. However, it doesn’t stop there! It seems that there’s so much more to magic mushrooms than its capacity to stimulate out-of-body experiences.

Here are some mind-bending facts about these mind-altering mushrooms:

1. It means “bald head.”

cubenesis, the most popular and widely used species of magic mushrooms, translates to “bald head” which is quite a fitting name considering their cone-shaped appearance.  

Magic mushrooms go by plenty of names such as shrooms, mush, mushies, liberty cap, boomers, and many others.

2. They wire your brain.

The psilocybin and psilocin contents responsible for the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms can actually help boost the connectivity of our brain. A study in King’s College in London asked volunteers to undergo fMRI after ingesting a dose of magic mushrooms. Half of the group were given real magic mushrooms, while the other half were given a placebo. The fMRI results showed that there were increased brain activities among those who consumed real magic mushrooms. Some parts of the brain that are not normally wired were activated. Scientists contend that these findings explain the dreamy state that users seldom find themselves in after taking shrooms.

3. They stimulate brain-cell growth.

It is believed that when we reach adulthood, our brains cease to produce new brain cells. In short, they don’t regenerate. However, this is not entirely true because it has recently been found that magic mushrooms can cause neurogenesis!

4. They are considered to be the safest drug.

Studies on the effect of substances on people and society have shown that, along with marijuana, magic mushrooms prove to be the least dangerous recreational drug. They even ranked lower and less dangerous than alcohol!

5. They help you stay positive!

The chemical compounds psilocybin and psilocin aid in balancing a group of nuclei that play a role in the processing emotions called the amygdala. This causes a shift in the way the brain processes negative stimuli.

6. They make you happier too!

Medical research reported that people have developed lighter dispositions even after taking magic mushrooms just once. Other notable changes in their personality include optimism, confidence, and open-mindedness.

7. They can help improve mental health.

Medical scientists assert that plenty of their research results show the positive effects of shrooms to mental health. They may help alleviate depression, anxiety, OCD, and other mentally-related concerns.

There are plenty of ongoing medical researches aimed at searching for more ways to maximize the potential of magic mushroom in relieving mental problems.

8. They can help fight addiction.

Believe it or not, the psychedelic fungi can help people who are battling common addictions such as alcohol and tobacco.  People who have been hooked to drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco claim that after experiencing a spiritual trip, they are urged to contemplate and consequently resolve to quit their addiction.

9. They may have played a part in human evolution.

Terrence McKenna, an author, and a psychonaut proposed the controversial “Stoned Ape Theory” which states that psychedelic mushrooms deserve to be credited for many of the advancements in human evolution. He argued that the effects of magic mushrooms made our ancestors better hunters and helped them in procreation.

10. They are used in rituals and worship.

Several ancient artworks like rock paintings depict the ancient civilizations of the world utilizing the psychoactive effects of magic mushrooms to provoke religious experiences during rituals. Other tribes, especially the ones in Central America, use them for rites of passage ceremonies.

11. They stimulate spiritual experiences.

Those who have the gone through the ability of magic mushrooms to encourage spiritual awakenings rate those experiences as one of the most significant occurrences of their life.

12. They may have brought Santa Claus to the world.

There is a theory that the story of Santa Claus may have originated with the Siberian shamans who used to gift hallucinogenic mushrooms to the people in their community during the winter solstice. These shamans dress up like a certain mushroom species, Amanita muscaria. Because of the deep level of snow in the area, it was said that the shamans enter through the chimneys to deliver the “cheer” they bring.

13. They make you dream even when you’re awake.

Magic mushrooms can trigger a waking dream state. Many fans of the fungi attest that ingesting magic mushrooms brought them to the transitory state between sleep and wakefulness.

14. They are Non-Addictive

Magic mushrooms do not pose any risks for physical addiction. They don’t make the body crave for them unlike other drugs or even tobacco and alcohol.

15. They are Available all over the World

Over 200 species of magic mushrooms are spread around the globe. Certain species can be abundant in some areas and scarce in the other. Nevertheless, they can be found in every continent and in almost all countries.

16. They are Legal in Some European Countries

Spain and the Czech Republic allow the possession and cultivation of magic mushrooms, while almost every country in the world prohibits it and considers it as a Schedule 1 drug. The fungi are also illegal in the Netherlands, but a gap in their law allows magic mushrooms to be sold without dire consequences.

Magic mushrooms have plenty of good benefits for the mind and body when they are used with control and caution.

They are available almost everywhere. It is even possible to find them in your own backyard! Some people found a hobby in mushroom picking while others find it more convenient to order them in Dark web markets online.

The online marketplace presents an extensive variety of magic mushroom species while offering accessibility and convenience. Buyers are presented with the choice of buying dried shrooms, fresh mushrooms, and even mushroom spores and kits so you can grow them on your own.

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Can You Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

can you buy magic mushrooms online

Yes, magic mushrooms are available online. In fact, the Internet is the most accessible and convenient place to purchase them. Many dealers on the Dark Web markets offer a wide variety of magic mushrooms to cater to the diverse demands of users.

Fast Facts on Magic Mushrooms

These mushrooms are also called psilocybin mushrooms because the chemical compounds psilocybin and psilocin are responsible for their psychedelic effects. Many users testify that consuming magic mushrooms elevates them into a happier and euphoric state.

Long before the production of LSD, PCP, and other recreational drugs, magic mushrooms were already inducing mind-altering experiences and spiritual awakenings in our ancestors. Rock and cave paintings from over thousands of years ago have been found to depict scenes of ancient civilizations making use of the psychoactive properties of shrooms to take them to a place where they can commune with their deities. In modern times, psilocybin mushrooms are not only utilized for their psychosomatic effects, but also for their possible medical and therapeutic benefits.

Magic Mushrooms in the Online Market

A growing trend among magic mushroom users these days is cultivating magic mushrooms indoors. This is made more convenient by the availability of growing kits and/ or spore syringes that can be ordered online.

Growing kits are the ideal choice for people who are just starting to get into shroom cultivation. This is because these kits save the growers from the taxing and tricky stage of creating a suitable substrate. The substrates are also already injected with a developing mycelium, so it only takes minimal work to jump-start the process.

Mushroom spores are the microscopic units of fungi responsible for their reproduction. Spore syringes contain mushroom spore prints that are injected into the substrate to develop into mycelium. Seasoned cultivators who are experienced in making their own substrates often use these.

But of course, not everyone has the time or patience to cultivate mushrooms. For this reason, both raw and dried shrooms can be bought online.  Perhaps the most sought-after species of magic mushroom is the Psilocybe cubensis, since it is one of the easiest to find and is quite potent. Magic mushrooms are more affordable than other psychedelic recreational drugs. This is probably why their popularity is steadily growing.

Benefits of Using Magic Mushrooms

can you buy magic mushrooms online

Plenty of scientific and medical studies certify the benefits of magic mushrooms to the brain and mental health when used in controlled doses. They are found to stimulate neurogenesis or the creation of new brain cells. They can also help in alleviating psychological ailments such as anxiety, depression, and OCD just to name a few.  Moreover, taking magic mushrooms can trigger in users a sense of connection with the world and the universe. Many call it a mystical experience.

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

The ingestion of magic mushrooms can promote a better and lighter disposition when used when in the right mindset and in a nurturing environment. There are researches and surveys that show how responsible intake of psilocybin mushrooms make people more creative, open-minded, and insightful in the long term. Some users claim that the experience they had while under the influence of shrooms changed their view of life for the better.

But like most things, when they are taken in excess, magic mushrooms can cause harm to health and life. The abusive intake of shrooms can lead to an overdose, which has adverse consequences to physical and mental well – being.

The effects of shrooms during a “trip” cannot be foretold. They can be affected by different factors such as the mood of the user and the vibe of the environment where the trip is taking place. Due to the unstable nature of magic mushrooms, they must be taken with caution and in ideal situations.

Also consider the frequency of the intake because although these mushrooms are not physically addictive, it is easy for the body to tolerate the substance.  Taking them in successive instances will result in an increase in dosage, which might lead to a possible abuse.

Things to Note When Purchasing Magic Mushrooms Online

Despite the many benefits of magic mushrooms, they are still considered illegal substances in most countries, the U.S and Canada included. Quite interestingly, the law allows fresh mushrooms. For a smoother flow of transactions, it is better to find a local supplier online. Purchasing them abroad might cause some problems during shipment. Since magic mushrooms grow almost all over the world, it should not be hard to find some dealers near your area.

Checking the spore print of magic mushrooms is a vital step before consuming any of it. Spore printing helps determine whether a mushroom is edible, psychedelic, or poisonous. Even if they are from a trusted and reputable supplier, still check. It is a very simple process that can ensure your safety. Poisonous mushrooms are not to be taken lightly.