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Psilocybe Cubensis and Golden Teacher’s

magic mushrooms

Psilocybe Cubensis: The Mushroom Behind the Magic

Perhaps one easy, down-to-earth observation serves as the strongest testament to the power and sacredness of psychedelics-that they grow naturally, like a gift, from our very own earth. No other naturally happening psychedelic illustrates this much better than the psilocybin mushroom. It is important to clarify that “psilocybin mushrooms,” or “magic mushrooms,” may refer to any variety of mushrooms that consist of psychedelic substances like psilocybin or psilocin.

Though there are various kinds of psilocybin mushroom, the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom species is probably the most popular, particularly for growing. It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that we are seeing great strides in the usage of psilocybin in therapy.

Why cubensis?

Psilocybe cubensis grows naturally in some locations of the U.S., throughout Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. They are so popular for home growing because they are reasonably forgiving- even within the cubensis species, some particular strains have actually made credibilities as being especially simple to grow.

While some mushroom strains can’t thrive in house grown settings without painstaking measure to accurately recreate their natural conditions, cubensis can grow well even in suboptimal conditions that are so typical with amateur growing setups. They are likewise robust against altering conditions, while more delicate strains may be harmed by a slight change in the environment.

The B+ and Amazonian cubensis strains are favorite picks for novices. Probably the easiest and most popular psilocybin cubensis strain, however, is the Golden Teacher strain.

Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher’s are also commonly known as Golden Emperor’s. Golden Teacher mushrooms have an unique look, with long, winding stems and large caps. They are a favorite amongst growers for being reasonably easy to preserve and cultivate.


psilocybe cubensis golden teachers
Dried Golden Teacher for sale.


The Golden Teacher have moderate potency and a variety of effects. These consist of visual distortions, improved colors, lightness or giddiness, and effective feelings. Individuals also report sensation blissful, spiritually in-tune, and perceptive when taking Golden Teacher mushrooms.

Golden Teacher trips can frequently be revelatory, or a minimum of informative. As suggested by their name, these mushrooms impart powerful lessons that remain even after the experience.

A Golden Teacher dosage, like a lot of other psilocybin mushrooms, would begin at around two grams dried. A higher dose would begin with three or more grams, and going beyond 5 grams ought to be plenty to experience the Golden Teacher in complete force.

How to Grow Psilocybe Cubensis

Whether the Golden Teacher, Amazonian, B+, or another strain, the cubensis mushroom is among the easiest types to cultivate. With proper preparation and research, you ought to be able to grow your own within two months.

To grow psilocybin cubensis, you can either gather your materials from scratch or use a mushroom growing set. In the purest sense, to grow mushrooms, you require a mycelium substrate and a hospitable environment for the mycelium to grow. The cubensis mycelium is simply the underlying fungus that turns into your edible cubensis mushrooms.

Due to the fact that growing sets consist of the mycelium and a grow box, it makes the growing procedure straightforward-they and extremely easy already consist of almost whatever you require, and you can grow without spores. When utilizing growing packages there is a possible threat of contamination, absence of consistency, and even phony products.

An alternative is to grow your mushrooms from scratch using what is called the PF Tek technique. It requires some more preparation to assemble the materials but is still an easy, reliable method to grow cubensis mushrooms from house.

Utilizing the PF Tek method, you would cultivate your mycelium by injecting cubensis spores into containers including a substrate. The substrate serves as fertile ground for the spores to establish and includes wild rice flour and vermiculite.

After about a month, the spores will turn into mycelium and colonize the substrate. These substrate “cakes” can then be moved into grow chambers, where they will further develop and eventually fruit. After sprouting, the mushrooms are generally ready to collect in about a week or 2.

It is best to utilize a dehydrator to dry cubensis mushrooms, but a more economical alternative is to use a dessicant, like silica gel.


This year, Denver transferred to legalize psilocybin and Oakland went a step further by decriminalizing all plant medications. It’s a winner that interest in cultivation is most likely to broaden. Utilizing either a growing set or an approach like PF Tek, you can dependably cultivate a mushroom like psilocybe cubensis in less than 2 months, with materials that are easily available online or in shops.

Compared to the resources needed to manufacture psychedelic compounds like LSD or MDMA and DMT, the process of growing psilocybin mushrooms is not just simple, but will free your dependence on an outside source for psychedelics, and deepen your experience when consuming them.

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Magic Mushrooms: Where Do they Grow

The number of people who are growing magic mushrooms has dramatically increased over these past few years. Cultivating these magic mushroom should be easy if you do your research and follow the guidelines made by the experts. Magic mushrooms can grow almost anywhere. If you are wondering where magic mushrooms grow, then this article should be able to help you find answers.

Also known as psilocybin mushrooms, shrooms or magic mushrooms are almost found all over the world. There are more than 100 species or varieties of magic mushroom that you can find today. It is easy to distinguish magic mushrooms from the wild ones. This is because magic mushrooms have gills and dark-spores. They can grow in soils that are rich in plant debris and even hummus. These mushrooms also love subtropical humid forests.

Magic mushrooms can be found in North America, which is the third largest continent. Aside from growing in the steamy heat of the tropics, there are also species that can grow from butter cold to extremely dry environment. It can grow in parts of North America that are warm in summer and cold winter. There should also be moderate precipitation. Even in short summers and harsh winters, magic mushrooms can still thrive.

Because of the climate conditions in North America, including Canada and the United States, magic mushrooms can be found almost anywhere on the continent. The southeastern part of North America hosts a great number of species of hallucinogenic mushrooms. And because of the ecological conditions in the Pacific Northwest of the continent, a vast array of shrooms flourish.

Top Shrooms in North America

  •    Conocybe cyanopus
  •    Gymnopilus luteofolius
  •    Panaeolus bispora
  •    Panaeolus cinctulus
  •    Panaeolus cyanescens
  •    Panaeolus camdodiginiensis
  •    Psilocybe allenii
  •    Psilocybe cyanescens
  •    Psilocybe strictipes
  •    Psilocybe pelliculosa
  •    Psilocybe tampanensis

Top Shrooms in Canada

  •    Conocybe kuehneriana
  •    Gymnopilus luteofolius
  •    Panaeolus cinctulus
  •    Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa
  •    Psilocybe baeocystis
  •    Psilocybe cubensis
  •    Psilocybe pelliculosa
  •    Psilocybe sierrae
  •    Psilocybe stuntzii
  •    Psilocybe semilanceata

Magic mushrooms can also grow in Africa even though it has different climate types. Even in the hottest region of the continent, shrooms can still grow. Africa is home to diverse species of magic mushrooms because of its hot summer climates. Shrooms such as Plutus salicinus also grows in damp forests in Africa. Meanwhile, Panaeolus bispora loves growing on and buffalo dung.

You can also find a lot of magic mushrooms in Asia. The wet southeast section of Asia where rainfall happens is also home to different species of magic mushrooms. Places such as Japan, Philippines, and Southern China has great favorable conditions for growing magic mushrooms. And just like in Africa, shrooms in Asia also flourish in buffalo and cattle manures.

There are also different species of magic mushrooms in Australasia. The area has different climate types which include desert, savanna, rainforest, and deciduous forest. And because of this climate range, shrooms tend to grow in this part of the world. You can find magic mushrooms almost anywhere in Australia, even in parkland areas that have bark chips.

Magic mushrooms are also popular in Europe. It also has different climate range which is conducive for growing magic mushrooms. Some parts of Europe have a very dense forest area where you can find numerous magic mushrooms popping out. Also, magic mushrooms love the dense forest and Europe has no shortage of these kinds of areas.

Finally, you can also see magic mushrooms in South America. This beautiful continent also has a tropical climate and is home to one of the driest places in the world. You can find a lot of magic mushrooms in South America since it is considered one of the rainiest continents in the world.

The season or the climate of the area plays a very important role in the growth and development of magic mushrooms. It is important that you check your environment or climate conditions first before you start growing magic mushrooms. You should also make sure that you know what kind of species you are going to grow. Aside from knowing the environmental conditions that you have. It is also necessary that you find the best variety out there.

When searching for magic mushrooms in your area, it is vital that you know how it looks like. You should be able to know what color and shape it is. It is also necessary that you know the average length of the magic mushroom as well as their gill configuration. There are different kinds of mushrooms that you can find in your area and it is vital that you are careful when picking one. Remember that there are mushrooms out there that are considered as poisonous. Try to read books or do online research to make sure that you know whether or not it is truly a magic mushroom. You also might know someone who is an expert when it comes to magic mushroom, and so don’t hesitate to ask for tips and advice from them.

Failed to find where magic mushrooms grow? Get rid of the hassles and check out these dried shrooms and other magic mushroom products that you can just order online!

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Is It Illegal to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

Is It Illegal to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

When it comes to regulating magic mushrooms in Canada there are a number of things that you should remember. Possession, sale, and use of psilocybin mushrooms are illegal. However, the sale of spores and kits are considered legal and is sold in stores and shops locally and online. According to the Canadian Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, it is illegal to possess, obtain or produce magic mushrooms without a prescription or license because these are classified under schedule III. 

Buying and use of psilocybin mushrooms in Canada

Canadian law clearly states that psilocybin is an illegal substance which has powerful and intense psychoactive effects. Possession and use of this mushroom are illegal however there is a loophole in buying psilocybin. The sale of dried and fresh magic mushrooms is illegal but purchasing spores and kits to grow mushrooms is legal. Spores and kits are available from actual grow and accessories shops found locally and you can also purchase these online.

Psilocybin mushrooms actually grow almost anywhere around the world, even in Canada. Psilocybin is the chemical that makes magic mushrooms very intense. It is found in hundreds of species of fungi which is known as magic mushrooms. Psilocybin is actually very common that you may even have one growing in your own backyard.

Psilocybin has been used throughout history for their medicinal and psychoactive effects. It is believed that aboriginal Australians started using magic mushrooms for rituals and ceremonies and this practice continued to Mesoamerican cultures that still use psilocybin till today.

Why psilocybin is prohibited

Psilocybin-containing plants date back to the 60s and 70s when an all-out war on drugs was conducted internationally. LSD and psilocybin were hallucinogenic drugs that were used by counterculture movements during this era. These movements were also seen as a possible way to blame other people for the government’s power over anti-war and against liberal groups.

The United Nations, headed by the US, created the Vienna Convention of 1971. This was a movement to counter the popularity of psychotropic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin, and MDMA. The Vienna Convention created a scheduling system for all participating countries in grouping drugs into different categories of harm. 183 countries have now agreed to use this classification creating stronger sanctions for the use of psychedelic substances. The Vienna Convention led to the creation of the US Psychotropic Substances Act and the UK Misuse of Drugs Act.

The Vienna Convention was created to target the creation or manufacture of synthetic psychotropic drugs like LSD and MDMA. However, psilocybin is a natural substance. This is why many countries, even countries included in the Vienna Convention interpret the regulation of psilocybin differently. And again despite this huge error, many countries have decided to classify psilocybin as a schedule I drug and even enforcing very strict fines and punishments to those that possess and sell this substance.     

Does psilocybin cause harm?

To this day, there is no evidence that psilocybin mushrooms cause harm. When used occasionally and sensibly, short term or long term, there is no evidence that psilocybin and other psychedelic substances can cause harm. There is even evidence that psilocybin and other substances that cause psychoactive effects can treat depression and anxiety.

Countries where psilocybin is somewhat legal to use and purchase

The following countries may allow the cultivation of mushrooms or the sale of spores. Some of these countries may have specific laws against psilocybin but are not actively enforced at all.

  • Canada

Dried mushrooms are illegal to possess, purchase and use, however, there are no laws that prohibit the possession and the consumption of fresh mushrooms in Canada. As mentioned, it is legal to purchase grow kits and spores. Psilocybin is a schedule III drug here and prison time awaits people who possess and manufacture of this substance.

  • Austria

A new law has decriminalized psilocybin in Austria. When you are caught with possessing psilocybin, you will be required to attend therapy. You can legally purchase grow kits and spores and you may also grow your own mushrooms as long as you don’t use these as hallucinogenic drugs or eat them.

  • Costa Rica

The legality of using, possessing and selling of magic mushrooms in Costa Rica is still uncertain although there are a lot of mushrooms that grow in the country.

  • Indonesia

There are harsh penalties for people caught possessing psilocybin mushrooms in Indonesia but despite this, you can purchase and use shrooms found on the Gili islands near Bali.

  • Mexico

Psilocybin mushrooms are illegal in Mexico but it is still widely used in traditional and sacramental events.

  • US

Despite psilocybin classified as a schedule I drug in the country, it is legal to purchase spores and kits in most states as long as you are not using it to grow mushrooms. Selling spores are prohibited in California, Georgia, and Idaho. It is legal to grow psilocybin mushrooms in New Mexico.

Countries where magic mushrooms are legal to buy, sell and use

You can purchase, possess, sell and consume some form of psilocybin mushrooms when you are at the following countries

  • Brazil

Mushrooms that contain psilocybin are not illegal to sell, consume or possess. There have been no arrests related to psilocybin in Brazil.

  • The British Virgin Islands

Psilocybin mushrooms are not to be sold and transported in the country but possession and consumption are legal. Tourists often come to the islands to purchase from shops and even online. This is where you will find the famed “shrooms shake.”

  • Jamaica

As long as you behave responsibly, magic mushroom use is completely legal in Jamaica. You can even go on a magic mushroom retreat while you are in the country.

  • Netherlands

You can purchase and consume psilocybin as “magic truffles” in the Netherlands. Spores and grow kits are legal to purchase and you can buy these from selected shops and specialty stores online.  

Countries where magic mushrooms are illegal

It is completely illegal to purchase, consume and sell magic mushrooms in Australia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, and the UK.

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How to Identify Magic Mushrooms and How to Find Them

There are thousands of species of mushrooms out there and some of them are gaining popularity due to its hallucinogenic properties and psychedelic effects. You need to be very careful when searching for mushrooms that can give you these effects. Bear in mind that not all mushrooms are edible and some of them can be very deadly. If you want to experience these psychedelic effects without risking your life, then you need to know how to identify magic mushrooms and how to find them.

It is important to note that there are more than 200 types of magic mushrooms that can be found in the world today. Not all of these magic mushrooms have the same kind amount psilocybin. Psilocybin is a substance found in shrooms or magic mushrooms that can give you psychedelic effects. Scientists claim that the effects are comparable to LSD. Having the right knowledge about magic mushrooms is crucial. There are numbers of people out there who thought they were picking a magic mushroom, but instead, they picked those poisonous ones.

Some mushrooms contain toxins that can poison you. These poisonous mushrooms are usually found in the wild. There are cases out there where individuals died because they misidentified the mushroom as safe. There are varieties of symptoms of mushroom poisoning and there is also severity. According to research, poisonous mushrooms can cause severe gastrointestinal discomfort and even vomiting.

In order to avoid mushroom poisoning, you need to educate yourself first with the different types of wild mushrooms. You can find many books, blogs, or online articles that can give you helpful ideas about whether or not a certain species of mushroom is safe. But of course, you have to check the resources first and make sure that it is written by reliable authors who have great knowledge when it comes to mushrooms. You are also encouraged to conduct a research on the web and find out how magic mushrooms look like –search for images or watch video presentations.

Shrooms, just like any other mushrooms, need a specific habitat or environment in order to grow. Factors such as soil, climate, animals around, nutrition, climate, and vegetation play a crucial role in the growth and development of shrooms or magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms will only fruit several times a year. And so before you start picking or hunting these awesome mushrooms, you need to make sure first that you know how to identify them.  There are guidelines that you need to remember in order for you to ensure that you are indeed picking the right mushrooms.

As mentioned earlier, there are different species of magic mushroom that you can find today. One of the most popular kinds of shrooms is what we call psilocybin mushrooms. This kind of mushroom contains psilocybin that is considered as a natural psychoactive compound. Psilocybin is the one responsible for the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms. And the most potent psilocybin mushrooms out there belong to the genus called Psilocybe which grows around the world.

Important Features of Magic Mushrooms

Knowing the spore color of the magic mushroom is important in order for you to identify them. Of course, different species of magic mushroom also have different spore color. It can vary from one genus to another. Although generally, a single genus has almost the same spore colors. Psilocybin mushrooms have a purplish brown to black spore colors. Its flesh also has a bluish to bluish green color. Check out the color of the mushroom before you pick and consume it. It is almost certain that these mushrooms contain psilocybin substance if they have these kinds of spore colors.

Checking the spore print is also essential in order for you to determine whether or not it is a magic mushroom. It is easy to take the spore print and all you have to do is to sever the cap from its stem. You will then place the cap on a clean white paper – make sure that the gills are down. You will then place a lightly moistened with water over the cap in order to prevent any rapid evaporation. Wait for a few hours and check the spores collected on paper. Check the color of the spores that were collected. After a few hours and you still not seeing any spores print but instead, you got a white color of spores, then you have to be very careful since these mushrooms do not contain any psilocybin substance.

Another feature of magic mushrooms is that they have a bluish bruising reaction. This should be apparent after the flesh of the mushroom is damaged. These bluish or bluish green color should after in a few seconds or minutes after you damage the flesh. Bear in mind that the stronger bluing reaction, the stronger the hallucinogenic effects are.

Where to Find Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can be found in the moist and highly fertile environment or atmosphere. This is why they usually grow in cow dung or buffalo manure. These magic mushrooms love pastures where there are many cows, buffalos, and even horses. They are abundant in the Southern part of the United States like in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, or at the border near the Gulf of Mexico. You can also find shrooms or magic mushrooms in Florida. Expect to find magic mushrooms after the rainy season or period.

You can also find shrooms in the Pacific Northwest part of the US. The climate is perfect for fungi to flourish. There are also shrooms or magic mushrooms that you can find in Canada. Once again, these magic mushrooms are not that difficult to find. Just remember that if there’s a pasture, with cows or buffalos, then most likely you will be able to find magic mushroom there. Always make sure that you are picking the right magic mushroom. Gain more knowledge about it first before you start consuming them. It is critical that you are able to distinguish legit magic mushrooms from those that are poisonous. Doing your research is the key to identifying magic mushrooms.

If you still can’t find them, why don’t you check out these best-selling dried shrooms and other mushroom products available at ShroomsDirect.

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How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

all about psilocybin and its related components

As people continue to search for more ways to experience fun psychedelic trips, the popularity of magic mushrooms, or simply “shrooms,” is also rapidly increasing. It is no surprise that more and more people are now looking into growing their own magic mushrooms right from the comfort and security of their own homes.

The main benefits of DIY cultivation are that you have a steady, reliable supply, you reduce the risk of erroneously identifying a species in the wild, and you get to occupy yourself with such a fun hobby. There are two ways you can go about growing your own shrooms.

Option 1: Get yourself a grow kit.

The first method is the easy way. You can openly buy grow kits in Canada. These kits already contain the living organism from which your magic mushroom will grow. You just need to keep that just at the right level of humidity.

Option 2: Do it yourself.

The second technique involves starting from scratch. Going this route means you have more control over your shrooms, you can be as careful as you want to prevent contamination, and you learn more.


  • 1 spore syringe or spore print from a magic mushroom (Psilocybe cubensis is generally recommended for beginners, Copelandia cyanescens and the like for experienced growers.)
  • 1 Bunsen burner
  • 1 gas bottle
  • 1 pack of Petri dishes with pre-prepared agar-agar (normally sold in packs with 5 to 10)
  • 3 or 4 big jars
  • 1 knitting needle or any big and wide needle
  • Few liters of vermiculite
  • Around 10 kg rice flour
  • 1 cooking pot (preferably totally sealed pressure cooker)
  • 2 to 3 sturdy boxes, which will serve as your shrooms’ home (Styrofoam and planks are okay. Just make sure that they can be opened and closed. Line the inside of your boxes airtight with foil for security and for retaining humidity.)
  • Organic Rye
  • 1 scalpel or a sharp knife
  • Cover for your hair, gloves, and surgical mask (optional)

Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: This is mostly preparation. Choose an area that will be your grow room. Make sure that it is clean and not prone to molds. Put the Bunsen burner together on a perfectly level surface. On a table, place the closed Petri dishes, needle, and spore print.

Step 2: This step has to be done very quickly, and the Petri dish cannot be open for longer than around 3 seconds. With the spore print on the table, put the front tip of your needle on the Bunsen burner flame until it becomes noticeably red. Let it cool, then put it back into the flame for around 5 seconds at most. Let the needle cool again, but this time only until its temperature is not too much over room temperature.

Press the heated needle front against the spore print. Open a Petri dish, touch the agar-agar with the needle tip, and then close the Petri dish again. Do this for all Petri dishes, and remember not to open a dish for too long.

Step 3: This step generally takes 4 to 10 days. Place the Petri dishes in a dark room. Wait for 4 to 10 days, during which the magic mushroom should colonize.

Step 4: Do this once you see that the spores have colonized the entire Petri dishes. Mix 3 parts organic rye, 1 part vermiculite, and 1 part rice flour. Distribute this mix evenly among the preserving jars. Then, pour in 2 small cups of water into each preserving jar just before you close each lid.

Step 5: This is the sterilization step. Put the jars in the pressure cooker, which you should then seal and switch to low heat. Leave everything as is for an hour when the cooker is on full heat. The jars should be sterile at this point, and you need to let them cool to room temperature without opening their lids.

Step 6: Sterilize your scalpel over the burner, similar to what you did to the needle tip earlier. After it is cooled, use it to slice the colonized agar-agar in the Petri dishes into squares (From 3 Petri dishes, you should have about 5 to 10 little squares.).

Step 7: Put the tiny squares into the jars. To avoid contamination, it is best that you wear sterile gloves and use sterile forceps or any similar apparatus in this step. Close the jar lids when done, and place the jars in the same area where you kept the Petri dishes. In the next several days, the magic mushroom should colonize the media inside the jars.

Step 8: Repeat Step 4, except that you need to put the mixture not in a jar but in the pressure cooker directly. Take everything out 15 minutes after the cooker gets to full heat, and spread the medium evenly on the bottom of the grow boxes you made.

Step 9: Carefully transfer the contents of each jar (the colonized material) into the boxes. Mix well, but do so as quickly as possible so each box is not left open for too long.

Step 10: Keep the box in the right temperature (depends on species), and maintain humidity by soaking the media in water. Add distilled water through spraying if needed.

Step 11: The shrooms should further colonize the boxes in the next several days. When the hats of around half of the flush look like they are going to open soon, it is time to harvest.

Step 12: This is the harvesting step. Do not pull violently. Instead, gently twist upward the shrooms that are just above the ground. After harvesting, spray the media again. There will be another flush in the next 2 days or so, and that can be harvested within a week. Do this same process for a maximum of 4 flushes.

What to Expect

Typically, 3 Petri dishes (2 to 3 boxes) should yield more or less 1 kg of magic mushrooms (100 g dry weight) weekly. Happy growing!

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How are Psilocybin Mushrooms Grown?


Nowadays, more and more people take interest and are now growing psilocybin mushrooms at home. This is another way of keeping up with the demand of this product, as well as giving a reliable, a year-round supply of mushrooms. Home cultivation or mushroom gardening surely eliminates the danger of misidentifying mushrooms as compared to finding and searching mushrooms in the wild. For a lot of mushroom growers, it is also a fun and a relatively low-cost kind of hobby that has a big potential of earning.

If you have never tried or ventured in growing mushrooms before because of lack of experience, you might want to reconsider and you might be tempted to start with a psilocybin mushroom grow kit.  Because mushroom grow kits are ready-to-use packs that contain a living mycelium substrate, the material that helps in the proper mushroom growth. With these ready-to-use packs, all you just need to do is to keep humidity suited for mushroom growing.

Although there is a different kind of feeling if you’re starting from scratch, growing mushroom is very rewarding. Like making your own substrate, this will not only bring more consistency but also make them less prone to contamination as well. When it comes to the cost, there is also no remarkable difference in the price, and still, you will end up learning and earning a lot more.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Finding Spore Syringes of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Finding or getting a good spore syringe could be one thing you might be challenged with. The spore syringe will contain your spores and will be used to sow them into the substrate. There are some mushrooms growers who have reported concerns and issues of contamination. Some issues on misidentified strains and there are even syringes that only contain nothing but water

But as long as you are doing your research and never stop in looking for a reputable supplier like reading feedback, then you don’t have to worry. In successfully growing your first bath or flush of mushrooms, you can now start filling syringes on your own so you can be self-sufficient.

Varieties of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Another thing you will need to do is to choose what species and strain you want to cultivate. A lot of suppliers offer a wide range to choose from.

But the Psilocybe cubensis are generally recommended for beginners. While these, they are not as potent as others, like the Penis Envy, they are more relatively forgiving on suboptimal and changeable conditions.

Other Methods of Growing Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms From a Kit

For people who are first-time growers, growing mushrooms using a ready-made kit can still be a lot of fun because it is an easy option in order to produce their own mushrooms. These growing kits normally consist of plastic bags that are filled with sterilized and inoculated straw or soil.

So all you need to do is to keep the bag in the proper living conditions, and if done correctly, in just 7 to 10 days, you will have your very own homegrown mushrooms. Kits generally cost around $20 and $30 and are used to grow most of the common mushroom types like the following: crimini, white button, portobello, shiitake, lion’s mane, and oyster mushrooms.

To start the growing process, just open the bag and place it under a bright location, but out of direct sunlight, places like a shady windowsill. The kit must be stored in a place at room temperature, but it needs to be sprayed with water daily to keep a high level of humidity. There are some kits that will provide you with plastic tents to cover the bag and to maintain humidity levels.

The mushrooms will soon start to sprout after seven to ten days, but you can already expect to have two or three flushes of growth in a three month period. Another great thing in using these kits is that after they have produced mushrooms, you can bury them outdoors, ideally, under bark mulch or in your compost pile. The given favorable weather conditions, your mushrooms will begin to grow on that spot.

Growing Mushrooms on a Hardwood Log

This is another natural way to grow some species of mushrooms like the  Lion’s Mane mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Shiitake mushrooms, Pearl Mushrooms, Maitake mushroom, and Phoenix Oyster mushrooms are with the use of a log. To do this, you have to perform an inoculation of the hardwood logs using birch plugs which have been completely colonized by mushroom mycelium. Birch plugs are commercially available online and also from specialist mushroom spore store suppliers.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

The first step, you need to look for a suitable log for mushroom growing. The logs that you choose must be cut from non-aromatic hardwood trees like the poplar tree, oak tree, maple tree,  and elm tree. The size should be around 3 feet or 4 feet in length and not more than 14 inches in diameter. You have to make sure that the logs are cut 2 weeks before you do the plugging. This will allow the trees’ anti-fungal characteristics to degrade.

In order to colonize 3-feet to 4 feet long, you will approximately need 50 plugs. In inserting the plugs, you need to use a 5/16 inches drill bit to make 2 inches deep holes and made a diamond pattern all over the entire log. The holes must be 4 inches spaced apart. Insert the birch plugs gently into the deep holes and gently tap using a hammer in order to fully insert.

If you are planning to leave the hardwood logs outdoors, you’ll need to cover and also seal the drilled holes with either a cheese wax or beeswax to protect the plugs from prying insects and harsh weather. But if you will keep the log indoors, like in your a garage or basement, you do not have to put cheese wax or beeswax.

The mushroom mycelium will start to spread from the birch plugs throughout the entire log until the whole piece of wood has been colonized. Once the log is fully colonized, mushrooms will then begin to sprout from the cracks of the log. This usually happens in between 9 months to 12 months, but of course, this will also depend on the temperature and humidity conditions. The mushrooms will reproduce year after year.

Final Words

Mushrooms are fun to grow with the right conditions and right practice. Growers can earn a lot by growing healthy mushrooms. Growing kits are easy and effective in growing mushrooms in an affordable manner.

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Growing Psilocybe Cubensis Indoors

Psilocybin Mushroom, also called “Magic Mushroom,” is a class of mushroom that grew in popularity around the world because of its psychedelic effects. The psychoactive chemicals contained in mushrooms of this variety are responsible for the mind-altering experiences of the users.

There are countless varieties of magic mushrooms all over the globe, but the most popular species is the Psilocybe Cubensis, commonly known as “Golden Top” or “cubes.” These shrooms are famous for their potency, and ease of access.

There are users who prefer to grow Psilocybe Cubensis indoors and within the comforts of their own home. This is made possible by the availability of Psilocybe Cubensis syringe spores in the market and the development of the PF-Tek in recent years.

PF- Tek or Psylocybe Fanaticus Technique is a popular and widely used method for cultivating magic mushrooms. Many users testify that it is the fastest effective way to personally grow psilocybin mushrooms. The main advantages of this technique are its simplicity and affordability. The materials needed are easy to obtain, while the process is simple enough for newbies to comprehend and follow.

How to Make the Substrate

What You’ll Need:

  • Vermiculite
  • Brown rice flour
  • Water
  • Prepare a half pint jar and punch four holes through the lid. Make sure to wipe the holes with a disinfectant or alcohol afterward.
  • Prepare the substrate

To make the substrate, mix the three ingredients in 2:1:1 ratio. Two parts vermiculite and one part each of the other two ingredients. Mixing the ingredients in the correct ratio is vital in achieving the right soil for the spores to grow.

For a half pint or 240 ml jar, mix 120 ml of vermiculite to 60 ml of brown rice flour and 60 ml of water.  Make sure that the bowl used in mixing the ingredients is big enough and thoroughly cleaned to avoid any contamination.

How To Put the Substrate Into the Jar

  1. Fill the jar with the substrate until half an inch of the jar rim. Loosen up the content with the use of a fork to ensure that they are not packed too tightly
  2. Add a layer of dry vermiculite on top to prevent contamination of the substrate.
  3. Use an alcohol to clean the edge of the jar.
  4. Put the lids on and cover the jar.

How To Steam Sterilize

  1. After the lids are tightly screwed on the jar, cover them with tin foil. Make sure the edges of the tin foil are secured well around the jar to keep water and condensation from entering through the holes.
  2. Prepare a large cooking pot and put a small towel inside. Place the jars on top.
  3. Add tap water until the mid-level of the jar. Use a moderate flame to bring the water to a slow boil.
  4. Put the lid on the pot and steam for around 70 to 90 minutes. Add hot tap water if the pot runs dry.
  5. After the steaming process, leave the jars in the pot overnight to cool them down to room temperature for the next process.

The Inoculation Process

  1. Prepare the syringe spores and sterilize the needle of the syringe by heating it with a lighter until it grows red hot. Let it cool and wipe it with alcohol, making sure it does not come into contact with bare hands.
  2. Inject the spores by removing the foil from the jar and inserting the syringe into one of the holes.
  3. Repeat the process on the other three holes. Wipe the needle after every injection.
  4. Use micro-pore tape to cover the holes.

The Colonization Process

  1. Put the inoculated jars somewhere it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Keep them at room temperature.
  2. In about 14 days, fluffy-looking mycelium should begin to show from the inoculation areas.

Strange colors and smells are signs of contamination. In such cases, dispose of the jars immediately in a secure bag without opening the lid.

Preparing the Grow Chamber

  1. Create a fruiting chamber with the use of a plastic storage container. Drill ¼-inch holes two inches apart all over it: on the lid, the sides, and the base.
  2. Place the edges of the container on four stable supports so that air can flow underneath it.
  3. Put the perlite into a strainer and soak it under running tap water.
  4. Drain the perlite until there are no evident drips and then spread it around the base of the fruiting chamber.
  5. Repeat the process to create a perlite that is four to five inches in depth.

The Fruiting Process

  1. To birth, the colonized substrates also called “cakes”, open the jars and take out the vermiculite on top carefully so as not to damage the “cakes.” On a disinfected surface, upend the jar and tap the base to release the “cakes” in one piece.
  2. To dunk the cakes, carefully rinse them in cold water to remove any excess vermiculite. Fill a cooking pot with warm water and put the cakes in. Use another pot to submerge the “cakes” beneath the surface and leave them at room temperature for 24 hours to allow the “cakes” to rehydrate.
  3. To roll the cakes, take them out of the water and on a disinfected surface. Grab a mixing bowl, fill it with vermiculite, and roll the “cakes” on it until fully coated.
  4. The “cakes” are ready to be transferred to a growing chamber. To do this, make squares out of tin foil for each of the “cakes” to sit on without touching the perlite when they are transferred. Ensure that the cakes are spaced evenly. Afterward, use a spray bottle to mist the chamber slightly.
  5. Monitor the condition of the chamber. Mist it four or five times a day and fan it with the lid regularly to keep the humidity in the desired level.

The Harvesting process

Within a range of about five to twelve days, the Psilocybe Cubensis should be ready for harvest. Pick them by cutting the stem just above the surface of the cake. It’s best to harvest the mushrooms right before their veil breaks. Waiting for them to reach full growth will decrease their potency.

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Difference Between Psilocybe Cubensis and Psilocybe Tampanensis

There are many people who really don’t know the difference between a magic mushroom and a magic truffle. Take note that differences that they have with each other are subtle. Both do contain psychoactive components like psilocin and psilocybin.  One of the main difference that they have is that the Psilocybe Cubensis (magic mushrooms) mycelium develops underground. Later on, in its development, it produces mushrooms above the ground.

Meanwhile, magic truffles or Psilocybe Tampaneniss are the ones that grow like the cubensis. What is different is that they are capable of producing truffles underground. Magic truffles have dense and concentrated mycelia. The mycelium is the one that creates the truffles through small wires.  Truffles are being created so that it can resist bad weather conditions. Once the conditions become better, then it is the mycelium that then creates mushroom above the earth.

The Effects of Truffles and Mushrooms

Theoretically speaking, truffles and mushrooms basically have the same effect. But for people who have already tried both, they can tell that they have had a different experience with truffles and shrooms. There are individuals who have reported that they experienced fewer visuals in truffles compared to that in shrooms. There are also some people who said that they have an easier experience with truffles compared to that of shrooms. Always remember that different individual can have different reactions regardless if it is a truffle or a shroom. And that is why it is better not to assume on which is the more potent one. Always based everything on the experience that you had. You also have to remember that when truffles are consumed more than 30 grams, then expect to have a strong hallucinatory reaction to it.

Finding Psilocybe Tampanensis in the wild can be quite tricky and challenging since they are considered to be rare outside. Every other variety coming from this strain can have a nutty flavor and produce a sharp and long-lasting aftertaste. According to the study, Psilocybe Tampanensis can give you visuals that can be very intense. There are individuals who said that they experienced sharpened senses after taking in truffles. People who have tried it reported that the world looks and feel totally different. Warm shivers and euphoria are also the common effects that Psilocybe Tampanensis have on the users. Truffles can give you a creative boost and it will also be able to give you spiritual enlightenment. There are even some who have a deeper understating of how the universe works with higher doses of Psilocybe Tampanensis. This is the reason why this truffle is considered to be a philosopher’s stone.

Strength, Dosage, and Usage

One of the stronger strains of truffles is the Psilocybe tampanensis. On a scale of 1-5 where 5 is the strongest, it can clock in at 3.5. If it is your first time trying out this truffle then 7.5 grams is sufficient enough to give you that initial psychedelic experience. If you are also looking for a medium strong trip then you should ty around 10 grams.  But if it is propulsion of your spirit to unknown heights is what you would want to experience then a full load of 15 grams is what you need to consume. One of the best ways for you to consume truffles is by chewing it well and swallowing. There are also some that prefer making a tea out of their truffles. Take note that the effects are stronger if the surface area is wider. You have to remember not to add boiling water into it since it will destroy the substance of the truffles. A hot ware will simply do the trick.

Magic mushrooms, on the other hand, are harvested in three layers. Each of the harvests that you will do will also yield varying amounts of the psychoactive substance. For this very reason, you are also able to get unpredictable effects while using them. When taking a look at magic truffles though, they are the ones that have a consistent amount of psychoactive substance in them which helps in predicting its effects easier depending on the amount that you will take in. Over 200 different mushrooms have different psilocybin concentration on them. The human body converts this substance into psilocin which has the same effect of serotonin once it reaches the brain.

Final Note

You have to remember that the psilocybin effects will vary depending also on the individual mental, emotional state, and the environment. Both magic truffles and magic mushrooms though when taken in the right way can provide you with the same effects both visual and spiritual. Just make sure that you are taking it in a setting or place where you feel secure and comfortable. You also need to make sure that you are in a good mood hen taking truffles and shrooms. Any negative thoughts and emotions can lead to bad trips.

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Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

can you smoke magic mushrooms

Psilocybe cubensis, or what is widely known as magic mushroom, has been a part of the drug culture for thousands of years. Its use dates back to the ancient times where they are used for healing and mostly mystical purposes. Up to this day, magic mushrooms are still popular hallucinogens. The therapeutic and spiritual functions of the fungi made it a value to cultures around the world, especially in terms of spiritual growth.

Psilocybin and psilocin are the components of magic mushrooms that render it psychoactive properties. There are over 200 species of mushroom all over the world that contain these chemicals.

Magic Mushrooms as a Psychedelic Drug

Despite its notable uses in ancient and modern times, magic mushrooms are still psychedelic hallucinogens, which means that they have mind-altering capabilities when they are ingested. They give the user an “out-of-body” kind of experience, which typically lasts from about three to eight hours. People are drawn to the substance because of the “trip” that it gives them; the “good feeling” that they get when they consume the shrooms. They see vivid colors, experience heightened auditory and tactile senses, and even get the impression of enhanced creativity.

Smoking Magic Mushrooms

The usual method of ingesting “shrooms” is by eating them dried or raw. However, it is also possible to roll them and smoke them in the same way people smoke a joint. There are certain downsides to smoking magic mushrooms. For one, the intensity of the effect is generally lower when smoking them than when they are directly consumed. This is because subjecting the psilocybin ingredient of the mushroom to heat decreases its potency. The effect of the “shrooms” weakens and the “trip” is considerably shorter than usual.

Many users do not advise smoking the mushrooms and consider the act a waste.  According to most, eating them raw still yields the best result. There are other people who choose to smoke magic mushrooms in order to reach a more potent effect; they mix it with other substances like marijuana or alcohol. It is important to note, though, that the effects of taking psychedelic substances are already unpredictable, and consuming them with other chemicals may be a risk to health and life.

Addictive Tendencies

Magic Mushrooms are non-addictive. This made them a prevalent option among psychedelic drugs. With minimal dosage, they are not a threat to health and well being.  In fact, there are studies that claim the capability of shrooms to fight addiction by protecting the brain receptors against the drug’s addictive effects. The craving lessens and then gradually comes to a stop.

However, there is still a high risk for the abuse of magic mushrooms. This is due to the development of tolerance towards the substance. When consumed frequently within a short span of time, the desired effect is harder to achieve with the same doses. Consequently, the user would have to increase the dosage in order to peak.

Positive Effects of Smoking Magic Mushrooms

Several studies show that smoking magic mushrooms have positive effects. Because of the reduced strength of the shrooms when smoked, the shortened “trip” is favorable for people who don’t want to opt for the “full ride.”

True to most psychedelic drugs, smoking magic mushrooms can enhance a person’s mood and send them to a euphoric state. There is also an increased sense of insightfulness and creativity. Some even credit spiritual awakenings to the consumption of shrooms.

When taken properly and moderately, magic mushroom may even present long-term benefits for the user. Surveys have shown that people who control their intake of the psychedelic fungi have a happier disposition, greater self-confidence, and lessen anxiety.

Negative Effects of Magic Mushrooms

The negative effects of smoking and/or consuming magic mushrooms in either their dried or raw form are diverse. They can range from minor to dangerous. Some of the more common effects are a headache, nausea, and dizziness, which usually occur during a “bad trip”. Other more serious side effects can cause damage to a person’s mental health. These include paranoia, anxiety, loss of consciousness, the development of mental illness, and losing grasp of time and reality.  

Continued use of magic mushrooms over time may also have permanent consequences to the user. Since the chemical contents of shrooms affect the brain the most, these consequences are mostly mental and psychological. The user may experience memory problems and constant flashbacks. Panic attacks and schizophrenia are also possible especially among users who already suffer from the disorder.

Minimizing Bad Trips and How to Deal with Them

The type of “high” that people may get from the substance may vary greatly. The effects are unpredictable and several factors play into the quality of experience. Not all hallucinogenic experiences from taking magic mushrooms are pleasant. Some users may experience a “bad trip”. These “bad trips” may be influenced by the person’s mindset before taking the drug and the environment he is in. This is why it is commonly advised to take psilocybin in the company of good friends and in a pleasant setting.

The undesirable effects of magic mushrooms are mostly experienced during “bad trips.”  To minimize the occurrence of these “bad trips” ample preparation is needed. The first consideration is the environment. As a safety precaution, it should be tranquil and safe. It is also best not to take psilocybin mushrooms, or any drug substance for that matter, when in an unpleasant disposition. Bad moods have a great tendency of becoming “bad trips.”

“Bad trips” subside as the effect of the shroom goes down. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay calm and keep oneself from worrying about it getting worse. Using headphones and eyeshades are also helpful in blocking out any unwanted noise, light, and other external disturbances that may trigger anxiety-inducing hallucinations.

A low dosage of magic mushroom is recommended when trying it for the first time, or taking it after a long time of abstinence. This is to allow physical and mental adjustment to the effects of the shroom.

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