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Sex on Shrooms: Does it Increase Sexual Performance?

Sex on Shrooms: Does it Increase Sexual Performance?

Magic mushrooms have incredible effects that can expand one’s mind. According to studies, the effects of magic mushroom can last for more than 10 hours. It can give you various mind-altering effects that are unique and cannot be found in other drugs. But how about sex and shrooms? If you are wondering if magic mushrooms can increase sexual performance, then this article is for you.

There are a lot of individuals all over the world who are using shrooms or magic mushrooms as aphrodisiacs. Even in low doses, let’s say 2g, magic mushrooms can give you a whole new sensation that doesn’t distort reality. Consuming low doses may give you peripheral hallucinations and you will start seeing the world in a more vivid. Your skin is also expected to experience heightened sensations. Now, we all know that our skin is one of the most sensitive parts in our body and is truly vulnerable to pleasurable sensations.

While it is true that magic mushrooms don’t really increase your libido, it’s been proven that it can make skin contact more pleasurable. Sex is psychological and it involves a lot of our senses. To answer the question of whether or not magic mushrooms does increase sexual performance? The answer is yes. And not only that, but it also improves the whole sexual experience. You may have several sexual encounters but shrooms with sex is a whole new experience. Many people can attest to how great it is to have sex while feeling the effects of shrooms.

Shrooms and sex is a whole new trip. Imagine the lights around you are dancing while having sex. And imagine how things become more clear and beautiful – imagine how it can make your partner more beautiful. Magic mushrooms boost creativity and it lets you appreciate beauty more. You will be in a poetic mood. Sex and poetry is something. Another benefit of taking shrooms while having sex is that it makes you feel that the climax is never-ending.

Even with one simple touch, magic mushrooms can make you feel more sensitive and stimulated. Your partner’s body will indeed become more like a wonderland. The surroundings around you are amplified. And believe it or not, you will start hearing colors and start to watch music. The trip can be so unforgettable and mind-blowing. Just make sure that you take the right dosage.

Apart from giving you awesome visual delights, the magic mushroom can also alter your sense of taste. Your tongue starts to feel different textures. Kissing becomes a strange yet very wonderful thing. With shrooms, you will feel like it is your first time to kiss your ultimate crush. There is no other drug that can make you feel like this.

Magic mushrooms can also give you great effects that are beyond the physical level. Take note that shrooms can also affect your emotional level. And we all know that sex is not just a physical activity but it also involves our emotions. Everything feels like magic. The bond between you and your partner becomes more intimate. You will be able to channel intense emotion to your partner while making love.

You will have a deeper connection with your partner if you take shrooms while having sex. Your understanding of relationships is also deepened. Every conversation becomes more interesting than ever. A simple cuddle can also mean a lot to you. You and your partner will become more open and each one of you becomes more vulnerable. This is the best way for you to tell your partner what you are feeling.

Magic mushrooms can also affect orgasms. The secret to enjoying shrooms and sex is to make sure that you consume the right dosage. It is vital that you make the right concentration since too many shrooms can make your mind drift towards other things. It is known that magic mushrooms can delay orgasms, however, once it arrives, expect it to be more fun, enjoyable, and intense.

Things to Keep in Mind

It is advisable that you only use a low dose of dried shrooms if you want to use it while having sex. It is important that you are still aware of the presence of your partner. Experts suggest that you only use about 0.5 g of shrooms when having sex. Of course, if you feel like it does not have any effects, then you can always add more.

Make sure that you prepare the setting before you start the sexual act. Better surroundings mean better sex. It is not advisable that you do bathroom sex. Bear in mind that your vision and balance are affected once you use the mushroom and so don’t expect your body to be able to perform difficult sex positions. Have the right mindset and there is no doubt about it that you will be able to enjoy sex and shroom.

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Pharmacological Facts of Psilocybin: What You Need to Know

Pharmacological Facts of Psilocybin: What You Need to Know

What it is

Psilocybin can refer to two things. It can pertain to a psychedelic compound that naturally occurs in over 200 mushroom species, which are collectively called psilocybin mushrooms. Psilocybin is a prodrug compound. Quickly after it enters the human body, your body converts into psilocin. This is an alkaloid with psychedelic, mind-altering effects.

Psilocin is responsible for the commonly known effects of psilocybin mushrooms: visual and mental hallucinations, distorted sense of time, euphoria, altered perception, and spiritual experiences.

Also called magic mushrooms or just shrooms, psilocybin mushrooms are now among the most popular and widely used psychedelic substances in the world, especially Europe and the United States.

As mentioned, there are hundreds of mushroom species that contain the psychedelic component you are after. However, do take note that some of these species are poisonous. This is why, when getting yourself some mush (another nickname for magic mushrooms in Canada), it is always best to find a trusted facility, store, or individual.


A lot of scholars and researchers have looked into the origin of magic mushrooms and when humans started consuming them. Studies show that psilocybin mushrooms have been around for a long time, particularly in Mesoamerica, and was once heavily used in religious and spiritual rites.

Archaeological artifacts, particularly those from the Sahara desert, indicate that our ancestors from as far back as 7,000 years ago may have already been using hallucinogenic mushrooms. People from ancient civilizations left traditional art depicting mushrooms. There is also some evidence supporting the hypothesis that mushrooms may have been seen as symbolic back then.


As mentioned earlier, psilocybin is the psychedelic component found in magic mushrooms. Together with psilocin, its metabolite, it interacts with brain components, particularly serotonin receptors in the brain regions that take care of sensory experiences. This explains why some people claim to “see” sounds (a phenomenon called “synesthesia”), “taste” smells, etc. during trips.

Normally, it takes about at least 0.2 g of dried shrooms before you feel any effect, but this threshold amount can differ among users.

Doses in the range of 1 g to 2.5 g are typically considered moderate and generally let you experience trips lasting 3 hrs to 6 hrs.

If you are a generally healthy person, you should be able to handle the effects of psilocybin relatively well. According to studies, bodily functions such as liver functioning blood sugar levels, and hormone levels all remain stable even under the influence of magic mushrooms.

Complications are rare and normally happen only when excessive dosages are consumed by unfit individuals.

Typical Effects

In general, the effects of psilocybin resemble those of LSD, DMT, and mescaline (although psilocybin is less potent). However, not all magic mushrooms are the same. Two seemingly identical shrooms can have totally different components and hence varied effects.

1. Emotional and Psychological Changes

Usually, the first thing users experience is an increase in the intensity of emotions. There are also reports of altered psychological functioning and enhanced introspection. This change in psychological functioning is commonly described as a phase halfway between sleep and wakefulness. Scientists who have looked into MRI and fMRI scans of people during trips describe the effect to be similar to that shown by the brain when a person is dreaming.

2. Visual Anomalies

There are also common visual effects. For example, you may see geometric patterns and lines when you close your eyes. You may notice halos or lights around objects and similar effects.

3. Openness

A lot of magic mushroom users report becoming more open, even to people they do not normally spend time with. There is a certain peaceful feeling, happiness, and a sense of wonder. There may sometimes be a burst of negative emotions too, but it often comes with a sense of detachment and calm so it all gets balanced.

4. Physical Manifestations

The physical changes caused by the consumption of magic mushrooms can vary depending on the user. The heart rate and blood pressure can go up or down. You may have some trouble with movement coordination. Dilation of pupils is common, and so are tremors, restlessness, and some nausea.

Sometimes, in certain individuals, there can be such symptoms as panic attacks and nausea. This is why it is important to choose the right species and consume just the right amount.

5. Duration

Typically, after consumption, you can expect to begin experiencing the effects of shrooms within around 20 minutes. The psychedelic effects generally last up to 6 hours. However, there can also be subtle but long-lasting effects, such as increased openness. In a recent study, the brain activity of some subjects still showed brain patterns resulting from psilocybin a year after their clinical testing.

6. Therapeutic Effects

Like marijuana, magic mushrooms are consumed today also for their apparent therapeutic effects. A lot of individuals turn to shrooms for relief against anxiety, addiction, cluster headaches, depression, and obsessive-compulsiveness.

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Interesting Facts About Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have the power to take you to a place of pleasure and relaxation in a matter of minutes! For this reason alone, they are indeed magical! These psilocybin-containing fungi are famous psychedelics, and a favorite in the world of recreational drugs because of their affordable price range and ease of access. However, it doesn’t stop there! It seems that there’s so much more to magic mushrooms than its capacity to stimulate out-of-body experiences.

Here are some mind-bending facts about these mind-altering mushrooms:

1. It means “bald head.”

cubenesis, the most popular and widely used species of magic mushrooms, translates to “bald head” which is quite a fitting name considering their cone-shaped appearance.  

Magic mushrooms go by plenty of names such as shrooms, mush, mushies, liberty cap, boomers, and many others.

2. They wire your brain.

The psilocybin and psilocin contents responsible for the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms can actually help boost the connectivity of our brain. A study in King’s College in London asked volunteers to undergo fMRI after ingesting a dose of magic mushrooms. Half of the group were given real magic mushrooms, while the other half were given a placebo. The fMRI results showed that there were increased brain activities among those who consumed real magic mushrooms. Some parts of the brain that are not normally wired were activated. Scientists contend that these findings explain the dreamy state that users seldom find themselves in after taking shrooms.

3. They stimulate brain-cell growth.

It is believed that when we reach adulthood, our brains cease to produce new brain cells. In short, they don’t regenerate. However, this is not entirely true because it has recently been found that magic mushrooms can cause neurogenesis!

4. They are considered to be the safest drug.

Studies on the effect of substances on people and society have shown that, along with marijuana, magic mushrooms prove to be the least dangerous recreational drug. They even ranked lower and less dangerous than alcohol!

5. They help you stay positive!

The chemical compounds psilocybin and psilocin aid in balancing a group of nuclei that play a role in the processing emotions called the amygdala. This causes a shift in the way the brain processes negative stimuli.

6. They make you happier too!

Medical research reported that people have developed lighter dispositions even after taking magic mushrooms just once. Other notable changes in their personality include optimism, confidence, and open-mindedness.

7. They can help improve mental health.

Medical scientists assert that plenty of their research results show the positive effects of shrooms to mental health. They may help alleviate depression, anxiety, OCD, and other mentally-related concerns.

There are plenty of ongoing medical researches aimed at searching for more ways to maximize the potential of magic mushroom in relieving mental problems.

8. They can help fight addiction.

Believe it or not, the psychedelic fungi can help people who are battling common addictions such as alcohol and tobacco.  People who have been hooked to drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco claim that after experiencing a spiritual trip, they are urged to contemplate and consequently resolve to quit their addiction.

9. They may have played a part in human evolution.

Terrence McKenna, an author, and a psychonaut proposed the controversial “Stoned Ape Theory” which states that psychedelic mushrooms deserve to be credited for many of the advancements in human evolution. He argued that the effects of magic mushrooms made our ancestors better hunters and helped them in procreation.

10. They are used in rituals and worship.

Several ancient artworks like rock paintings depict the ancient civilizations of the world utilizing the psychoactive effects of magic mushrooms to provoke religious experiences during rituals. Other tribes, especially the ones in Central America, use them for rites of passage ceremonies.

11. They stimulate spiritual experiences.

Those who have the gone through the ability of magic mushrooms to encourage spiritual awakenings rate those experiences as one of the most significant occurrences of their life.

12. They may have brought Santa Claus to the world.

There is a theory that the story of Santa Claus may have originated with the Siberian shamans who used to gift hallucinogenic mushrooms to the people in their community during the winter solstice. These shamans dress up like a certain mushroom species, Amanita muscaria. Because of the deep level of snow in the area, it was said that the shamans enter through the chimneys to deliver the “cheer” they bring.

13. They make you dream even when you’re awake.

Magic mushrooms can trigger a waking dream state. Many fans of the fungi attest that ingesting magic mushrooms brought them to the transitory state between sleep and wakefulness.

14. They are Non-Addictive

Magic mushrooms do not pose any risks for physical addiction. They don’t make the body crave for them unlike other drugs or even tobacco and alcohol.

15. They are Available all over the World

Over 200 species of magic mushrooms are spread around the globe. Certain species can be abundant in some areas and scarce in the other. Nevertheless, they can be found in every continent and in almost all countries.

16. They are Legal in Some European Countries

Spain and the Czech Republic allow the possession and cultivation of magic mushrooms, while almost every country in the world prohibits it and considers it as a Schedule 1 drug. The fungi are also illegal in the Netherlands, but a gap in their law allows magic mushrooms to be sold without dire consequences.

Magic mushrooms have plenty of good benefits for the mind and body when they are used with control and caution.

They are available almost everywhere. It is even possible to find them in your own backyard! Some people found a hobby in mushroom picking while others find it more convenient to order them in Dark web markets online.

The online marketplace presents an extensive variety of magic mushroom species while offering accessibility and convenience. Buyers are presented with the choice of buying dried shrooms, fresh mushrooms, and even mushroom spores and kits so you can grow them on your own.

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How to Prepare Shrooms

How to Prepare Shrooms

Many places are there where magic psilocybin mushrooms or popularly known as magic mushrooms are not legal and also considered Schedule I substance. But this has not stopped people from experiencing the “magic” of the shrooms.

Uses and Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Although banned in a lot of places, lately, a small quantity of magic mushrooms is used for medical purposes. It is being said that these mushrooms are helpful in treating psychological disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

As a rare item in our varied food sources, mushrooms are the fungus, not a plant. They are grown in the dirt or a log, which comes out from a spore. However, some variety of mushrooms have vitamins and nutrients, most of them add a smoky and earthy flavor to the food. And other types of mushrooms known for more than their taste. Magic mushrooms or shrooms have a psychedelic effect on the brain which elevates the mood, perception, and behavior. In layman terms, these effects are known as “tripping.” These mushrooms contain the psychotropic tryptamines psilocybin and psilocin, which causes hallucinations.

It is said that magic mushrooms have a lot in common with LSD and is used for recreational purposes widely. Let’s check the different ways to prepare our favorite shrooms in various recipes! These mushrooms can be prepared in a lot of ways to genuinely consume and enjoy.

Here are some ways you can prepare your shrooms:

1. Tea

One of the best of having magic mushrooms is with tea. It is tastier and more accessible to digest and is also very simple to prepare. Firstly, cut the shrooms into tiny pieces, or you can also mash them up. By doing so, the active substances from the shrooms will release which will make it more useful. Boil a cup of water. let it cool for 15-20 minutes.

Now, mix the shrooms in the water and stir it for about 5 minutes. After this, place the water with shroom mixture on the stove, but do not boil the water. Add honey or sugar as per the preference and strain the tea to enjoy. For tea lovers, this is the best ways to bring some “magic” into your life! Be stress-free and remove free radicals from your body with shroom tea! An afternoon tea can melt your stress and tension or even an evening tea to boost your intimate life!

2. Juice

The taste of the shrooms can be overbearing, which can be a mood spoiler for many. To mask the taste, another way of consuming it by adding it in a juice or smoothie. You just need to crush the magic substance and add it to your favorite smoothie.

Blend it a couple of times so that it mixes well and have it while enjoying the sunshine on your backyard. Or take your favorite juice – orange, apple or pineapple, add the crushed shrooms and stir it well. This is one of the easy ways to have the shrooms.

3. Lime Shots

The shrooms have a natural sour flavor. It is believed that the shrooms work better if the solution is sourer. So having it with lime shots is the best deal. Just cut 2-3 lemons and squeeze out its juice in a shot glass.  

Now take the shrooms and crush or grind it and put in the lime juice. Let it soak for 20-25 minutes and mix it every 5 minutes. The citric acid from the lime helps the psilocybin to break into psilocin in this process. Now, it’s time to drink the shot. This method helps you get high faster and also intensifies the trip.

4. Chocolates

Anything with chocolates adds the oomph factor. It is believed that the ancient tribes of Mexico and Central America use to mix their “magic” with chocolate – an old version of today’s chocolates. These two ingredients go together exceptionally well, which gives stimulating effects to the brain. For the best results is to use high-quality dark chocolate. Just melt the chocolate bar and bring it to boil; do not burn it.

Now mix the finely chopped shrooms into the melted chocolate once it is cooled down. You can opt use ice cube trays or any candy mold to give shape to your chocolates. Once it is sufficiently hard enough, pop them in your mouth and enjoy till you can.

5. Energy Balls

For all the health freaks out there, there is another excellent way to indulge in some magic with the shrooms. Also, this method allows you to experiment with the ingredients as per the taste you like. All you have to do is add raisins, rolled oats, peanut butter, coconut flakes, ground flax seeds, vanilla powder,  cocoa powder, cinnamon, honey, and magic truffles (finely chopped) in a big bowl.

Mix all of them so that they are evenly spread and let it settle for some time. Now roll the mixture into small to medium balls and let it freeze in the fridge. Once it is hard enough, you can enjoy your healthy and delicious magic energy balls.  

6. Make Capsules

This method takes a little effort but is exceptionally travel-friendly. Once your shrooms are dried enough fill the capsules with it. The tablets are available in shops and come in two sizes. If you are using this method, please note, that the effect will take some time.

The reason being, the cellulose walls of the capsules take time to dissolve, hence delaying the process. One way to fasten the process is by making tiny holes with a needle before consuming it.

Final Verdict

There will always be many ways to experience the magic of shrooms, all you have to do is think creatively. Explore your culinary skills, and there is no limit to what you can do with these. Be it yogurt, milkshake or even honey soaked with almonds – try and widen your options. There are other fun and exciting ways to prepare shrooms and you can always experiment to enjoy every minute you prepare your shroom recipe!

Tired of trying different recipes? Check out these amazing edible mushrooms that will suit your taste!

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How to Identify Magic Mushrooms and How to Find Them

There are thousands of species of mushrooms out there and some of them are gaining popularity due to its hallucinogenic properties and psychedelic effects. You need to be very careful when searching for mushrooms that can give you these effects. Bear in mind that not all mushrooms are edible and some of them can be very deadly. If you want to experience these psychedelic effects without risking your life, then you need to know how to identify magic mushrooms and how to find them.

It is important to note that there are more than 200 types of magic mushrooms that can be found in the world today. Not all of these magic mushrooms have the same kind amount psilocybin. Psilocybin is a substance found in shrooms or magic mushrooms that can give you psychedelic effects. Scientists claim that the effects are comparable to LSD. Having the right knowledge about magic mushrooms is crucial. There are numbers of people out there who thought they were picking a magic mushroom, but instead, they picked those poisonous ones.

Some mushrooms contain toxins that can poison you. These poisonous mushrooms are usually found in the wild. There are cases out there where individuals died because they misidentified the mushroom as safe. There are varieties of symptoms of mushroom poisoning and there is also severity. According to research, poisonous mushrooms can cause severe gastrointestinal discomfort and even vomiting.

In order to avoid mushroom poisoning, you need to educate yourself first with the different types of wild mushrooms. You can find many books, blogs, or online articles that can give you helpful ideas about whether or not a certain species of mushroom is safe. But of course, you have to check the resources first and make sure that it is written by reliable authors who have great knowledge when it comes to mushrooms. You are also encouraged to conduct a research on the web and find out how magic mushrooms look like –search for images or watch video presentations.

Shrooms, just like any other mushrooms, need a specific habitat or environment in order to grow. Factors such as soil, climate, animals around, nutrition, climate, and vegetation play a crucial role in the growth and development of shrooms or magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms will only fruit several times a year. And so before you start picking or hunting these awesome mushrooms, you need to make sure first that you know how to identify them.  There are guidelines that you need to remember in order for you to ensure that you are indeed picking the right mushrooms.

As mentioned earlier, there are different species of magic mushroom that you can find today. One of the most popular kinds of shrooms is what we call psilocybin mushrooms. This kind of mushroom contains psilocybin that is considered as a natural psychoactive compound. Psilocybin is the one responsible for the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms. And the most potent psilocybin mushrooms out there belong to the genus called Psilocybe which grows around the world.

Important Features of Magic Mushrooms

Knowing the spore color of the magic mushroom is important in order for you to identify them. Of course, different species of magic mushroom also have different spore color. It can vary from one genus to another. Although generally, a single genus has almost the same spore colors. Psilocybin mushrooms have a purplish brown to black spore colors. Its flesh also has a bluish to bluish green color. Check out the color of the mushroom before you pick and consume it. It is almost certain that these mushrooms contain psilocybin substance if they have these kinds of spore colors.

Checking the spore print is also essential in order for you to determine whether or not it is a magic mushroom. It is easy to take the spore print and all you have to do is to sever the cap from its stem. You will then place the cap on a clean white paper – make sure that the gills are down. You will then place a lightly moistened with water over the cap in order to prevent any rapid evaporation. Wait for a few hours and check the spores collected on paper. Check the color of the spores that were collected. After a few hours and you still not seeing any spores print but instead, you got a white color of spores, then you have to be very careful since these mushrooms do not contain any psilocybin substance.

Another feature of magic mushrooms is that they have a bluish bruising reaction. This should be apparent after the flesh of the mushroom is damaged. These bluish or bluish green color should after in a few seconds or minutes after you damage the flesh. Bear in mind that the stronger bluing reaction, the stronger the hallucinogenic effects are.

Where to Find Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can be found in the moist and highly fertile environment or atmosphere. This is why they usually grow in cow dung or buffalo manure. These magic mushrooms love pastures where there are many cows, buffalos, and even horses. They are abundant in the Southern part of the United States like in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, or at the border near the Gulf of Mexico. You can also find shrooms or magic mushrooms in Florida. Expect to find magic mushrooms after the rainy season or period.

You can also find shrooms in the Pacific Northwest part of the US. The climate is perfect for fungi to flourish. There are also shrooms or magic mushrooms that you can find in Canada. Once again, these magic mushrooms are not that difficult to find. Just remember that if there’s a pasture, with cows or buffalos, then most likely you will be able to find magic mushroom there. Always make sure that you are picking the right magic mushroom. Gain more knowledge about it first before you start consuming them. It is critical that you are able to distinguish legit magic mushrooms from those that are poisonous. Doing your research is the key to identifying magic mushrooms.

If you still can’t find them, why don’t you check out these best-selling dried shrooms and other mushroom products available at ShroomsDirect.

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How To Get a Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe

How To Get a Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe

The psychedelic effects of magic mushroom make it very appealing to many people and have earned it quite a following in the world of recreational drugs. The commended psychoactive properties of the mushroom coupled with the fact that it is natural and not laboratory manufactured, unlike most substances, gave it even more allure in the eyes of many people.

You might have heard of mushroom cultivation as a rising trend among avid fans and users of magic mushrooms. There are plenty advantages to be had from growing them on your own, and perhaps, the best of these advantages is being sure that you have a steady supply of shrooms for your own consumption because although these fungi grow all year round, they are not always readily available.

Contrary to what many people believe, growing magic mushrooms is not that complicated; you may even find it to be a worthy and pretty rewarding feat. There are techniques that you can understand and follow without so much difficulty; one of them is the PK-Tek.

The PK-Tek is a very comprehensible method of growing mushrooms indoors that encourages the growth of magic mushrooms by mimicking the environment and conditions that are essential for their development. In order to replicate these settings, you need to create a substrate and get your hands on a spore syringe. To make the substrate, all you need are vermiculite, brown rice flour, and water. But where can you get the spore syringe?

Purchase Online or From Local Suppliers

A spore syringe is basically a syringe that contains spores suspended in sterile water. These spores are injected into a substrate to facilitate mushroom growth.

Spore syringes can be purchased online. The Internet proves to be an accessible and convenient market for people who are looking for spores of the various species to nurture and cultivate. However, if local shroom dealers and suppliers are available, it is better to order from them rather than from web markets to eliminate the need for shipping. This is due to the fact that dried shrooms and other forms of magic mushrooms are still considered illegal in most countries, including the U.S and Canada.

Make Your Own

For those who are already into mushroom cultivation or those who have acquaintances involved in growing magic mushrooms, making a spore syringe is another option. The process is not very complicated. Just remember to work under very sterile conditions to avoid contamination of any form.

The first thing needed to make a spore syringe is a spore print, which should be relatively simple.

First, take a mushroom and sever the mushroom cap from the stem by cutting it. Put the cap on a piece of paper or aluminum foil with the gills facing downwards. Pour a drop of water on the top part of the cap to aid in the release of the spores and cover the cap with a bowl or a glass. Leave it that way for 2 to 24 hours. The spores will fall on the paper or foil, resulting in a spore print pattern.

When a spore print is already available, the process of making the spore syringe can begin.

  1. Before anything else, make sure that the water and the glass flask are sterilized. When that’s done, fill the flask halfway with water and seal the opening with tin foil so air can’t get in.
  2. Take a pressure cooker and put the flask inside. Heat until the pressure reaches 15psi and then lower the heat. Keep it there for about 30 minutes.
  3. After 30 minutes, turn off the heat and let the flask and the water cool down to room temperature. This should take a few hours but the wait is necessary because going through the process while the water is still hot might kill the spores.
  4. Prepare and sterilize all your materials.
  5. Take the foil cover off the flask and with the tweezers, put the spore print directly above the opening of the flask.
  6. Use a scalpel to scrape a portion of the spore prints into the water.
  7. Place the tip of the syringe on the surface of the water and fill it up. Empty the syringe contents back into the water and fill it up again. This will help ensure that the spores are distributed throughout the water. Repeat this process when you add more spores into the water.
  8. Fill a syringe and leave it for 3 days at room temperature, allowing the spores to hydrate.
  9. After 3 days, store the syringe in an airtight vacuum bag or inside the fridge. The spore syringes can be used for a span of 2 – 6 months.

These steps on making your own spore syringe and the materials needed are very affordable and accessible. With the right substrate, the right conditions, and a lot of patience, you can start the feat of growing magic mushrooms within the comfort and convenience of your home.

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How Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Grow

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psychedelic Mushrooms are a kind of mushrooms known for their psychedelic or psychoactive characteristics. This puts psychedelic mushrooms, or “magic mushrooms” as they are more commonly called, in the same league as LSD and other mind-bending recreational drugs. However, the advantage using of magic mushrooms is that they are naturally produced and non-addictive.

Psychedelic Mushrooms in History

The history of the use of magic mushrooms can be traced back to ancient times. Many tribes, cultures, and civilization around the world have experienced and used the psychoactive capacities of these mushrooms during worship and ceremonial rites for healing and religious purposes. Psychedelic mushrooms were popular in the olden days and even in recent year for inducing religious experiences.

Psychedelic Mushrooms as Recreational Drug

There is a reason why magic mushrooms preserved their popularity as a recreational drug. First, they are more affordable than chemical-based substances. Second, they are can be found in nature. And third, they are fairly easy to grow and cultivate if desired.

Psychedelic Mushrooms and Their Growing Conditions

Many magic mushroom fans throughout the ages are curious where these fungi grow. Under the right conditions, these fungi just sprout and grow. They can be found developing in soil areas rich in humus and plant remains.

Psychedelic Mushrooms and Cow Manure

A lot of people have observed magic mushrooms flourishing in cow manure. This is because cow manures are highly fertile and moist – two conditions that encourage the growth of “shrooms”.

Cow manure is a popular fertilizer among farmers. They have been used to keep the ground fertile for a very long time. Magic mushrooms don’t directly sprout from cow manure. They grow from the soil that became rich and fertilized because of the manure.

Psychedelic Mushrooms Around the World

There are over 200 species of magic mushrooms, and they are present in most continents. They thrive in subtropical forests due to the humidity. Many species of psychedelic mushrooms are discovered in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It is said that magic mushrooms grow all-year-round in Florida. In other places, they are seasonal.  However, the vast difference in temperature and climate in the American continent ensure that there is a steady supply of magic mushrooms throughout the year.

Psychedelic Mushrooms and Their Different Varieties

The most popular species of magic mushroom is the Psilocybe Cubensis. It’s most identifiable characteristic is its hat-shaped head. Some have nipples in the middle part of the hat while others don’t. A type of Psilocybe Cubensis known as “cubes” have bruised stems.

Another species is the Psilocybe Semilanceata or the “Liberty Cap.” It is a small mushroom with a pointy hat, colored brown or yellow.

Psilocybe Baeocystis is characterized by its brown and yellow or all-brown stem.

Out of the three most common species of psychedelic mushrooms, the “cubes” are considered to be the most potent. Therefore, caution, especially in the dosage, must be taken when consuming them.

Psychedelic Mushroom Picking

Some people have made it a hobby to look for and pick these fungi after a rainy season because they are most likely to bloom at this time of the year. Psychedelic mushrooms take about a week to fully mature and become fit for picking and consumption.

The essentials of mushroom picking only include a bag and a scissor. However, a flashlight is necessary when going at night. Never pick mushrooms alone. Several species of mushroom are poisonous. It is advised to bring someone knowledgeable to avoid picking toxic ones. Consuming poisonous mushrooms differ in effects. Some pose a serious hazard to health.

When picking a “shroom”, it is important to note that they should not be pulled out from the ground. Instead, use scissors and cut the stem half an inch above the surface. Make sure that the “shrooms” are clean before putting them inside the bag. Most species of magic mushrooms are allowed in most states as long as they are fresh and not dried, but the possession of “cubes” is illegal and punishable by law. Go for the other varieties of psychedelic mushrooms and avoid picking “cubes.”

Psychedelic Mushroom and Storing Them

After picking magic mushrooms, the next important process is storing them properly so they can still be utilized in the weeks and even months to come. Psychedelic mushrooms go bad after a few weeks when stored in the fridge.

An effective way to store these mushrooms long-term is by drying. Drying involves removing all the moisture inside the “shroom” so they don’t get rotten. This is best done with the help of a dehydrator because simply leaving them out to dry or fan-drying them cannot ensure that all the liquid is taken out. If a dehydrator is not available, using a desiccant is an ideal alternative.

After the mushrooms are bone-dry, keep them in a cool, dark, and dry place. When dried properly and consumed responsibly, dried shrooms can last for years.