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Are Shrooms Bad for Your Body or not?

are shrooms bad for your body

Shrooms are cultivated or wild mushrooms containing psilocybin. This is a naturally- occurring hallucinogenic and psychoactive compound. This compound is among the known psychedelics which can potentially be misused. That is why you may want to throw this question, “Are shrooms bad for your body?

Know that shrooms are the same as the LSD. This is in the way they affect the body. LSD and shrooms are psychotropic drugs. They affect the central nervous system producing the effects. Such a mushroom trip is a shorter and milder version of an LSD trip. Shrooms don’t cause visions of things or hallucinations that are not there. Instead, they distort one’s perception of actual objects.

If you trip on magic mushrooms, you will then see things in different patterns or colors. Existing tastes, sounds, colors, & textures might also get distorted. You’ll also then notice that your emotions and feelings intensify. The feeling is the same as the speeding up of time. It slows down and stops completely. Plus, you’ll feel a changed perception in the universe. There’s this feeling of communing with a higher power.


What Be the Long-Term Effects?

You must never use shrooms if you are pregnant. It is not yet known how shrooms can affect the growing baby and a pregnant woman. Shrooms also have drugs featured in it. And that makes them harmful for the baby. Taking shrooms with alcohol or drugs increases the risk of other health issues.

What Will the Short-Term Effects Be?

Shrooms can severely affect people depending on the following things:

•  Amount to take
•  Location
•  Things to expect
•  Age & weight
•  Foods to be eaten
•  Previous use of the drug
•  Personality

The effects of shrooms are felt in just about thirty minutes. They also would last for about three to six hours. And the effects would be the strongest in the first three to four hours.

Shrooms can change the sense of hearing, smelling, sight, taste, and touch. Be ready as your body may feel very light or very heavy. You’ll also feel that religious or magical experience.

What Happens on a Mushroom Trip?

Mushroom trip depends upon by dosage, by dosage, and by the type of mushroom that is eaten. Some of the shrooms are more powerful than any other. The environment type and the emotional state of the user play an essential part in the trip.

If you have a structured environment or you are in a poor state of being, you will feel a bad trip. You will feel anxious, nervous, paranoid, and terrified rather than euphoric. Get over such a bad trip by waiting it out. As a novice, you need to be guided by an experienced friend.

What Is One Thing to Keep in Mind?

When you take shrooms, you’ll ordinarily experience stomach problems, nausea, and dizziness. Your muscle will then begin to feel weak. You will lose your appetite, and you get that numb feeling. The symptoms will subside after the trip has finally ended. Mushroom users would often smoke marijuana to battle nausea.

Are Shrooms Bad for Your Body—Bring in a Less Intensified Experience

Shrooms are not addictive. But, tolerance tends to build up easily. Taking shrooms 2 days in a row brings about a less intensified experience the next day. There is a cross-tolerance with other psychotropic drugs. These drugs can include peyote, mescaline, and LSD. This means to say that taking one builds up your tolerance.


Are They Dangerous?

Those who have mental illnesses may exacerbate their symptoms through shrooms. There is not yet evidence of death brought by shrooms. The amount to eat before death is experienced should be greater than the usual dose. But then, death can come out from misidentified shrooms.

What Are The Different Types of Shrooms

Shrooms may seem bad for your body, considering the unknown types. There are toxic shrooms that could cause stomach issues. Some also cause death and organ failure. Hunting for an edible mushroom is best left to those who know more about shroom identification.

Shroom species belong to the genus of Psilocybe. The majority of them are found on the small side. Once they are fresh, they have yellowish, brownish, and grayish stems. They feature brown-&-white caps or brown caps &  dark grills.

What Are the Dosages of Shrooms?

The intensity and dosage of shrooms rely not only on the species. However, it concerns much of its location and the manner of handling. There are shrooms so far believed to be stronger. And, they bring about a more intensified high. Some of them can bring a mellower high experience.

The psilocybin found in the mushrooms deteriorates once dried. That’s why people would take more to compensate. Shrooms are sold in 1/8 of an ounce. This can cost around 35 dollars. Its effects will differ from one person to another.

Newbies like you should begin with one gram of dried mushrooms. Wait for an hour. Know how you feel. Decide if you will take more. Chew on dried or fresh mushrooms. Know that the shrooms do not taste as good as always. Some shrooms also bring a floury taste. Some are bitter or are sour. Eat them with fruit like strawberries that will combat the flavor. If you want, follow some tasty recipes from chili to smoothies. But cooking shrooms for a long time may break down the psilocybin. This will then result in weaker effects.

How’s Brewing a Shroom Tea?

Shrooms are not only just eaten so that their effects are felt. They could as well be brewed, so they become tea. Grind them and steep them in hot water. Strain the liquid that comes out of it. This is claimed not to have an impact on the intensity of the trip.

Shrooms and alcohol are often combined. The shrooms are soaked in tequila or rum. The liquid is also used in combined drinks. It is also simply drunk. Those who have a trip on mushroom extract or tea say they feel the effects quicker than by eating it. The dried mushrooms are finely-grounded and packed into a gelatine capsule. This now creates a mushroom pill. This helps avoid texture and taste completely.


The question “Are shrooms bad for your body?” can be answered by a yes and a no. If you use shrooms regularly, you may then become mentally dependent on what makes you feel. If you use shrooms moderately and appropriately, it will then do well in the body. This is true if you are suffering from ailments that require the use of it!

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Need to Know Things About Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, psilocybin, are consumed for their hallucinogenic property These mushrooms are famed for their psychedelic effect, people who ingest them imagine seeing, hearing or feeling things that are non-existent.

Aside from the magical prowess, there are potential health benefits derived from this natural wonder. Do not waste the powers of these fungi by ignoring it. It will be worth your while to take a closer look at some interesting facts that you may not know about these wonderful mushrooms.

About Magic Mushrooms

They are also called shrooms, mushies, blue meanies, golden tops, pizza toppings, liberty caps, buttons, and mushroom delight. There are over 50 species and look the same as the poisonous fungi, in case of doubt do not consume it.

It is sold as dried whole mushroom or powder. Whole mushrooms can be eaten raw, cooked and mixed with other ingredients to remove bitterness. Soak the shroom in hot water for tea or as fixing in fruit juices. The dry form is smoked, mixed with marijuana or tobacco.

Effects appear within 30 minutes when eaten, 10 minutes when mixed, and will last for 6 hours. There may be delayed headaches after consumption, it usually does not last longer than a day. Different strokes for different folks, the effect varies from one person to another depending on…

  • Age, size, and health
  • A regular user or not
  • It was taken with other drugs simultaneously
  • The quantity taken
  • The potency depends on the species

Excessive use of magic mushrooms rarely results in a life-threatening situation.

A regular consumer who wants to quit is unlikely to experience difficulty in stopping the habit.

Beware of malefactors, psilocybin can be produced in illegal labs as powder, tablets, and capsules looking the same as the legit ones.

Benefits of Magic Mushroom

Marijuana gained credibility, legality, and acceptance for its medicinal and recreational values, magic mushrooms may not be far behind. Leading researchers reveal psychedelic properties that prove to be effective, some are:

People who suffer from depression and anxiety breaks out from their pattern and can see, feel and perform things in a new way. They feel more stable and restored after ingesting psilocybin. The effects are long-lasting if done with therapeutic assistance.

Intake of magic mushrooms can break bad habits like smoking and alcoholism. They understand what is important having an insight on what is healthy and what is not their choice is an option that will have an enduring effect.

Emotions and senses are enhanced, they felt more open, happy, and creative. Openness prods a person to embrace new challenges which cause a lasting personality change.

Cancer patients with severe anxiety realized that their insecurities were nothing to worry about which is part of the healing process.

Similar to low doses of marijuana it can lead to a feeling of relaxation. Magic mushroom affects the part of the brain that regulates abstract thinking which plays a key role in mood and perception.

Unlock the mysteries of your brain with the finest collection of dried shrooms and different products of magic mushrooms from ShroomsDirect. Your online source of safe psychedelics in Canada.


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Types of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, also referred to as “psychedelics,” are sacred medicine and were traditionally used in various spiritual rituals. These psychedelics contain psychotropic compounds which enhance visions and mind-blowing experiences. Using these magic mushrooms would also induce one’s extrasensory senses.

The popularity of magic mushrooms has increased through the years. It is now considered as one of the safest and best psychedelics of the current times. Records show that the Western world never ceased in using these compounds since its introduction around the 1950’s.

More scientific researches prove that consuming these dried shrooms and other forms of magic mushrooms offer benefits in improving the user’s spiritual and meaningful experiences and in healing psychosomatic disorders. However, before dealing with these psychotropic mushrooms, you have to know the different kinds of magic mushrooms.

Mushrooms with psychoactive components are generally referred to as magic mushrooms. However, many users associate the term with a specific genre, the psilocybin mushrooms. Magic mushrooms also include Claviceps Purpurea and Amanita Muscaria which do not belong to the Psilocybe family.

The right knowledge of magic mushrooms will save you from choosing those that are packed with poison. Make sure to learn more about these three types of magic mushrooms:

1. Psilocybin Mushrooms

These magic mushrooms are really popular, and people all over the world are using them because of the different intensity and flavorful experience that they can provide. Psilocybin mushrooms are included in the Psilocybe genus of the Strophariaceae family.

Psilocybin mushrooms have more than 180 species and the most popular of which is the Psilocybe Cubensis or Golden Teacher. This type of magic mushrooms is a potent spiritual teacher. The Psilocybe Semilanceata Mushrooms are also included in this genus. Psilocybe Bohemica, Psilocybe Azurencens, and Psilocybe Cyanescens are some of the less popular kinds of Psilocybin mushrooms.

There are biochemical substances in every psilocybin mushrooms and the most active players are psilocybin and psilocin. These compounds are responsible for the mind-altering and psychedelic experiences that ensue after each use.  The psilocybin mushroom varies in terms of the degree of potency and psychedelic experiences that are provided.

A lot of magic mushroom users choose psilocybe azurencens because it contains the highest amount of psilocybin and psilocin. Another potent mushroom is the psilocybe baeocystis. In Europe, the most popular magic mushroom is the psilocybe semilanceata because it grows in the area, mostly in the forest.

2. Amanita Muscaria or Fly Amanita

Another popular magic mushroom is the Amanita Muscaria, Fly Amanita or Fly Agaric. These mushrooms that belong to the Amanita genus are known for their red cap with white dots. They’re abundant in autumn and you can easily spot them in the forests.

The Siberian shamans were the ones who frequently used the Amanita Muscaria. These compounds were also popular in Asia and Northern Europe. Records show that urine from people who ingest the Fly Amanita is even more potent compared to the urine of those who ingest the mushrooms themselves.

Such potency can be explained by the fact that the human liver recognizes the compounds in the mushrooms as toxic. The liver would then rush to eliminate the compound using the kidneys. Amanita Muscaria contains the compounds muscimol and botanic acid.

3. Ergot or Claviceps Purpurea

The claviceps purpurea is a special kind of mushroom that actually grows on rye. It’s akin to a parasite that feeds off and grows on rye, infesting on the grain itself. The biochemical compound ergotamine is the main psychedelic component of this type of magic mushroom. Ergotamine is also known as the modern LSD’s predecessor.

Ergot belongs to the genus Claviceps of the Hypocreaceae family. Long ago, this compound was considered poison, but the ancient Greeks and Romans found them useful as sacred entheogens. Poisoning due to Ergot was referred to as St. Anthony’s Fire.

The poison would lead to hallucination, gangrene resulting to loss of limb and death. There was a time when outbreak ensued due to Ergot. It eventually plagued Europe but was soon linked to witchcraft and the dreaded inquisition.

Ergot was also associated with the Eleunisian mystery that represented a closely guarded ancient secret. Sacred ceremonies were held where people consumed this kind of mushroom so as to achieve a high level of spiritual experience. Even the famous Plato consumed this psychedelic compound so enhance his thinking ability.

Cultivating Magic Mushrooms

If you decide to grow your own magic mushroom in a natural or a sterile environment, it is important to exercise caution. Take note that mushrooms come in different species and some are not even psychoactive. Other mushrooms might be considered edible but there are those that contain deadly poison.

Exercise due diligence and consume these psychoactive compounds in a nurturing, safe and sacred environment. Remember that you’re not playing with toys here. Magic mushrooms are powerful and sacred medicine. If you treat them the right way, you will certainly enjoy the best experience.

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Things You Need to Know About Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

what are the side effects of magic mushroom

One of the things that you can do in order to have a powerful psychedelic experience is to consume magic mushrooms. You have to know though that it does not always have to be an intense experience all of the time. When taking in magic mushrooms in smaller dosages, expect the intensity to be lower or weaker. Smaller doses of magic mushrooms are also known to address depression and anxiety. It can also help boost your creativity.

Magic mushroom changes your perception of reality. There are even people who have experienced a mind-expanding spiritual understanding. Microdosing, on the other hand, is the one that is done by people who want to get a more productive benefit from magic mushrooms. And that is why in this article, we will be talking about the things that you need to know when microdosing magic mushrooms.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing in the magic mushroom world is fairly a new method in taking in this type of psychedelic. When you are taking a look at microdosing, it involves taking in small amounts of magic mushrooms which are being referred to as sub-perceptual. This simply means that taking smaller dosages or amount will not initiate a psychedelic experience. With this said, there are many people that may ask what is the point in all of this if I don’t get that signature trip? So why take in small amounts if you can’t get the psychedelic effects that you want from it? They might even think that taking in small amounts will not give them the full experience that magic mushrooms are able to offer.

You have to know that although it may seem to be a small amount, microdosing magic mushrooms can still give you a number of different benefits. For people who have already tried microdosing, they have reported an enhancement of focus and creativity. There are even people who are working in highly complex industries who takse in magic mushrooms in microdoses. They have seen an improvement in the problem-solving skills that they have. This, in turn, helps their company get an edge over the competition.

You can find studies that showed that it does not only boost the creativity that one has. Microdosing magic mushrooms are also effective in addressing different medical and psychological conditions. There are now reports that showed that microdosing magic mushrooms can help in relieving depression. Assist in quitting vices such as smoking. Microdoosing magic mushrooms are also effective in providing a general mental well-being.

These effects of microdosing magic mushroom is no longer a surprise to the scientific community especially on their effect against depression and anxiety. Many experts have seen a positive effect of microdosing especially in the mental state of people suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer. More and more studies are becoming conducted each year regarding magic mushrooms.

Despite all of these claims, microdosing magic mushroom is still considered to be an under research subject. Take note that taking in large amounts and even growing these mushrooms are prohibited in many areas all around the world. These restrictions made research hard and almost impossible to do.

Your guide on microdosing

Like what has been mentioned, taking in sub perceptual amounts of magic mushroom is the main goal of microdosing. Whenever this is done by you then you will not feel any major changes with regards to your mood, perception, and mindset. If you are able to feel any changes in these aspects then they might be too subtle to recognize. Once you are able to do microdosing then you will be able to do your daily activities without any interruption. The individual who is taking microdoses of magic mushroom will feel entirely sober.

You need to remember though that you need to look at some factors when doing microdosing. One of the factors that can come into play when microdosing is your body weight. You also have to look into your food intake as this can alter the effects of the magic mushroom. Another thing that you also need to look into is the strains of the magic mushroom or truffle that you have.

Always remember that when planning to do microdoses, you have to take in the right dose. Only take between 0.2 – 0.5 grams of dried shrooms. Many experts have also suggested that you need to take in this amount every fourth day. For this very reason, you also have to set a schedule for it so that you are guided when doing microdosing. Once you have taken in your first microdose then you need to observe the residual effects that it has on the next day. The following day, you need to take a day off. On the next day, you can again take your micrdose and then do the same routine again. This is just an example of the schedule that you can have when planning to do magic mushroom microdosing.

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Shrooms and Alcohol: Which is Better?

Shrooms and Alcohol: Which is Better?

Many people today are curious if it is better to take shrooms than alcohol. This article is written to provide you with more information as to which of the two is safer and better. According to a study conducted by Global Drug Survey, dried shrooms and other forms of magic mushrooms are one of the safest recreational drugs out there. You might have heard of people saying negative things about the magic mushroom, however, you need to take note that most of these people don’t remember their shroom trip experience.

Magic mushroom is indeed safer compared to taking other drugs and alcohol. Surveys suggest that there is a lesser number of people who consumed magic mushroom that needed emergency medical treatment. Moreover, the survey also tells us that there are only 0.2% of users who said that they needed some emergency help after taking the magic mushroom. Meanwhile, 1.4% of alcohol users said they needed emergency care. With these statistics, it is safe to say that shrooms are indeed safer compared to alcohol.

There are also studies that concluded that alcohol is the most dangerous drug so far today. Alcohol is not only harmful to users who are consuming it but it can also harm other people. There have been many reports of violence due to alcohol intoxication. Magic mushrooms are not only safe but it also makes you a more loving and sociable individual. Shrooms are also safer because it does not inject bad thoughts inside your head but instead, it makes things around you more beautiful.

You also need to know that there are 6 people in the USA who dies every year due to alcohol poisoning. In comparison, there are zero cases or reports of individuals who died due to magic mushroom consumption. Instead of killing you, magic mushrooms can give you a spiritual awakening that you won’t get from any other drugs. If you want to appreciate the world around you or wanted to see it from a different perspective, then you will love magic mushrooms.

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can give you incredible effects. It can heighten your senses and can make things around you more vivid. The colors are brighter and the lights begin to dance. It is also proven how great shrooms are when it comes to sex. Sex and shrooms is a perfect combination. This is because shrooms make your skin more sensitive and you will be able to experience more pleasure. It also affects how you taste stuff. People who took magic mushrooms said that they felt like they have new eyes and tongues.

It is vital that you take the right amount of dosage of magic mushroom in order for you to avoid negative effects. Too much magic mushroom can cause panic and anxiety. If you just want to experience that awesome psychedelic effects, then it is important that you know the right dosage. If this is your first time using shrooms or magic mushrooms, then it is recommended that you start with a low dosage. If you feel like the dose is not giving you any effects, then you can always add some more.

You need to educate yourself about the purity levels of magic mushrooms. It is also necessary that you learn different species of magic mushroom. You should be able to distinguish magic mushrooms from the poisonous ones. You don’t just pick any mushrooms that you will see in parklands or forests but you have to be 100% sure first that it is indeed a magic mushroom. Another important thing that you need to do is to conduct research about the effects of magic mushroom in your body. It is smart that you know what to expect after taking the magic mushroom. You should also know when the effect is going to kick in and how long will it last.

Take note that magic mushrooms contain psychedelic compounds or properties such as psilocin, baeocystin, and psilocybin. Psilocybin is the compound responsible for triggering vivid hallucinations. This is the compound that can make things around you more colorful. Also, psilocybin can also make you feel like you are hearing colors and watching music. Yes, that’s how amazing the trip is.

Another reason as to why a lot of people prefer magic mushrooms is because it has long-lasting effects. There is no need for you to abuse it since it gives you a long-lasting effect. Some drugs are only effective for 5 minutes but the effects of shrooms can actually last 6 to 8 hours.

Alcohol can also give you bad hangovers that feel like your head is going to explode. Magic mushrooms have an aftertaste, however, it really doesn’t affect give you any harmful effects. Choosing magic mushrooms over alcohol is a wise decision. But then again, it is crucial that you know the right dosage before taking magic mushrooms.

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Magic Mushrooms: Where Do they Grow

The number of people who are growing magic mushrooms has dramatically increased over these past few years. Cultivating these magic mushroom should be easy if you do your research and follow the guidelines made by the experts. Magic mushrooms can grow almost anywhere. If you are wondering where magic mushrooms grow, then this article should be able to help you find answers.

Also known as psilocybin mushrooms, shrooms or magic mushrooms are almost found all over the world. There are more than 100 species or varieties of magic mushroom that you can find today. It is easy to distinguish magic mushrooms from the wild ones. This is because magic mushrooms have gills and dark-spores. They can grow in soils that are rich in plant debris and even hummus. These mushrooms also love subtropical humid forests.

Magic mushrooms can be found in North America, which is the third largest continent. Aside from growing in the steamy heat of the tropics, there are also species that can grow from butter cold to extremely dry environment. It can grow in parts of North America that are warm in summer and cold winter. There should also be moderate precipitation. Even in short summers and harsh winters, magic mushrooms can still thrive.

Because of the climate conditions in North America, including Canada and the United States, magic mushrooms can be found almost anywhere on the continent. The southeastern part of North America hosts a great number of species of hallucinogenic mushrooms. And because of the ecological conditions in the Pacific Northwest of the continent, a vast array of shrooms flourish.

Top Shrooms in North America

  •    Conocybe cyanopus
  •    Gymnopilus luteofolius
  •    Panaeolus bispora
  •    Panaeolus cinctulus
  •    Panaeolus cyanescens
  •    Panaeolus camdodiginiensis
  •    Psilocybe allenii
  •    Psilocybe cyanescens
  •    Psilocybe strictipes
  •    Psilocybe pelliculosa
  •    Psilocybe tampanensis

Top Shrooms in Canada

  •    Conocybe kuehneriana
  •    Gymnopilus luteofolius
  •    Panaeolus cinctulus
  •    Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa
  •    Psilocybe baeocystis
  •    Psilocybe cubensis
  •    Psilocybe pelliculosa
  •    Psilocybe sierrae
  •    Psilocybe stuntzii
  •    Psilocybe semilanceata

Magic mushrooms can also grow in Africa even though it has different climate types. Even in the hottest region of the continent, shrooms can still grow. Africa is home to diverse species of magic mushrooms because of its hot summer climates. Shrooms such as Plutus salicinus also grows in damp forests in Africa. Meanwhile, Panaeolus bispora loves growing on and buffalo dung.

You can also find a lot of magic mushrooms in Asia. The wet southeast section of Asia where rainfall happens is also home to different species of magic mushrooms. Places such as Japan, Philippines, and Southern China has great favorable conditions for growing magic mushrooms. And just like in Africa, shrooms in Asia also flourish in buffalo and cattle manures.

There are also different species of magic mushrooms in Australasia. The area has different climate types which include desert, savanna, rainforest, and deciduous forest. And because of this climate range, shrooms tend to grow in this part of the world. You can find magic mushrooms almost anywhere in Australia, even in parkland areas that have bark chips.

Magic mushrooms are also popular in Europe. It also has different climate range which is conducive for growing magic mushrooms. Some parts of Europe have a very dense forest area where you can find numerous magic mushrooms popping out. Also, magic mushrooms love the dense forest and Europe has no shortage of these kinds of areas.

Finally, you can also see magic mushrooms in South America. This beautiful continent also has a tropical climate and is home to one of the driest places in the world. You can find a lot of magic mushrooms in South America since it is considered one of the rainiest continents in the world.

The season or the climate of the area plays a very important role in the growth and development of magic mushrooms. It is important that you check your environment or climate conditions first before you start growing magic mushrooms. You should also make sure that you know what kind of species you are going to grow. Aside from knowing the environmental conditions that you have. It is also necessary that you find the best variety out there.

When searching for magic mushrooms in your area, it is vital that you know how it looks like. You should be able to know what color and shape it is. It is also necessary that you know the average length of the magic mushroom as well as their gill configuration. There are different kinds of mushrooms that you can find in your area and it is vital that you are careful when picking one. Remember that there are mushrooms out there that are considered as poisonous. Try to read books or do online research to make sure that you know whether or not it is truly a magic mushroom. You also might know someone who is an expert when it comes to magic mushroom, and so don’t hesitate to ask for tips and advice from them.

Failed to find where magic mushrooms grow? Get rid of the hassles and check out these dried shrooms and other magic mushroom products that you can just order online!