When taking a look at mushrooms, most people will think of it as something that is incorporated in food.  Mushrooms can be a great addition to some of your most favorite recipes. But you have to know that there are some mushrooms that are used not just to fill your stomach but can also give you a great spiritual experience. These mushrooms are not your typical ones and they are known as magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are known to be psychedelic. If you have fresh magic mushrooms then they are best eaten right away. But you also have to know that dried shrooms can last for years. Despite its dried form, magic mushrooms will not lose its potency. If you fail to dry shrooms then they can start to mold. When drying magic mushrooms, remember that applying excessive heat to it can lessen its potency. You have to know though that drying magic mushrooms is not really rocket science as the process can be very easy.

The Pre-Drying Phase

After you have harvested your magic mushrooms then they are prime for drying right away. When you noticed that the veils have broken from the caps then it is the best time to harvest them. Once the pins have appeared then you have 5-12 days for the veils to break. The moment that veils breaks are the time when the caps will open. It is during this time when the potency of your mushrooms is at its highest thus the best time to harvest them as well. After you have harvested your magic mushrooms then they are prime for drying right away. The main goal of pre-drying is to make sure that the excess moisture will be removed from the fresh mushrooms. You have to know that magic mushrooms are made of 95% water and this is the reason why they don’t stay fresh for too long.

Method 1: You can place the magic mushroom on a plate. You need to cover it with a piece of black cloth. You need to make sure that you will place the plate on a sunny window where there is good ventilation.

Method 2: If the weather won’t cooperate and there is no sun around, then you can choose to fan blow your magic mushrooms.

Regardless of the method that you will be using, pre-drying will make your mushrooms feel dry in just a few hours. The mushrooms will feel rubbery and wrinkled once this process is done. Pre-dry also makes your mushroom ready for short-term storage.  A magic mushroom that has been pre-dried can last for several weeks.

How to Create Your Very Own Desiccant

A desiccant is a material is the one that you need to absorb moisture. One of the most common desiccants that you will see is the silica gels. These are the materials that you will mostly see in packages and are used in industrial packages and preserved foods. Silica gels can cost you and that is why an efficient and cost-effective way is to create your very own. Desiccants can be very easy to make and so you don’t have to worry a thing. What you need to have though when making your own desiccant are an Epsom salt, a hammer, a baking tray, an airtight container, and an oven.

Drying Your Shrooms Using Your Homemade Desiccant

You now can start drying you magic mushrooms using your homemade desiccant. What you need in order to accomplish this one is a plastic container with an airtight cover, paper towels as well as a metal mesh.

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